7 Best Lamps – Potent Enough To Get Your Attention

Boring and dull rooms are favorites to none. Everyone’s looking for a charming and inviting room – whether it’s your husband or the guest. So, here’s the simple idea to hook their attention: LAMPS.

A lamp does magic in the home like nothing else. Today, we will unfold the trending types of lamps and the picture-perfect area for them in your room.

Quick Analysis of Best Lamps

Product Name


Total Height



Loreno Traditional Farmhouse Country Lamp

6.6 pounds

24 inches

Buffet Lamp


Brightech Levi Tripod Lamp

8.53 pounds

61 inches

Tripod lamp


LightAccents Torchiere Floor Lamp

6.06 inches

71 inches

Torchiere Lamp


Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp

30.09 pounds

82 inches

Arc lamp


Globe Electric 56963

1.32 pounds

31.5 inches

Swing Arm Lamp


Vekkia Professional Musician Lamp

0.5 pounds


Piano Lamp


Taotronics LED Desk Lamp

1.78 pounds

14.17 inches

Gooseneck Lamp


7 Best Lamps to Spirit Up Your Home

The home décor is just waiting for us. Let’s look at the types of lamps:

1.   Buffet lamp

Ranging between 32-36 inches in height, Buffet, Candlestick, or Console lamps – whatever you name it – have a tall tube. The dimension of the base of these lamps varies from piece to piece.

Purpose: Buffet lamps, living up to their name, are positioned on the dining table. All they do is sprinkle light over the cooked food to make it visible plus inviting.

The Best Place for Buffet Lamps: Although their primary function is on a dining table, they don’t restrict you to position them there only. Cast it on the living room’s table or in the bedroom; it’s all your choice.

Best Buffet Lamp – Loreno Traditional FarmHouse Country Buffet Lamp

Want to add a touch of grace to your buffet? This Regency Hills lamp pair is something you can never underestimate of. The whitewashed shade is excellent at balancing the light. Consisting of a tapered cone heavy base, it balances well on the table.

Best Buffet Lamp

A bedroom, living room, or dining table becomes the center of attraction, wherever it gets placed. No hassle to adjust it near the switchboard. This lamp contains 8 feet long cord without demanding an outlet nearby.

However, come packed, this lamp is relatively easy to assemble. Besides, the base is also hefty so tipping over is not its thing. One worthy buy is what all we can say about this lamp.

2. Tripod Lamps

A type of floor lamp, a tripod lamp, tends to stand on the floor. Its profile is a bit different from most available lamps in the market. It has three legs that hold the weight of the body and head.

Purpose: For the purpose of decoration, you can plug tripod lamps anywhere. Take advantage of reading or plug it for a soothing light. Positioning at the right corner is the key.

The Best Place for Tripod Lamps: Being elegant and stylish, these lamps looks outstanding. Placing them in the bedroom or beside your sofa in the living room is always fruitful. They add spirits in every ambiance they are.

Best Tripod Lamp – Brightech Levi Tripod Lamp

Black and gold, the most desired and fascinating combination, are all here. This tripod lamp blends with all backgrounds. So, whether you have cheesy interiors or royal touches, this one’s going to amalgamate flawlessly.

Best Tripod Lamp

This glamorous tripod lamp is 61 inches tall with 19 inches wide drum shade. With this lamp, you don’t have to seek a bulb as it comes with one. And, the good news is the LED bulb that lives for almost 20 years, if taken in use for 3 hours regularly.

Tiring days follow laziness, and that’s completely okay. Keeping that in mind, manufacturers have designed this lamp Alexa-friendly for you. Ask Alexa to turn on or off your lamp, and you are good to go.

3. Torchiere Lamp

In the large kingdom of floor lamps also resides torchiere lamps. Torchiere lamps contain a heavy base with its face upward.

Purpose: If you have a targeted subject, this lamp will be in no way purposeful to you. It is built to bathe the entire room with a diffused light. Every antique in the room shines with its light.

The Best Place for Torchiere Lamps: Without any doubt, this lamp can be placed on the bedside, beside the dresser, or next to the sofa in your living room. It looks fascinating in all 3 of the stated place.

Best Torchiere Lamp – LightAccents Torchiere Floor Lamp

Honestly, this lamp is more on the living room lamp side than a bedroom. This black and white lamp fills the empty and cornered space and transitions it into attractive. Its aura not only brings freshness to your mood but to the dormant walls.

Best Torchiere Lamp

When its light imposes on dull grey background, it feels like heaven to have around. Intimidating factors of floor lamps is of tipping over. As made sturdy yet with a stable base, such worries don’t exist with this lamp.

The tall lamp measures up to 71 inches, from the bottom to the top. High ceiling homeowners, get yourself going for this one.

4. Arc Lamp

Identical to a few in functionality, the arc lamp differs in the shape it has. Coming with a marble or wood base, this lamp has a curved and falling head. The light from its head directly falls over the article placed downward. It is one of the best lamps for reading.

Purpose: These types of lamps are regraded for enhancing the beauty of a particular nook along with helping to read. Having it means to play two in one shot.

The Best Place for Arc Lamps: Mostly, arc lamps are destined for the corners of the sofa. Rarely are they placed on the bedside. Buy a contrasting arc lamp today and fit it to have a feel of a modern-classic room.

Best Arc Lamp – Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp

If your entryway went unnoticed during renovation and now you want to add something classic yet appealing to it, this arc lamp is just made for you.

Best Arc Lamp

The bronze finishing lamp settles well with different types of furniture. This makes it stand out as it works for the surroundings and does not ask them to change.

Although arc lamps are made to direct the light on a single spot, you get a bonus with this lamp. The arms are adjustable. It has barrel-shaped branches with inside covered with a fabric to come up with soft light.

5. Swing Arm Lamp

Swing-arm lamps are visible in multiple varieties. You’ll see them as a floor lamp in a few homes and on the desk in others. They are generally created for desks, with sometimes the capability to clamp.

Purpose: One thing separates swing arm lamps from the other types: flexibility. These types of lamps are adjustable in nature when it comes to their neck. You can move them upward or tilt down to light up a particular object.

The Best Place for Swing-Arm Lamps: The placement of swing arm lamps relies on the shape, size, and purpose. If it’s large enough, it’ll be the best suit for the floor. The small size expresses, on the contrary, are made for desks.

Best Swing Arm Lamp – Globe Electric 56963 Swing Arm Lamp

Pandemic has transformed homes into offices. It has left the workers with a mess. But, not anymore as Globe Electric is all here. This lamp has a metal clamp that fastens to the working bench—being an excellent space saver while preventing chaos.

Best Swing Arm Lamp

From the books to the computer screen, this swing arm lamp will indeed proceed in any direction you’ll want it to. Besides, it has a large 6-foot cord. No matter where your table is located in the room, the outlets need not be next to the lamp.

6. Piano Lamp

Piano lamps are the lifesavers of musicians – specifically pianists. You can attach these lamps to the top of the instrument. From the apex, it bathes light over the keys of the piano or the keyboards.

Purpose: While you can use piano lamps for various purposes, they are specifically created for pianos. People use it over their instruments and enjoy playing pianos at night.

The Best Place for Piano Lamps: Just as the music, piano lamps never run out of fashion. They are found in abundance. Love to practice the piano at night? No one can halt your passion now!

Best Piano Lamp – Vekkia Professional Musician Lamp

This piano lamp has what a musician craves: portability and versatility. With its 9 level brightness, it saves you from eye strains. Not only does the color of this lamp change, but you can also make adjustments to its brightness level.

Best Piano Lamp

It saves your neck from the pains, all thanks to its bendable neck. You can pull it up to 180 degrees or roll it on 360 degrees; reliance stays all there.

Besides being rechargeable, it also indicates the current status of the battery. At the rear end of the lamp is a blue light that informs you of the battery life.

7.  Gooseneck Lamp

Gooseneck lamps are a mixture of traditional and contemporary lamps. With a classic base, they reminisce old times. The curve neck saves your eyes and neck from the extra pain, providing you with convenience.

Purpose: These lamps have movable necks. Although it works for a specific spot, you can reset it to work your way.

The Best Place for Gooseneck Lamps: Gooseneck lamp is stationed based on its type. The large ones stand tall on the ground. You’ll have to keep the small version on the desk, though.

Best Gooseneck Lamp – TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

More often than not, you’ll find gooseneck lamps in the form of desk lamps. Taotronics LED Desk lamps, for instance. USB port of this lamp allows you to charge your phone next to you while the mobile neck protects you from bother.

The topmost benefit it lends you is space-saving. If you have a limited planet on the table, it is a fine choice as the base measures 4 x 6 inches.

Five color temperatures and seven brightness levels of this lamp add more value to this lamp. It is surely made to prevent your eyes from fatigue and ease them in long hours of work.

3 Important Pointers to Buy the Best Lamps

Lamps are a simple buy. However, they decide the destiny of your home. It lifts the overall looks or drags down to zero. To get the most out of a lamp, here we have the pointers for you:


By place, we mean the corner of your home where you will position your lamp. Assume you are short on space, whether on a desk or floor; a comprehensive check of the lamp’s base is necessary. Not only the base, keep a check on the area shades occupies.


You’d probably not like to house a buffet lamp on the floor or vice versa. Agreed? To overcome these consequences, be very much sure of the type of lamp you are seeking. Certainty of the area of placement is also necessary.


After you are done with the size and type, it’s time to go for a color combination. Focus on the wall colors, curtains, and furniture hues – your setting particularly. If you keep them in view, zero are the possibilities you’ll get the wrong piece of the lamp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I place lamps in my home?

There are numerous spaces where you can position lamps in your home. Positioning the lamp on the bedside, beside the dresser, behind, or next to the sofa is a nice move, though. These areas catch the onlooker’s eyeballs abruptly.

Can lamps help in plant growth?

It’s not lamps that help grow the plants but few lights. Artificial lights boost the growth of your plant. The prerequisite is to take into use the lights of the particular purpose.

Do lamps catch fires?

It’s safe to say that lamp does catch fire. If placed right, there’s no chance of your lamp bursting into flames, though. To protect against uncertain calamities, locate your lamp away from the oils. Also, turn it off after a fraction of time to prevent overheating and ultimately fire.

Is leaving the lamp on for the whole night safe?

If you want to rest your lamp on for the entire night, take a quick test ahead. Turn on your lamp for more than 2 hours. After the passage of these couple hours, check if the lamp is boiling. In that case, you shouldn’t let it stay on.


The beauty of home décor multiples the same instant you feed in a lamp. Besides being appealing, lamps illuminate the room. These were the seven best lamps from the bulk of lamps in the market. Fashionable, versatile, and unbeatable, they all are exceptional.

When buying a lamp, make sure to keep in view the place you want it on, purpose, type, and silhouette. It should blend well in your home.

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