7 Best Buffet Lamps – The Perfect Attention Piece in Your Party

Let’s speak the truth today. We do enjoy guests inquiring about our buy – especially the one we recruit with our bare hands. However, this turns out when our interiors are exquisite, be it the dried flower bouquet or the pair of buffet lamps.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best buffet lamps. You’ll have a sound idea about how these lamps work, the perfect position to place them, and what you should look for when buying one.

Want to discover about the 7 of these best buffet lamps? Let’s have this journey together.

 Best Buffet Lamps

Comparing the Best Buffet Lamp

Product Name



Material of base

Type of Bulb

Bertie Traditional Style Lamp

7.48 pounds

6 x 6 x 28 inches


LED, CFL, incandescent, halogen


14.7 pounds

11 x 11 x 27.2 inches

Crystal glass

LED bulb

Regency Hill Loreno Lamp

6.6 pounds

8 x 8 x 24 inches


LED bulb

Modern Contemporary Tall Buffet Table Lamp

4 pounds

12 x 12 x 32 inches


LED bulb

Safavieh Lighting Collection Jenna

11.5 pounds

14 x 14 x 31 inches


CFL bulb

Lynn Modern Buffet Table Lamps

8.14 pounds

11x 11 x 26 inches


LED bulb

Bentley Traditional French Country Lamp

3.28 pounds

10 x 10 x 31.5 inches


LED bulb

7 Best Buffet Lamps that Looks Awesome

1. Bertie Traditional Style Lamp – Best Buffet Lamp Overall

Bertie Traditional Style Lamp
Inexpensive yet stylish, these lamps fall on the budget-friendly side. Coming in a pair of two, these are just perfect to position on your fireplace mantle or buffet in the dining room.

The stem and base of the lamp are dark browns, complimented with a pleasing beige-colored drum shade. Whether contemporary or vintage, whatever theme you are looking forward to, this pair is truly going to add charisma to it.

LED, halogen, incandescent, they permit you to plug them with any of the bulbs of 60 watts. It can also be dimmed to any brightness level. However, procuring both dimmer and bulb falls on your part.

  • Easy to put together
  • Pull chain look
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Affordable
  • Shades are closer to the bulb

Our Take

This set of two classic buffet lamps becomes the focal point wherever it gets added. It’s nice for the price, while the fancy pull chain provides a nice touch of glam. Space shortage is not at all a problem with this pair. It consumes minimal area.

2.  JONATHAN Y JYL5002A – Most Luxurious Buffet Lamp

Looking for modern buffet lamps that don’t break your bank, nor do they appear cheap? Jonathan has got you covered. This pair from Jonathan has the most alluring accent with the spherical base and multiple oval-shaped crystals on the pole.

One difference that sets it apart from Safaveih’s Lighting Collection Liam Stacked crystal ball is the shade and overall height. That lamp is slightly taller with larger shades, making the room cumbersome. Thankfully, this crystal lamp doesn’t do so.

Attention to detail has earned this lamp next-level fame. Its cord comes wrapped in silk. So even if it gets visible does no damage to your ambiance.

  • Elegant and appealing
  • Perfect size
  • Silk wrapped cord
  • 30 days money back guaranty
  • A bit unstable

Our Verdict

Price didn’t do justice with these lamps as compared to the gorgeousness they have. Despite the area they are placed, they have the ability to catch eyeballs. Versatility, ethnicity, and stability are the causes that have influenced us to position it here.

3. Regency Hill Loreno Lamp – Best Buffet Lamp Set Of

Regency Hill Loreno Lamp
With 24 inches in height from base to the top, Loreno lamps have the exact size a buffet table requires. Resin and squared base, candlestick stem helps the lamp in retaining stability. The drum shade soothes the light of the bulb and transforms your room into a peaceful area.

As described by the manufacturers, they sell the lamp all alone. Bulbs aren’t included in the deal. That means you get to choose the type and color of the bulb, which is absolutely amazing. Take note; one should be of 40 watts and not more.

Coming with a clear guideline and direction, it allows you to assemble quickly. You can set it up within minutes. Besides, they are perfect if you are tight on both budget and space.

  • Vintage style appearance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cord comes from the base
  • Reasonable
  • Non-dimmable

Our Take

Small or large, this pair of lamps recompenses any buffet well. You can also consider it for your sofa set. Safe to say that these lamps are the best buffet lamps as far as they have: class, sturdy built, and 30 days refund policy.

4. Modern Contemporary Tall Buffet Table Lamp – Most Unique Buffet Lamp

Modern Contemporary Tall Buffet Table Lamp
It takes an attractive lamp to illuminate your buffet, living room, or console table. And, here’s what we call a tempting lamp in its sense. Appearing in brushed nickel silver base and cylindrical drum shade, it mimics contemporary and modern style.

This lamp uses a 150 watts bulb to brighten the space. However, you cannot dim it, which means the intense light may get into your eyes. One good idea is to use this lamp alone and no other lights in the room to balance lighting and save the bill, of course.

Weight around 5 pounds, this lamp is pretty much sturdy. Displacing this lamp won’t be a problem for you, nor will it fall over.

  • Lightweight
  • Tall and stylish
  • Delicate touches of brushed nickel
  • Bright
  • Assembling is difficult

Our Take

One modern and reasonable lamp is what we call this lamp by Possino Euro Design. It has an elegant profile that allows one to place it in any contemporary setting. Being dramatic, they spell bounds the viewer.

5. Safavieh Lighting Collection Jenna – Best Buffet Lamps for Bedroom

Safavieh Lighting Collection Jenna
Something exquisite is on the way, and we name it Safavieh Light Collection Jenna. This pair of lamps embellish the room like nothing else. It has a spherical white base with vertically lined up balls that becomes its symbol of perfection.

Yellow, tan, green, and numerous more, this lamp helps you set the perfect tone for every room and décor. LED bulbs with which it comes also bring charms to its beauty.

Having a shorter base permits this lamp to leave some space for the essentials or showpiece you might want to place on the table. Thanks to its tall height, light reaches every nook and corner of your room.

  • Comes with an LED bulb
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Fabric coated cords
  • Unique profile
  • Few colors appear different from pictures

Our Take

Whether buffet or nightstand, wherever you wish to position, it would never disappoint you – without consuming enormous space. Wrapped cords, taller height, and heavyweight, these tiny details aided in making its position here.

6. Lynn Modern Buffet Table Lamps – Best Budget-Friendly Buffet Lamp

Lynn Modern Buffet Table Lamps
Have you ever come across a buffet lamp at a reasonable price and still dramatic to your scene? If not, once peek at this Lynn’s buffet lamp. They have a slim stem, rounded base, and white shade to deliver a classic look – no matter on or off.

Each of these lamps demands 60 watts bulbs. Fortunately, you have the final decision of the light’s color as the bulb doesn’t come along.

Unlike the other lamps that prevail with popping on and off switches, this one doesn’t ruin the sight with it. It has a hidden button all buried under the shade.

It is a simple design lamp. So you won’t be able to adjust its brightness. However, it’s reasonable, delicate, and straightforward.

  • Simple yet elegant
  • Fine height
  • Hidden on/off button
  • Affordable
  • A little flimsy

Our Take

These lamps have the power to capture the eyeballs – must say. Although it comes at a mediocre price range, it has the heart of the buyers. It’s the chic and boldness of the lamp that compels. You cannot even doubt its function; it’s impeccable.

7. Bentley Traditional French Country Lamp – Best Designed Buffet Lamp

Bentley Traditional French Country Lamp
Not to mention, Regency hills crafts masterpieces when it comes to lamps. That is how our last buffet lamp comes from this company. Bentley traditional does justice to its name being ethnic.

10 inches height lamp stands tall in any area you position it, thanks to the 3.28 pounds weight. Make sure to keep it miles away from your naughty cat, as it may fall with harsh pulls.

The rounded and resin lamp with a white drum shade gets the credit for the smoothness of its light. It prevents the light from hitting your eyes and absorbs the harshness beforehand. Choose a suitable bulb and dimmer for it yourself. This lamp doesn’t come with one.

  • Sophisticated and decent
  • Fits narrow tables
  • Tall and sturdy
  • Top-notch material
  • Lacks dimmer

Our Take

Entryways, halls, buffets, this lamp transitions every gray area into illuminating. You’ll find a different sense of warmth and sophistication with its presence. Although it lacks a few elements, including dimmer and bulb, that’s okay for the price.

Guide to Buying the Best Buffet Lamps

Screwed and ruined you are when your bought lamps have a serious fault. It also leaves you clueless when you have bet an enormous amount.

No doubt, invitation to these situations are our own, neglecting the ins and out. This section, however, will keep you from these uncertainties.


Some are square; others are spherical. Along with the shape, the dimension of one buffet lamp differs from another. Before already shipping your buffet lamp, cross-check your desired spot’s measurement with the lamp.

Weight and Built

The weight of a buffet lamp is behind its stability. Material of it decides if it will stand every condition. Resin and metal lamps are found lasting and sturdy in all the lamps prevailing in the market.

Theme of Your Setting

One type of buffet lamp doesn’t sit perfectly in everyone’s shoes. It is because of the theme you prefer. In that regard, contemporary lamps can best satisfy modern settings. While vintage-styled lamps are to be induced in the vintage atmosphere.


One buy make or break you – let’s take buffet lamps alone, for instance. The market has both expensive and inexpensive buffet lamps, and they differ just with a few amenities.

If you can adjust a bit of difference, you should not opt for an overpriced lamp. Instead, look at a budget-friendly buffet lamp and have a more facilitated one by investing little bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of buffet lamps?

There are no particulars to say one buffet lamp’s size is perfect. These lamps mostly range between 30-40 inches. You’ll find a few in 32 inches and the rest in 46 inches, and so on. In a few exceptions, these lamps also appear below 30 inches.

Where can I place buffet lamps?

Buffet lamps are specifically built to add a nice touch to the buffet. Other than that, you can also position it on a bedroom dresser, console tables, sofa table, mantle, and pedestals.

One tip is to keep an eye on the total height. Collective, the height of the lamp and surface should lie between 57-64 inches.

Is it fine to have one buffet lamp? Or, should I have two buffet lamps?

The number of your lamps depends on the area you are about to place your lamp on. If it’s a large dining table, it’ll be wise to position two buffet lamps. In other cases like the bedside, one lamp will be placed on either side.

When it comes to the console, it depends on the room you have on it. Simply speaking, one lamp is appropriate for crowded spaces. While the empty space would more likely illuminate with two.


Buffet lamps bring a classical look and invite everyone to peek at them. From contemporary to fancy settings, there are numerous types in which they exist. However, we have enlisted the best buffet lamps here.

If you’ve found your perfect piece here, do let us know. If not, comment down. Let’s find out one fulfilling your requirements to the best.

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