9 Best Portable Lamps for Adventure and Outdoor Dining

We all are in the same boat when it comes to weekend adventures. For enjoyable days out there in camping or eating outdoors, a bright light source is all we need. So, here we are today with the best portable lamps.

None of us are unknown with wonders of portable lamps. They are lightweight, easy to carry, foldable, and of course, cordless – a big sigh. Making your living easy; they are a plus even when your power breaks down.

One thing should be apparent here, however. Not all portable lamps are trustworthy and come with pro functions. So, we decided to shortlist them and present you with the best portable lamps, alone.

Check out our collection to avail a portable lamp that you can keep anywhere in your home or office.

Best Portable Lamps

Comparing the Best Portable Lamps

Product Name



Power Source


Unifun Night Light

8.8 ounces

3.5 x 3.5 x 4.7 inches

Battery powered

1 year

Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern

8.4 ounces

7.6 x 5.4 x 3.8 inches



IdeaWorks JB6921

7 ounces

6 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches

Battery powered 

1 year


3.84 pounds

10 x 6 x 10 inches

Battery powered

1 year

GKCI Touch Lamp

8.5 ounces

3.5 x 3.5 x 9.1 inches

Battery powered

18 months

O’Bright Portable LED Table Lamp

1.41 ounces

4.5 x 4.5 x 8 ounces


2 years

DEWENWILS Portable Lamp

1.34 ounces

3.7 x 0.5 x 1.5 inches

USB rechargeable, battery powered

1 year

ZHOPPY Night Light

9.3 ounces

3.5 x 3.5 x 4.6 inches

USB rechargeable, battery-powered

Not described

Neiko 40464A Cordless LED Work Light

1.2 pounds

17.5 x 3.2 x 2.7 inches

USB chargeable, battery powered

90 days

9 Best Portable Lamps that Weigh Less

1. Unifun Night Light – Best Portable Lamp Overall

Unifun Night Light
Moods are variable and differ from person to person – compare your husband and kiddo. To fill up everyone’s spirit in the home, Unifun’s portable lamp is here.

It has a wide range of colors, from flame red to fairest pink. Not only do you get the catalog of colors to choose from, but it also allows you to adjust the brightness level. So you can make the most out of it at different hours of your travel.

High, medium, dim, and low, tap the touch panel to pick from anyone. Not to mention, the touch panel is sensitive and gets the job done instantly.

The best part of the lamp is memorizing feature. Whether you like green or purple, the lamp wakes up with the same color you set it last. As an outdoor unit, it is cordless and chargeable, taking 2-3 hours to juice up completely.

  • Multiple color choice
  • Touch-sensitive panel
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Comes with a USB cord
  • Limited battery life

Our Take

Reasons to state it as the best portable lamp: 1 years warranty, 30 days money-back guarantee, affordability, and inclusion of USB port. We also loved how this can be hung with the bottom handle.

2. Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern – Best Portable Lamp for Outdoor

Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern
Done packing your camping stuff? Your must-have camping lantern might be here. Vont 2 has exceptional design and the best portable lamp that takes no time to get started – no buttons trick and touch panels.

To get this lantern into use, you simply need to pull the light up, and it will glow. The same is the recipe to adjust its brightness. The more you’ll pull it up, the more it will put on the light.

Credit to the adjustable setting and flicker-free light goes to the 30 led lights and six batteries that come along. Made out of IP44 weather-resistant material, it is made to resist the worst-case scenarios that can strike you anytime.

Besides, you’ll love to know that it has a battery life of 90 hours. With that being said, it can be your best partner on 2-3 days camping, working for 12 hours straight in the darkness.

  • Sturdy and thoughtful build
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to use
  • Simple brightness adjustment
  • Causes eye irritation, if watched continuously

Our Take

A thoughtful, compact, and sturdy portable lamp is Vont 2 camping lantern. It gives off a decent amount of life, making everything visible at night. Its cost-effectiveness, inclusion of batteries, and lifetime warranty are appreciable.

3. IdeaWorks JB6921 – Best Budget-Friendly Portable Lamp

IdeaWorks JB6921
Some portable lamps are made to save space without sacrificing versatility – Ideaworks lamp, for instance.  While it stands tall for long years to come, it measures 6*3.5*2.5 inches.

Just after the collapse, it transitions into a compact lamp of 1.75 inches. Isn’t it insane? It can be operated two ways, either battery or through charging.

USB cord comes along in the deal, by the way. Keep in mind that it requires the removal of batteries to switch the power on charging. Use it on batteries or remain frequently changing the power source; it’s all your choice.

This is one of the best portable lamps for offices, containing a professional profile. In addition, the lamp has a touch panel on the base that allows you to alter the brightness level. Set it anywhere between high, medium, and low brightness.

  • Compact and foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Bright light
  • Affordable
  • Non-changeable battery

Our Take

It is an efficient lamp with a good amount of brightness. You can use it with the batteries or charge it with a USB for later use. Mind that it has a non-changeable battery that might leave you with one power source if the USB slot gets screwed.

4. Fatboy USA ETPSNG-WHT-2PK – Most Bright Portable Lamp

Unlike most lamps in the market that gives off harsh light just because they are portable, Fatboy’s lamp doesn’t. Instead, it puts off soft and gentle light, all thanks to the drum shade around the bulb.

The minimalistic design and alluring silhouette of the lamp add value to the nook, where added. Undeniably, it will strengthen your ambiance more. Whether hallways leading to the bedroom or the outdoor dining tables, these lamps look extremely beautiful.

Adjustable on different brightness levels, it permits you to regulate the intensity of light. Three brightness levels are there in total. However, better not to look at it as your reading lamp. It showers the room with soft light, non-suitable for reading.

  • Beautiful
  • Gives off soft light
  • Sturdy, scratch-resistant material
  • Giftable
  • Switches are little tricky

Our Take

These white lamps by Fatboy are must-haves for you if you want something decent yet stylish in the name of the best portable lamp. It can turn any dull nook into appealing. You can use it anywhere – whether outdoor or indoor.

5. GKCI Touch Lamp – Best Space Saving Portable Lamp

GKCI Touch Lamp
Are you seeking a portable lamp that can easily fit anywhere in your home? You can’t go wrong with GKCI. This appealing mini lamp is very easy to carry and plug on a desk or at the bedside in your room.

It serves you both ways, i.e., with battery and USB charging. Coming along with the battery, it saves you from the hassles of another buying cycle. The brightness of the lamp, however, turns out way better when it’s plugged on the charger.

Out there are no lamps that come with 256 color combinations. Surprisingly, the GKCI lamp does. It’s just best to set your wife’s mood or to provide a fresh accent to your décor with the desired brightness and color.

It also comes with remote control. So if you prefer placing lamps at a distance, it’s a bonus.

  • Spectrum of colors
  • Works with a remote control
  • Super bright
  • Great battery life
  • Poor range of remote

Our Take

The cool and delicate touches of this lamp make it the best portable lamp. Not only does it saves space, but it frees your desk from the clutter of cords – that is seriously annoying. Being super bright, this lamp is also ideal for reading books in the bed.

6. O’Bright Portable LED Table Lamp – Best Portable Lamp with Powerful Battery

O’Bright Portable LED Table Lamp
If you have insufficient space for both lamp and showpiece on your table, O’bright’s lamp is just the perfect match for you. This lamp is designed to brighten the modern settings with metal brass finishes. Simply stating, it compliments every contemporary backdrop as gold has turned back into fashion.

Dim to it to the lowest level at night and bright it up to take a routine check-up on your babies during the night; this lamp is just adjustable your way. There are three brightness levels in it.

With the batteries and USB charging, this portable lamp has two power sources. Fortunately, the adaptor and the charging cord are included in the package. You can get it at a very reasonable cost. So, that’s not an issue if you are tight on budget.

Pros & Cons

  • Can be operated with a battery or charging
  • Eye-catching
  • Charging last quite long
  • Two years of warranty
  • Charge with its own cord only

Our Verdict

Rose gold and silver are two other colors in which this lamp appears. You can illuminate your nightstand or balcony set with any of the following. The bright finishes, lightweight, and excellent customer care service are reasons to state it as the best portable lamp.

7. DEWENWILS Portable Lamp – Best Portable Lamp for Reading

DEWENWILS Portable Lamp
Let’s say you have a night flight on a plane, and you miss reading a book so badly. Will those heavy and compact but not compact lamps get the job done? Maybe, but at the cost of space, however, Dewenwils has no such pre-requisite.

Made to clip on the book to bath the pages with the bright light, this portable lamp for reading is none less than a blessing. It is a chargeable unit that works for straight 8 hours on full brightness. 100 and 50, there are two brightness levels on which it gets adjusted.

With its 350 degrees bendable holder, and 180 degrees sideways, and 45 degrees downward movable lens, you can have the light precisely on the page you want. Also, it comes in pretty hues, including pink, yellow, green, and blue. So you get the chance to pick one of your favorites.

  • Excellent battery time
  • Strong and bendable clipper
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Easy to charge
  • Not for thin paged book

Our Take

Not on the comic pages, but you can indeed clip this reading light on the graphic novels. This is all because the comic pages are a bit thin. Above all, we loved the creative built, colors, and battery timings of the lamp.

8. ZHOPPY Night Light – Best Portable Lamp with Bluetooth

ZHOPPY Night Light
Whether you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker or one of the best portable lamps, trust the Zhoppy lamp. It does the job just fine. This night light has six default colors, including pink, red, and green, with three brightness levels for each. So, you can turn it at night or in the evenings to enjoy cozy songs with your partner.

Made up of ABS plastic and silicon, this lamp stands the test of time. No chance that it would get scratched or broken easily. Fortunately, the Bluetooth device pairs with every available mobile model out there – whether iPhone or android.

The loud and clear sound of this speaker makes it a go-to option. From hip hop to traditional songs, you can enjoy a lot along with the light. The built-in lithium-ion battery supports it to live for 8 hours straight, which is absolutely amazing at the price it comes.

  • Easy Bluetooth connection
  • Pretty clear voice
  • Eye-friendly light
  • Fair price
  • Tricky to change colors

Our Take

Utmost facilities like light intensity, Bluetooth connection, and excellent volume make it the best portable lamp. Alone the downside we feel is the sound of the device ‘Bluetooth connected’ every time you pair it. It’s pretty loud.

9. Neiko 40464A Cordless LED Work Light – Most Versatile Portable Lamp

Neiko 40464A Cordless LED Work Light
A circular or square base lamp consumes more of your space, and that’s for sure. So, here we are with one slim design lamp that will not only illuminate your path outdoors, but you can store that easily at home: Neiko 40464A cordless light.

It comes with a rubberized handle to get you a good grip. Also, it includes a magnetic base and swiveling hooks to make you avail of hands-free mode.

With the 4000 mAh battery that it includes, you can enjoy the light for straight 5-6 hours. Justified is to call it durable as the aluminum housing prevents it from any wear and tear.

  • Slim and sleek
  • Long hours running battery
  • Magnetic attachment
  • Sturdy built and reasonable
  • Pretty much bright

Our Take

There are specific daily tasks for which this light works impeccably. As made for convenience, it has top-notch plastic, 60 LEDs for bright light, and a rubber handle for a tight grip. One of the sleek and compact designs it is, in all the best portable lamps.

Guide to Buy the Best Portable Lamps

To buy the best portable lamp, deeming down with certain pointers is pretty essential. Not only do they protect you from landing in obstacles but aid you in attaining the best available lamp – of course, according to your requirement.

Purpose of Your Buy

Definitive thinking is the route to the best portable lamp. To end up winning this buying game, give yourself a minute to think. Observe the reason you are buying a portable lamp. Agreed that you can keep it anywhere; still, you need to play safe.

Out there are many portable lamps with professional looks, so they might not suit your nightstand. Just like that, you may also want a portable lamp with a speaker. Your decision will be way easier if you’ll choose – whether it’s for an outdoor dining table, hallways, office, or adventurous weekend.

Type of Power Source

The market has both battery-powered and USB chargeable lamps. Go for battery-operated if charging the unit frequently sounds duty to you. USB charging is also a good option. Better to opt for one with adaptable to most of the cables.

Battery Life

In the majority of cases, portable lamps are used outdoors. Sometimes, you take it camping, on others you use it just in the garden area on beautiful nights. The least 8 hours of battery life would be ideal in any case. However, there are also outstanding options with 90 hours of living battery.

Weight and Dimension

Portable lamps are carried on the trips. And, you surely don’t suppose to lug it on your back. Not only that, you take compression bags to save space. Both these factors indicate that the best portable lamps should have the least weight and compact design.

Brightness Levels

One portable lamp can be handy for several purposes. You can read with it, set it on your dining table, or just light up your hallways. With that being said, the portable lamp you choose should have at least three brightness levels.

Frequently Asked Question

Which is the best portable lamp?

Unifun night light is the best portable lamp. It has different colors and brightness settings that you can make yourself avail on your tips. Thanks to its touch-sensitive panel, it is easy to operate. Coming with one year warranty, affordable rates, it has earned high status in the market.

Can I use the portable lamp for camping?

Yes, portable lamps can be used for camping. First, however, you need to be sure of your selection. The one you choose for camping should have top-notch material and be weather-resistant built. You need to be prepared for any sudden situation during camping nights.

Are portable lamps also taken into use for reading purposes?

Portable lamps mean different for different people. Some take it for camping purposes, others for partying hard or gifting. There are also units available that alone serve the purpose of reading. Dewenwils lamp, for instance. Make sure the one you are selecting is made to serve this purpose.


No set criteria are there to buy a portable lamp. One that fits perfectly in your shoe is the best portable lamp. However, a careful check is mandatory before each buy.

Some of the best-rated and functional portable lamps are listed above. If you have discovered your ideal match here, we would love to hear it in the comment section.

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