7 Types of Floor Lamps and Where You Should Position Them?

The popularity of floor lamps can never be doubted. They will always stay on the trend list and so in folk’s room. If you too have exceptional love for floor lamps, you’ve come to the right place. Here we are about to discuss types of floor lamps.

Generally, floor lamps are made to ramp in a complicated way. Absorbing each’s character and features become difficult that why. However, we’ve tried every easy possible way here, so you can understand if one type of floor lamp is good for you.

Let’s have a sneak peek and have instant answers about them.

Types of Floor Lamps and Their Summary

Product Name

Direction of Face

Best Used For

Best Place to Position

Arched Floor Lamp



· Beside sofa

· By the winging chairs

· Dining rooms

Column/Tower Floor Lamp

No particular


· Beside the sofa

· Empty corner in the living room

Pharmacy Floor Lamp


Light demanding tasks

· Beside the sofa

· By the desks

Torchiere Floor Lamp


Decoration along with diffused light

· Beside the window

· Beside/back of the sofa

· Adjacent to TV

· Next to bookshelf 

· In the bedroom

Swing-Arm Floor Lamp



· Next to sofa

· Over the desk

Tree Floor Lamp



· Dark areas of the basement

· Corner of living room/bedroom

· Behind end table

Traditional Floor Lamp


Decoration and diffused light

· Couch side in living room

· Bedroom

· Behind reclining chair

7 Types of Floor Lamps with Reason You Should Have One

Buying a floor lamp just because of looks is not going to work in the 21st century. To get one, subtle knowledge of a lamp and its importance in your life should be checked. So, let’s do it today.

·     Arched Floor Lamp

An arc floor lamp most probably exists with a round and heavy base. This base gives rise to the arc, and so the lamp appears curved from the top. Adding a style statement to your room, these lamps catch everyone’s attention.

Where can you position the Arched Floor lamp?

No less beautiful than any other lamp, arc lamps are designed to shower light to a specific area. Particularly they are seen behind the sofas or a winging chair where people used to sit and read.

Recently, they are also placed into dining rooms while avoiding ceiling fixtures. Vibrant and sharp light is what they promise to deliver as the head of the lamp is positioned downwards.

Why should you have/Avoid an Arched Floor Lamp?

  • If you are a reader and desire to have a fair enough light on the verses of your book, this one’s for you.
  • The sleek and modern body it has to offer also makes it a good choice for making a statement in your room.
  • Only go for them if you have enough space to make it stand, especially the oversized ones.

What is the Best Arched Floor Lamp?

Mostly arched floor lamps are metal. Marble ones also exist, while each of them differs in height. In all those, we found Brightech Logan Lamp, the best-arched floor lamp with a height of 76 inches. To know more about it, check it out.

·     Column/Tower Floor Lamp

Column/tower floor lamps are a unique addition to rooms. Not only do they illuminate the nooks, but they make it more presentable. Two or three shelves are attached to these lamps.

In day times, these lamps work as sculptures holding vases, planters, and so on. Turning out as lamps in the night, they make the area of their placement glossy and diffused.

Where can you position the Column/Tower Floor lamp?

Place your tower lamp adjacent to the sofa in your living room, and it will appear functional. Not a good choice for bedrooms, these lamps can also be added in darker corners where you were about to keep a shelf for books.

Why should you have/Avoid Tower Floor Lamp?

  • The tower lamp helps you stay organized throughout. It holds your books, magazines and allows you to decorate more with showpieces.
  • These lamps are the best space savers, and no other lamp can beat them in compactness and functionality. Buying it would be great if you are short on space in your living room.
  • Giving them a chance to read would be wrong, though. They don’t radiate light with which you can enjoy your book time.

What is the Best Column/Tower Floor Lamp?

The vertical rectangular-shaped tower lamps are multiple in the market. In this lamp category, you’d also find some without shelves. The beauty of those pieces is also eye-catching. However, Simple Designs Home LF1014-BLK is best, in our opinion.

·     Pharmacy Floor Lamp

Pharmacy lamps fall mostly in the functional lamp category. That’s because their head is downward with their body designed to be practical. Flexibility is what sets them apart from other floor lamps. Their head allows adjustability in different directions.

Where can you Position Pharmacy Floor Lamp?

As made for helping you out in tasks, these lamps are best positioned in the living rooms. Find an appropriate corner in your room, and place it. Despite the desk, computer, or working desk, it can also be an efficient placement over them.

Why should you have/Avoid Pharmacy Floor Lamp?

  • A long list of pharmacy lamps’ advantages is there. Not only does it help you perform your task with vibrant light, but it prevents you from the recurrent change of place. The head of these lamps is always movable.
  • If you are the one who keeps changing position while reading, add it to your cart.
  • Know that these lamps are not very fancy and aren’t meant to add a fashion statement to your room. They are simple, classic, yet elegant.

What is the Best Pharmacy Floor Lamp?

Pharmacy floor lamps have much to provide you with. Antique brass finishes make them identifiable in most instances. These lamps have a decent body but are highly functional. In those prevailing in the market, Brightech Leaf Floor Lamp is the best.

·     Torchiere Floor Lamp

Derived from the word ‘Torch’ in French, Torchiere lamps shower diffused light. These lamps have a pole standing on the base with the head faced upward. Unlike most lamps, they’re built differently, and yet it is their reason for being.

Where can you position the Torchiere Floor Lamp?

Torchiere lamps form their unique identity wherever placed. The best place to put them is beside the window, though. Placing them beside the sofa also make them appeal to guest that stops by your home frequently.

As torchiere lamps are packed with features, you can also place them in your bedroom. So, when you are not in the mood to move your comforter just to turn off the light at night, things can be done with its remote controller.

Why should you have/Avoid Torchiere Lamp?

  • Having these lamps for lifting tones of your room is best.
  • You should have them if all you desire is a diffused light. Having face towards the ceiling, the light from these lamps comes off soft and gentle.
  • Although not as powerful as other lamps in looks, they facilitate and ease your life.
  • With the white ceiling, it is best to have. Reflected light creates a soothing atmosphere.

What is the Best Torchiere Floor Lamp?

Not necessarily our choice became your first choice. We still thought to pop up with one right preference, and Joofo Floor Lamp is that. Rest assured, torchiere lamps also exist in fancy styles like Tiffany lamps. You can also, hands down to that.

·     Swing-Arm Floor Lamp

With a swing arm lamp comes adjustability. These lamps are made to adjust to certain levels with ease. Usually, they have a heavy base to support with the arms moving. From the top, they appear as the swing arm desk lamps.

Where can you position the Swing-Arm Floor Lamp?

Despite their flexibility, you need to position swing arm floor lamps somewhere at least. In that regard, making them stand right next to the sofa would be the best.

Other than this ideal place, you can also keep it over your desk. Being adjustable, this could be the best replacement for desk lamps.

Why should you have/Avoid a Swing-Arm Floor Lamp?

  • Swing-arm floor lamps offer that flexibility you want foremost. You can move its head and shower the light right on your object. If you admire customization, get with it. In addition, it produces the utmost light.
  • As far as beauty is concerned, it totally depends on the color, material, and shape it’s molded into. If you are into interiors, a very few models can probably entertain you from this floor lamp family.

What is the Best Swing Arm Floor Lamp?

Agreed swing arm floor lamps have no bold and furnished looks. However, our candidate has that: LEPOWER Metal Floor Lamp. We believe this lamp does better than many other lamps in the market, adding a subtle charm to your room.

·     Tree Floor Lamp

Just like the tree is the built of this floor lamp. It has three or more branches extended outward. Adjustability with the arms is what it has to offer. Classic, bold, decent, these lamps have a catalog to present.

Where can you position Tree Floor Lamps?

The ideal place to position your tree floor lamp is in the dark corner of your bedroom. These are the areas where light is low while the nook is gloomy. The placement of these lamps lights it up, along with bringing a good feel.

If that’s not your very favorite, go on placing one behind the end table. In between your reclining chairs, it’ll also work out amazing.

Why should you have/Avoid Tree Floor Lamp?

  • This lamp is an excellent choice for spouses. It has multiple arms with which each of you can direct on your book.
  • Making things visible and illuminating enough light for the task is its specialty, of course.
  • You can also add it to your grab list if you wish to have a lamp that keeps the floor radiated.
  • Adding a new way of convenience in your room, these lamps protect you from compromising on looks.

What is the Best Tree Floor Lamp?

Every lamp with three or more arms adjustable is a tree floor lamp—no wonder the market is packed with these options. Selecting one could be difficult in that so are we here with the best tree floor lamp: Simple Designs Home LF2007-BLK.

·     Traditional Floor Lamp

Traditional lamps are unique lamps. Candelabra sticks and a fabric shade are their character identification. For all kinds of traditional settings, these lamps work like wonder.

Where can you position Traditional Floor Lamps?

Most traditional lamps have warm appearances. That’s what makes them the best choices for bedrooms. While it looks gorgeous, it uplifts the theme of your room. In the living room, it looks equally well. You can place it behind the long or reclining chair.

Why should you have/Avoid a Traditional Floor Lamp?

  • Have traditional floor lamps for décor. It blends in the customization of your new room so well.
  • No offense, they aren’t made for reading and such kinds of tasks. A few of them, all due to their brightness level, permit you to read with it around.

What is the Best Traditional Floor Lamp?

Some with linen and others with silk, traditional floor lamps have captured the market with diversification in their style. In that diversified choices, the best to have is Kenroy Home 30438BS.

Frequently Asked Question

What are floor lamps used for?

Floor lamps have the main purpose of lighting up any area along with integrating style into the room. These lamps provide sufficient light and aid you in completing your tasks or projects. The shape of their body, the color, and the warmth of their bulb can be the game-changer for moods.

What type of floor lamp gives the most light?

When it comes to floor lamps, ones with the faced downwards cast off the utmost lighting. Specifically speaking, arched, pharmacy, tree, and swing arm tops the list. Not only is their light commendable, but their functionality, adjustability, and body.

How tall are floor lamps?

The height of one-floor lamp differs from the other, depending on the style and purpose of built. If considered as an average, you’d find the most of 5 to 6 feet. A few with 7 to 8 feet are also there. But they are oversized and may not look inspiring under everyone’s ceiling.


To have the best floor lamp, you should know the types of floor lamps to decide better. That’s why we lined up types of floor lamps and the reasons you should have or avoid one.

Hope you find it useful and can make the most out of the guide. Until the next piece of info, if you have any confusion, drop down a comment below.

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