10 Best Lava Lamps Under $50 and Still Amazing

Getting your table a next-level appearance is in no way a problem. All you have to do is get a lava lamp. Lava lamps not only illuminate the corner of your room but throw soothing effects all around.

Beauty lies within a lava lamp, and that’s for sure. However, finding the best lava lamp is a challenge with so many options around.

Here we have ranked the ten best lava lamps. From glitter to rainbow-colored to retro-style lamps, all the best options have saved their positions here. So, you can put your hands on one lamp that suits you perfectly.

Our pick

If you are in a rush and want to have a sound product highlighted as the best lava lamp, here’s the one: Lava 2700 lamp.
The following pointers make it the best lava lamp

  • Black aluminum base and cap
  • Glass globe
  • Apparent blobs
  • Soothing effect
  • 25 watts bulb
  • UL certification

We might disagree on this pick as each lamp isn’t ideal for everyone. So, you can browse to see what fits in your shoe.

10 Best Lava Lamps of 2021

Product Name



Color of Base and Cap

Color Appearing from Globe

Lava Lite 2124

3.05 pounds

4*4*16.6 inches


Yellow, blue

Lamp 2700 Lava

2.79 pounds

4*4*14.5 inches


Rainbow colored

Lamp Lava 2131

3.92 pounds

4*4*14.5 inches


Rainbow glitters

Lamp Lava 2149

3.08 pounds

4*4*14.5 inches

Volcano colored base

Red-orange, yellow

Lamp Lava 2600 

3.2 pounds

4*4*14.5 inches


Blue, green, purple

Lamp 2160 LVA2160

3.2 pounds

4*4*14.5 inches

Blue, green, purple

Blue, pink, purple

Lamp Lava 2179

3.1 pounds

4*4*14.5 inches

Violet, indigo, and blue

Green, orange, yellow and red

Lightahead LED Fantasy Jellyfish Lamp

1.5 pounds

5*5*14 inches


Red, blue, green

Lava Lite 2142

3.08 pounds

4*4*14.5 inches

Rainbow colors

Green, pink, orange

Lava Lite 21250400US2125

2 pounds

4*4*14.5 inches


Orange, purple

1. Lava Lite 2124 – Best Lava Lamp Overall

Lava Lite 2124

Wining 12,000 customers on amazon and still counting, Lava lite 2124 has secured the first rank in the best lava lamps. It’s what you get on low pennies so check the price from the button above.

From 11 inches to the grand lava lamp of 27 inches, this lamp comes in almost every size you want to have for your home. Undeniably, every size stands out for its beauty and fine finishes.

It takes almost 8 hours to get started for the first time. With that said, after a couple of hours, you can see the mesmerizing retro-style lamp in motion. Press the single button to get the feel.

Soothing to the eyes is the yellow wax swirling in the blue liquid. You can enjoy watching the bubbles for the entire noon, no doubt. For attaining a level of satisfaction, manufacturers have got verification from the UL.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Creates comfy atmosphere
  • Inexpensive
  • UL certified
  • Low-quality bulb

Our Take

The aluminum silver lamp is one of the best lava lamps if handled with care. It stays in actual condition for years to come, presenting you with the same peace of mind every time you plugin. It’s just perfect as an add-on to your bedroom or lounge.

2. Lamp 2700 Lava – Best Modern Lava Lamp

Lamp 2700 Lava

Unlike the winner lava lamp enlisted above, this lamp has a black metal base. When the bubbles of white wax start forming in the graffiti globe, the scene is magical. It will leave you in awe.

Either a Christmas gift to your little kiddo or a birthday present to your partner in crime, you can make anyone’s day by presenting them with this lamp. However, it takes a bit more time than usual lamps to get on working – probably more than 5 hours.

It takes 25 watts bulb in use which is fortunately included in the package. While the 120 volts of power supply is just enough for it. You can plug it into any outlet nearby.

  • Unique appearance
  • Metal base
  • Colors are excellent
  • Easy to install
  • Takes a lot of time to get on working

Our Take

One common problem of this lava lamp is time consumption. It makes your eyeballs wait for long hours to evident the blobbing scene. However, it’s worth every penny when the liquid starts flowing.

3. Lamp Lava 2131 – Best Glitter Lava Lamp

Lamp Lava 2131 

Golden never runs out of fashion, and nor does this lava lamp. This fascinating lava lamp has a sturdy built and retro style. Consisting of fine glitters, the base and the cap of the lamp are aluminum.

It’s absolutely gorgeous when turned on with the electric cord in the nearest outlet. Fortunately, it doesn’t test too much of your patience like lava lamp 2700. That means you get to enjoy the bubbling scene just within 2-3 hours of plugging it.

Although less hot than other lava lamps, it does turn out warm. Better is to be mindful with the pets and children around. You should also not touch it with bare hands.

  • Appealing
  • Instant start-up
  • Works well for 8 hours and more
  • Reasonable
  • Pretty slow flow

Our Take

The glam of this lava lamp rest with the rainbow-colored glitter it has inside it. While the beauty of your area can multiply with its gorgeousness, you will have the time of your life watching it. Simply put, it is the best lava lamp, worth every penny.

4. Lamp Lava 2149 – Most Unique Lava Lamp

Lamp Lava 2149

No wonders, if you strictly want the feel of lava (without the molten, of course), we have got you covered. With an aluminum volcano base and white wax inside, Lava lamp 2149 is just the way you want.

Coming with a feeling of live lava, this lamp provides you with a feel of relaxation. Indeed, that’s its wonder. In about 3-4 hours, it sets on motion consuming a maximum voltage of 120 volts for the first time. Well, that means you can plug it into any outlet in your room.

It could be the best lava lamp for a lounge; however, it seems more captivating in the bedrooms. Being volcanic, it won’t disturb you in your sleep as the usual blue lights do.

  • Perfect addition as a decoration piece
  • Gets on working quickly
  • Available in different sizes
  • Flows well
  • Base gets really hot

Our Take

Absolutely dramatic – all we can say about this lamp. It is a rare yet must-have lava lamp. You’ll love having it on the bedside as it has got relaxing and charming qualities. Forget not that you might need an extra bulb for it. The bulb coming long is inefficient.

5. Lamp Lava 2600 – Most Cheap Lava Lamp

Lamp Lava 2600
When it comes to home décor, this tri-colored lava lamp just fits right in the frame. Position it on your shelf, or make it an eye-catching piece of your room; it goes really well with everything.

Lovely yet straightforward tri-colored lava lamp it is. Purple, green, and blue make the overall appearance of this lamp. The vivid and sparkly colors it consists aid to get a delightful sight that you would never want to miss.

Incandescent bulb coming along ask for 120 volts. In less than 3 hours, it melts the wax and sets it for viewing. Shiny stars are breathtaking then. It gets the job done just like a night light, so you can also use this as one.

  • Bright and starry
  • Tempting colors
  • Giftable
  • Doesn’t get too hot
  • Doesn’t gets the big bubbles

Our Take

Admittedly, it’s not the traditional lava lamp, it’s not less than one. When it reflects its colors on the walls and ceiling in the night hours, the starry tri-colored look makes you go crazy. It will truly capture your hearts just as it has taken ours.

6. Lamp 2160 LVA2160 – Best Lava Lamp for Kids

Lamp 2160 LVA2160

If you are so in love with the northern lights, this is the best lava lamp for you. Appearing in beautiful colors, including blue, purple, and smooth touches of pink, it puts your mind at peace.

The base and cap of the lamp are aluminum with the glass at the center part. Hand-painted top and bottom with the glitter around set it apart from others. You should check best moon lamps.

It’s fun to watch the glitters coming over again, dancing and swiveling. Turns out they are too living the moment.

Besides having a two-way switch, this lamp sets on motion with the included 25 watt AC bulb. As a UL-listed product, it leaves behind no doubt of accident.

  • Awesome and relaxing
  • Not so bright
  • Two-way switching
  • Glittery liquid
  • Unsatisfactory packaging

Our Take

Bring yourself this sturdy and charging lava lamp if you love color-changing materials. It can be one of the best table tops for your home. One alone concern with the lamp is the packaging. It comes with unsatisfactory packing.

7. Lamp Lava 2179 – Best lava Lamp with Hand Painted Base

Lamp Lava 2179

In the list of best lava lamps, this one has also got charms. The rainbow-hued lava lamp has a decent appearance, however soothing. It comes intriguing out of the box.

To set on blobbing, the lava inside the lamp takes almost 4-5 hours. So have patience in the meantime. Dorm room or bedroom, both are the best places where you can position it.

At the bottom of this lamp stays settled a little chunk of lava after prolonged heating. So, if you don’t have a problem with that, go for it. After all, it is not heavy on the pockets.

  • Eye-catching
  • Fine choice for kids
  • Sturdy
  • Affordable
  • A little piece of wax settles in the bottom

Our Take  

Not as alluring as others, this lava lamp can be your go-to option if you love VIBGYOR, the color of the spectrum. Perfect for an hour of relaxation, it radiates fantastic light. UL certification and reasonability make it the best lava lamp.

8. Lightahead LED Fantasy Jellyfish Lamp – Best Lava Lamp with Jelly Fish

Lightahead LED Fantasy Jellyfish Lamp

Adding a potent character to your lounge, bedroom, or your kid’s room, this lamp is perfect for everyone. Made out of high-quality plastic, it stands the test of time being durable.

The jellyfish lava lamp has a unique presentation without being a burden to your pocket. It has five colors to which it remains changing simultaneously. Each of them is enjoyable back to back.

While children love watching it, you will also feel a moment of pleasure once turned on. Batteries are not its thing, by the way. It lit up with the electric cord coming along.

  • Cool and mesmerizing
  • Comes at an economical price
  • Silent unit
  • One year warranty
  • Tentacles get stuck in the pump, sometimes

Our Take

The moment is spectacular when the jellyfish inside it starts the movement with the fluctuating colors. Not only does it amuses children, but it brings the same joy to adult. With this pocket-friendly price, this lamp is a must-go for.

9. Lava Lite 2142 – Best Tri-Colored Lava Lamp

Lava Lite 2142

This lava lamp has fun and funky colors. More likely, it entertains kids than adults. It demands 4-5 hours of patience to pop up lava bubbles. The effects are seamless and beautiful, just as it starts working.

Be certain; it’s a lava lamp, so it gets hot on the base. Barehand dealing might be harmful due to it. Mantle and dressers are the best places to keep this unit as they’ll be out of your kid’s approach.

Thanks to the glass of the globe, it makes the view apparent and worthy. The inside movement, however, halts just after a few seasons pass by. So before shipping it, stay mindful of that.

  • Calming
  • Bright and cheerful
  • Fine touches on the globe
  • Reasonable price
  • Takes time to form bubbles

Our Verdict

Cheerful is the overall built of this lava lamp. Although it’s on the money-saving side, it’s worth every penny. You can place it in different places of the house, including the lounge – where each member can feel calm.

10. Lava Lite 21250400US2125 – Best Giftable Lava Lamp

Lava Lite 21250400US2125

Here comes the last but the best lava lamp on the list. This lava lamp has an aluminum base with a silver color on it. It consists of a combination of yellow wax and purple liquid. In appearance, however, you’ll see orange bubbles, all due to color blending.

Although this unit stands tall at 14.5 inches tall, you can select between different size variations. From 11 to 27 inches, there are many you can opt for.

As a rough estimate, the electric corded lamp takes no more than 2 hours to develop blobs. Once it does, you’ll never get tired of watching it. Indeed, it is relaxing.

  • Pleasing
  • Perfect as a décor
  • Pocket friendly
  • Giftable
  • Purple liquid fades within sometime

Our Take

Featured with cozy and relaxing colors, this lava lamp is perfect to set the mood. Not only does it illuminate the area, but it comforts you with the colors. If you are planning to buy something good, betting a few bucks, there you have it.

Guide to Buying the Best Lava Lamps

All that glitters is not gold, indeed. Looks won’t speak behind the story of a lava lamp. And so this buying guide will help you complete the puzzle and know if one’s perfect for you to buy.

·      Size

If you are heading for a lava lamp, the best is to consider the size ahead. The area where you are about to position the lamp keeps the secret whether it’s going to glam or not.

Plenty of sizes is available in the market, from 11 inches to 27 inches. Of course, there are large ones of 60 inches to which you might have no concern. Opt for a particular size you think would be a perfect fit for one specific nook.

·      Priority of Buying

The urge to buy a lava lamp always has a reason. Gifting or room décor or relaxation – it could be anything. Keep in mind the color of the lava lamp should blend with the atmosphere well. Decide with a clear vision and reason for buying one.

·      Color Selection

Agreed that the lava lamp appears in multiple colors, but you cannot buy anything for anyone. Rainbow and tri-painted lamps are beautiful for teenagers and kids. For the aged ones, a solo color lava lamp, including pink, purple, or green, would be the best.

·      Price

Being tight on a budget is in no way wrong. You can have the best lava lamp in this particular scenario too. On this date, companies are manufacturing outstanding lava lamps, all available under $50 bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are lava lamps used for?

The light of the lava lamp is relaxing and not so bright. It clears up your head from stress and brings positive thoughts and energy. In other cases, you can also use it as a dresser, shelves, or mantle tabletop.

Are lava lamps a fire hazard for us?

Lava lamps initially aren’t a fire hazard to you; however, they can be. If you make it lit up for 8-10 hours, it may turn out as a threat to you. It’s always better to read the manual guide before using these lamps and take work accordingly.

What is inside lava lamps?

Inside the lava lamp resides paraffin wax, water, oil, and dyes. According to the test conducted, nothing in the mixture is poisonous except for polyethylene glycol. Until and unless it’s inside the glass globe of the lava lamp, it can do no harm to you.

How long can lava lamps be left on?

It’s a good idea to use a lava lamp as a night lamp. People out there do that for sure. Experts suggest not to leave the lamps working for more than 8 hours.


Lava lamps are never a threat to your living. They can only turn your situation upside down if you overlook the instructions. To keep you safe, we have mentioned the guidelines above.

If you are still puzzled about your buy, comment below. Also, mention if you have any other concerns about buying the best lava lamp. We are all here to aid you.

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