9 Best Floor Lamps From 48 Lamps We Researched

Adding an interior to your home is a huge bet. You cannot trust each type of floor lamp available in the market. To prevent you from sinking into these glitches, we have brought you the nine best floor lamps.

Recognizing lamps as the most tempting piece of a home and your troubleshooting to its buy, we have designed this article. We considered 48 lamps. From those, we have come up with the nine best options with user opinions and test-driving each.

Beauty alone is not the primary factor of these lamps but durability and affordability. None of the options will generate huge bills after you, nor will they ask you to peek once at your pocket.

Why are we still here then? Let’s set the pace and evident the best floor lamps.

Best Floor Lamps

Comparing the Best Floor Lamps

Product Name



Light Type

Material of Base

Simple Design Home LF1014

9.39 pounds

10.2 x 10.2 x62.75 inches



Adesso 6285-01

6 pounds

19.8 x 19.8 x 60.2 inches

Incandescent or equivalent CFL


JOOFO Floor Lamp

9.68 pounds

15.12 x 12.13 x 4.49 inches



Henn & Hart FL0014

11.9 pounds

11.79 x 9 x 68 inches



Globe Electric Novogratz

20.6 pounds

14 x 14 x 65 inches



Adesso 4026-26

30.9 pounds

45 x 45 x 82 inches



Jonathan Y JYL4030A

15.18 pounds

11 x 65 x 11 inches



Adesso Home 8022-12

6.04 pounds

10 x 10 x 58 inches



Addlon Floor Lamp

11.27 pounds

17.32 x 12.8 x 5.91 inches



9 Best Floor Lamps – Different Types for Different Settings

1. Simple Design Home LF1014 – Best Floor Lamps with Shelves

Simple Design Home LF1014

Can’t decide what shall you place, a showcase or a floor lamp on a particular corner? Play two in one shot and get this lamp. This Simple Design Home lamp is intended to work for lighting, leaving room for showpieces on the shelves.

Although this natural color lamp is the best fit for most of the decor in your living room or hallway, you have got more color choices for it. Gray, black, tan, pink, and white, this lamp appears in plenty of options.

The 62.75 inches lamp has a linen shade with the top uncovered. It baths the entire space with its pleasant lighting and is just right to set the mood. The affordability, versatility, and one-year warranty make this piece unbeatable in shelf lamps.

  • Strong and sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Looks phenomenal
  • Budget-friendly
  • Visible cord

Our Take

Put it against the wall, and it will be perfect – both in balance and beauty. The shelf of it is spacious enough for a photo frame. The light, however, sparkles in every corner. It is also friendly to Philips hues that the majority of the audience prioritize out there.

2. Adesso 6285-01 – Best Tripod Floor Lamp

Adesso 6285-01
For the contemporary settings of the living room or bedroom, all we are looking to add is a black lamp. Aren’t we? Adesso’s lamp, marking tick in the column of modern fashion, has entered this list.

Ensure you have a large corner to station this lamp. It consumes a bit more space than the standard lamps. It does not displace easily, all thanks to its wood tips. Restore your peace if you were concerned about your naughty cat or child.

Beauty comes first, and Adesso knows this. So, they have flawlessly hidden the lamp’s wire. The cord of the lamp comes through the leg. With the 3-way rotary switch, UL listed, and classic ambient, it is one of the best floor tripod lamps.

  • Modern design fit
  • Stable
  • Hidden cord
  • Tested and approved
  • Mediocre brightness

Our Take

Adesso 6285-01 is a go-to option if you have a large, spacious room. It is designed to be versatile, convenient, and spell eyeball. The black color of it holds the spirit while the wooden legs stay there to compliment.

3. JOOFO Floor Lamp – Best Torchiere Floor Lamp

JOOFO Floor Lamp

Torchiere lamps are faced upward, but their light is what we consider when buying one. And, the brightness of Joofo’s light is incredible. This torchiere lamp is best suited in living rooms, bedrooms, and entryways of your home.

It is so much about light. With its three different colors, including cool, warm, and bright, it’s always a delight to the eyes. The lamp dims down to any percentage – whether 5 or 75. Surprisingly, all this can be done with a remote.

The tilting head of this LED lamp is also a matter of convenience. You can set it to any level as it’s made to move between 350 degrees. Take note; it doesn’t roast after hours of use.

  • Angle adjustable
  • Dimmable and color changing
  • Brushed metal
  • Doesn’t gets hot
  • Doesn’t swivel

Our Take

Amazon has a good fan following for this lamp. Almost 9000 customers have bought it, and the counting is still on. Nice and decent are the two popular compliments for this lamp. Although it doesn’t rotate completely, that’s not a deal-breaker.

4. Henn&Hart FL0014 – Best Farmhouse Lamp

Henn&Hart FL0014
Modern and elegant, this is all Henn&Hart’s industrial lamp deserves to be entitled to. This lamp reminisces the vintage style without leaving this century’s glam behind.

It settles perfectly in any place at your home. The best, however, would be to position it beside the sofa. Being downward-faced, it also works as a task lamp.

Three glasses are accessible for this lamp: clear, seeded, white. It is so you can handpick anyone you think will lift the scene of your room. The base is sturdy and heavy. Not even your naughty puppy can budge it.

  • Heavy base
  • Works well for tasks
  • Different types of glasses
  • Space-saving
  • Non-adjusting brightness

Our Take

It is built to blend well with a variety of furniture without compromising on looks. Usable with different bulbs, this lamp presents a wide variety you can choose from. Brightness, which is its primary feature, makes it the best floor lamp for dark rooms.

5. Globe Electric Novogratz – Best Modern Floor Lamp

Globe Electric Novogratz
Globe Electric Novogratz is the amalgamation of ethnicity and modernization. The two-tone wood base with the white shaded lamp creates a sense of regency wherever placed in the house.

Place it near the window in the living room or alongside the bed; it realizes the viewers of its worth. The white shade of it softens the light and generates a comfy atmosphere in the room.

It has a rotary switch under the shade, which means you are free from fuss. Know that, however, unlike the majority of lamps, its brightness cannot be adjusted.

  • Doesn’t tip
  • Bright
  • Elegant and sturdy
  • Perfectly heightened
  • Problems from the deliverer’s side

Our Take

The gorgeous lamp fills in the room like nothing else. Its sober and attractive nature spellbound everyone. Add it in the hallways or the living room; it seems just right in every corner.

6. Adesso 4026-26 – Best Arch Floor Lamp

Adesso 4026-26
Want to add a natural accent to your home and still don’t want to negotiate the looks? Get Adesso’s arc lamp. The three-branched barrel-shaped lamp light the room exceptionally.

This arc lamp is one of the best lamps for reading as it showers the light straight from the head. Read on the couch or lay on the bed; this lamp will be all there to protect you from eye strain when you want hours of reading.

Rotary switches on the pole and the 4 feet long cord keep the user facilitated. No problem, even if your outlet is a bit away. With a heavy base, this lamp stands tall without falling over.

  • Long cord
  • Tall and beautiful
  • Antique
  • Top-notch material
  • Non-bendable arms

Our Take

Whether positioned at the back of the sofa set or comes from above the flower vase, this floor lamp makes you fall in love with it. It is an aesthetic piece. One pro-tip is to use three different colored bulbs in each of the barrels, and it will leave you in awe.

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7. Jonathan Y JYL4030A – Best Industrial Floor Lamp

Jonathan Y JYL4030A
A fascinating lamp like Jonathan’s can never stay out of the race of floor lamps. Just like other lamps, it gets easily settled with any backdrops, furniture, and interiors.

Not only does it sits right, but it is also inviting to the eyes, all thanks to its silver black built. The base has a diameter of 9.5 inches. It’s the heaviness of this lamp that makes it impossible for your four-legged furry partner to displace it.

One thing sets it apart from other lamps: on/off switch. It has a footswitch, which prevents you from back bending. Although it comes installed with a bulb, there are multiple types of bulbs to which it is adaptable.

  • Easy to put together
  • Footswitch
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Affordable
  • Not so bright

Our Take

Lenient from the price point of view, standing out in the design, and safety standard passed. Well, that’s all to describe this alluring lamp. It adds worth to the area where on earth it is placed. Add a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you’d find it more valuable.

8. Adesso Home 8022-12 – Best Tower Floor Lamp

Adesso Home 8022-12
Lamps like Adesso are hard to find, so you need to keep them when you find one. Just look at the splendor this beauty has. With a wood base, pole steel, and paper shade, this lamp shatters coziness all over your room.

It suits best to the bedside. However, you can also set it up in the living room. Its price and the footstep switch make it a reliable option in the floor lamps. With a bach ache or a newborn to carry, this is the best reliability you could have.

As per assembling is concerned, this lamp is easy to deal with. You’ll have no annoyance in putting it together. It takes three bulbs to glow. In case you find it bright, plug off one and save yourself from extra bills.

  • Bright and tempting
  • Footstep switch
  • Easy setup
  • Sturdy base
  • Paper shade

Our Take

Although this lamp holds elegance and sturdiness, it needs careful handling. The paper shade of it asks for serious attention when displacing or cleaning it. Not only does it augment the room, but it hints the guests of your selection.

9. Addlon Floor Lamp – Best Montage Floor Lamp

Addlon Floor Lamp
Impressive height and innovative design aided in labeling it the best floor lamp for high ceilings. It adds an impeccable touch of light to the already renovated home. Rightly, it is a next-level lamp casting everyone’s attention.

Contemporary setting homes are ideal for these types of lamps. The footstep switch and 90 degrees rotation brand it as a unique floor lamp.

Being safe, this lamp allows you to rest it switch on for long hours or probably the night. Even if you went on sleeping while reading, no hazard would surround you. Versatility, affordability, style, and sturdiness, this lamp has it all.

  • Versatile
  • Perfect for a modern setting
  • Cord comes from the base
  • Totally functional
  • Flimsy shade

Our Take

A heavy base lamp like Addlon is not less than a treat. Especially when your kids are searching for a way out to crack down on things. It has a thick cord with a foot pedal switch, which is a blessing and a curse, depending on where the lamp is placed.

Guide for Buying the Best Floor Lamps

How do you know that a floor lamp is a perfect fit for your home? We mean, the looks don’t speak the entire story. Won’t you agree? Keeping that in mind, we have derived this section having pointers to get the best floor lamps.


Never miss on measurements. They are the game-changers. An inch wider or shorter lamp can ruin the feel of your room or may not fit. Be sure of the spot where you’d like to place the lamp ahead of buying a floor lamp.

Purpose of Buy

Not everyone buys floor lamps to direct the view of the guest to their home. A few include want bright light, and that’s all. Whatever category, the cause of their buy is obvious. Make your mind ahead; what’s your purpose.

Type of Shade

Linen and burlap shades are made to soften the brightness. People consider them to set the mood and coziness. Plastic and glass shades are preferable when you want maximum glow and brightness.

Light Adjustment

You’ll get to encounter floor lamps with different brightness levels. Then, there comes the category with different hues of light. The best floor lamp always consists of both of these light adjustable properties.

Switch Types

Few factors change your perception of something, for lamps that may be switch types. Rotary switches or chain turn-off are most likely positioned on the pole. The footswitches, as the name implies, are applied through the foot.

Not the first two, but the footswitch can be both fruitful and nerve cracking. Especially when you place your floor lamp behind the sofa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to place floor lamps?

When revamped, the entire home appears like an unmatchable backdrop for a floor lamp. However, it won’t look as illuminating and appealing as in the right places. A few positions hold the charm to brighten looks and embrace lamps highly.

  • The first thing you can do is place a floor lamp around the corners of your living room. If that’s not your style, consider entryways or hallways.
  • If your interest is with arc lamp, make bedside or reading chair as its destination. You can also send it to the back of the sofa. The showering light will let you sense heaven this way.
  • Floor lamps demonstrate their real version beside a television. It is also a place where experts suggest stationing a lamp.

How many lamps can I place in the living room?

The concise answer to this is your preference. Minimum one and maximum four lamps are recommended to set in a living room. Usage of one lamp invites the guest to look at it. A couple of lamps, if placed, emphasize to see the surrounding. The triplets or quadruplets are suggested to infuse only if the room has no other light.

What are the brightest floor lamps?

Floor lamps exist in different forms, styles, and varieties. Bright in them are mostly ones with the face downwards. Arc, down-bridge, pharmacy lamps are a few of them.

How to pack floor lamps for moving?

Possibilities of your lamp’s wear and tear while you move. However, with good packaging, you can avoid it. To keep your floor lamp safe, separate all the pieces of your lamp as they arrive.

Next is to bring a cloth or bubble wrap and envelope every piece individually. Keep them in a separate box. Remember to write on the box “lamp” for safe moves.


Floor lamps enhance the look of a room. They make or break your settings. With this guideline, there rests no chance your room will gloom. All lamps here are exclusive. Go on, get your best floor lamp to light up vacant nook and corner.

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