9 Best Table Lamps that Fits Everyone’s Bill

Do you think giving up the large sum of your bucks for a table lamp is a good move? Well, we don’t suggest it. Agreed that a lamp depicts who you are, but spending dollars on just a table lamp is quite unfair.

To make you realize that, here we are with the best table lamps that are affordable. These nine lamps are best at what they do: intensifying a room’s scene besides being highly functional, and that’s for sure.

Not to mention, we haven’t selected them randomly. They have been certified by our team after deeming down with the ins and outs. Amazon’s rating and customer satisfaction on these lamps are also the cause of their presence on this list.

Without wasting a moment here, let’s get a sight to all of the best table lamps.table lamps

Comparing the Best Table Lamps

Product Name




Single or Pair

Yarra-Décor Bedside Lamp

1.66 pounds

5.5 x 5.5 x 15.3 inches



KIAMPON Spiral Design LED Table Lamp

1.61 pounds

5.11 x 5.11 x 16.53 inches



Dream Holder Table Lamp

3.16 pounds

9.92 x 4.8 x 17.13 inches



Bedtime Originals Rainbow Unicorn Lamp

1.7 pounds

7 x 7 x 14.25 inches




12.98 pounds

14 x 14 x 29.5 inches



Aooshine Bedside Lamp

2.35 pounds

4.7x 7.87 x 12.87 inches



Décor Therapy TL15453

2.64 pounds

8 x 8 x 16 inches



Leniver LED Table Lamp

2.2 pounds

9.8 x 3.1 x 19 inches



Tobusa Touch Control Table Lamp

5.21 pounds

12.6 x 12.6 x 12.6 inches



9 Best Table Lamps – The Most Trending In 2021

1. Yarra-Décor Bedside Lamp – Best Table Lamp Overall

Yarra’s decoration lamp sits nicely in the bedroom, living room, or lounge. Credit goes to the beauty of this minimal and versatile design. Blending well, they turn out the best choice for every type of decoration you choose.

Yarra-Décor Bedside Lamp

The base of this lamp consists of wood, with a steel stem and linen fabric shade. You can dim it three ways and set it on anywhere between low, medium, and bright. Satisfying reading practice to set up the mood, this lamp can do pretty much for you.

Coming with a touch switch on the wood base, it is unique and handy that most lamps out there aren’t. Containing 2 USB cords, safety standard passed plug, it is one of the best table lamps that leaves plenty of space on your nightstand for other stuff.

  • Aesthetic
  • Three-way dimmable
  • Occupies little area
  • Two USB ports
  • Too much sensitivity to touch

Our Take

Its stable and versatile design is perfect to meet the needs of a bedroom. Three counting factors that remark manufacturers’ credibility: budget-friendly design, three months service, and money back guaranty.

2. KIAMPON Spiral Design LED Table Lamp – Most Antique Table Lamp

Your bedroom setting reveals the type of décor you are into. If that’s modern, you can’t go wrong with this lamp. The stainless steel lamp has much to offer. You can rest it on the nightstands, dresser, or probably in the living room.

KIAMPON Spiral Design LED Table Lamp

It’s more on the stylish side than bright. If you have a large room; better not to opt for it. Its brightness doesn’t reach every nook of the room. However, it has three brightness levels so that you can adjust it anytime. The dimmer is the on/off button itself, by the way.

For sustaining and grip, this lamp is built with a skid-proof base. Till the time it’s on the table, it’s stable, so you don’t have to worry about that. Fortunately, this modern bedside table proposes this much in a very few bucks.

  • Stylish accent
  • Soft light
  • Anti-skid design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Isn’t much bright

Our Take

From unpackaging to its assembling, this lamp is all about ease. It’s a good option for coziness lovers with its soft light. Not only it has favorable light but dimmable. The classic design has its beauty, and so it appeals to the eyes, and that’s for sure.

3. Dream Holder Table Lamp – Most Versatile Table Lamp

If your table is short on space, the Dream holder table lamp is just the right shot you can play. It has two USB charging ports and three slots for phones, iPad, kindle – whatever chargeable device you keep. That being said, your table won’t be clutter with things, whatever hour it is.

DreamHolder Table Lamp

Keeping this lamp in the office is also a good option. It has 2 AC outlets of 3 prongs which means you can place your laptop right next to this lamp.

The combination of the wooden base and rectangular linen shade uplifts its built. Thanks to the shade that the glow of the bulb softens and never irritates. This way, it saves you from eye fatigue whenever you stay awake late at night.

  • Decent and modern
  • USB ports and AC outlets
  • Smooth light
  • Durable
  • Non-dimmable

Our Take

Staying organized is the motive of this lamp. IPad, phone slots, and USB ports prevent piling on your nightstand or office table. It perfectly blends with contemporary and decent themes. At a reasonable price, it is a spectacular lamp.

4. Bedtime Originals Rainbow Unicorn Lamp – Best Table Lamp for Kids

Have you chosen a pink theme for your toddler? Compliment this unicorn lamp with it. Having this favorite unicorn lamp in her room, she will itself take care of it.

Bedtime Originals Rainbow Unicorn Lamp

The 14.25 inches tall lamp with starry 14 inches drum shade settles nicely on the side tables. Besides, the on/off push button makes it more manageable for the kids. No matter if you are there are not, your child can perform this handy job.

With a heavy base and sustaining pole, this lamp stands tall without allowing your kiddo to budge it.

  • Super cute and appealing
  • Simple on/off button
  • Sturdy
  • Comes with the light bulb
  • Small

Our Take

Not only it appears super cute to the children, but to the parents in love with a unicorn. If you hold the perception that in the practicing era of a child, you should lend him something budget-friendly to become used to, this is for you.

5. JONATHAN Y JYL2048A – Best Crystal Table Lamp

Crystal lamps complete the looks of the contemporary setting, and Jonathan’s lamp is best at it. Integrated with a candlestick, the base of the lamp is created with crystals. And, even it’s not to be doubted for stability, having a heavyweight of 12.9 pounds.


What makes this lamp stand out is the attention to detail. Its cord is beautifully wrapped with silk. So, if, in any case, it gets visible makes no harm to the beauty. Placing each on the bedside will surely add value to the ambiance of your room.

Ready to make your room more visible, the white shades of the lamp present will do that. Do you get lazy at night? It’s Alexa-friendly. Get it installed.

  • Includes LED bulbs
  • Alexa friendly
  • Gorgeous built
  • Silk covered cord
  • A bit uneven shades

Our Take

Rustic bedrooms and mirror backdrops are the best for this lamp. With its crystal design, versatility, and extraordinary attention to detail, the silk-wrapped cord, for instance, turns out stunning. Must-buy it if glossy materials have your heart.

6. Aooshine Bedside Lamp – Best Table Lamp with USB Port

Stylish yet classic, versatile yet durable, Aooshine is featured exclusive. Its rectangular shade with the contrasted base is quite presentable. That consents you to choose its position all on your desire.

Aooshine Bedside Lamp

From the highest and warm brightness to dull and sleepy, you can decide what percentage of light you want in your room. It is adjustable. The 4.7 inches base, occupying a little space, allows you to position your water jug at the nightstand.

Protecting from hassles and troubles, it keeps you systematized, holding your phone/tablet in the engraved slots. It also has two USB charging ports. Not only is it a phone holding but a charging station.

  • Sleek and modern
  • Touch control button
  • USB ports and phone slots
  • Dimmable
  • Cords originate from the front

Our Take

It is designed with colors that perfectly match every piece of furniture and room – even the office. However, the charging cord lessens its beauty. Staying visible as coming from the front, it hurts the looks a bit.  Otherwise, it’s great.

7. Décor Therapy TL15453 – Best Vintage Style Table Lamp

Antiques and royal décor are rare, and from that exceptional lamp, here is the one: Décor therapy’s lamp. This lamp has the power to catch anyone’s attention, being classic and iced blue.

Décor Therapy TL15453

In the nautical themes, this lamp works great. It reminisces the shore with the rope at the bottom and soft light coming from the linen fabric shade. The shade absorbs the unwanted beams from the bulb and brings up the soothing version of light.

Unlike the other lamps that cost you high, still offering fewer features, it doesn’t. Coming at a reasonable price point, you can afford it quite easily.

  • Large cord
  • Eye-capturing built
  • Subtle brightness
  • Affordable
  • Big shade

Our Take

If your home has got a nautical theme, you must get this lamp. Trust us; it’s a matter of a second for this lamp to impress everyone it comes across. Keep a pro-tip, flip upside down, and place the shade this way if you think it makes you trouble.

8. Leniver LED Table Lamp – Most Appealing Table Lamp

Leniver’s lamp has so much to offer to the contemporary backdrop. When turned off, it’s more like a showpiece than a lamp, and just after switching on, its transition into an appealing lamp. Place it next to the sofa or the bedside; charms will surround you.

Leniver LED Table Lamp

Natural, white, and warm light, there are three shades of this lamp you can access. You can also change the lamp’s intensity straight from 100 to 5 percent, and that’s available in every color mode. This feature is a real sigh for the readers.

The base of the lamp is compact yet sturdy. It holds the head nicely to help you stay worry-free when displacing. Affordability and modernization make this lamp one of the best table lamps.

  • Three brightness level
  • Exceptional design
  • Sturdy and dimmable
  • 12 months warranty
  • Short on size

Our Take

Modern and contemporary settings are more than perfect for this lamp. It has a subtle design, compact enough to leave space on the table. Dim the light or change the color; the balls remain all in your court. This lamp is adjustable.

9. Tobusa Touch Control Table Lamp – Best Table Lamps for Bedside

Tobusa lamp is a delightful addition to the interiors – especially for the mirror theme. These crystal lamps contain a long list of features to follow with grace on top.

Tobusa Touch Control Table Lamp

The crystal shade casts the composed version of light. Not just elegance, its presence on the nightstand is a blessing to your phone. With three USB ports, it consents you to plug in any chargeable device right there.

The shiny metal base and pole of the lamp also stand tall for switching on/off and adjustments. Touch anywhere on the surface, and enjoy the three levels of brightness it has to offer.

  • Attractive design
  • USB cords
  • Touch-friendly switch on/off
  • Giftable
  • Excessively bright

Our Take

The pair is elegant, stylish and acts as a bold statement to the interiors. Its splendor rest with the touch facility and USB ports that it includes. Besides, it’s available in gold color to lend the color selection to you.

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Guide for Buying the Best Table lamps

Things go unnoticed sometimes while buying. For a first-time table lamp buyer, that’s normal. Not anymore. This buying guide for the best table lamps is all here to save you.


Table lamps are next to you and so a little movement can easily get it to fall. To avoid damage and tipping over of your table lamp, make sure it’s heavy enough. It’ll also be good if you have naughty kids who are always there to play their tricks on the household.


Glasses, phones, book, and jug are already placed on your nightstand. In that case, fitting a table lamp can be difficult. Vigilant is to check the dimension of your table lamp. Buy one if you have enough space to position without making your table overwhelmed.

Purpose of Buy

It could be reading, studying, decoration, or anything. Your purpose of buying a lamp will always be different, even for a different kind of lamp. The best is to stay sure of the drive of this buy.

Décor Complimenting

Once you are done with step one, here’s the real decision – concluding the color and built of the lamp. A nautical lamp, for instance, fits well in the nautical theme. It’s better to renovate your home before purchasing table lamps or at least decide the theme and color prior.


A brightness-controlling lamp is always better than a static one. It works for your mood, décor, and the environment. So, have its control. With this feature, you can brighten the light when reading and dim it while sleeping.


Just because you have thousands of bucks, you should never plan on bringing it down by investing in one lamp.  There’s always a better option open for you at an affordable price. Still, if an expensive table lamp is on your radar, make sure it’s worth the buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best table lamp for studying?

The best table lamp for studying has the following features:

  • It has different levels of brightness
  • You can change the light color of the specific lamp
  • A study table lamp diffuses the light to avoid eye fatigue.

If you are getting a table lamp for reading or studying purposes, check out these pointers. One is good to go if enabled with these features.

What are the best places to position table lamps?

As the name implies, table lamps are made for the tables. It’s best to station these lamps on the bedside as that would look lovely and aesthetic. Placing them on the dresser and chest also illuminate the ambiance and is a nice move.

What is the difference between a table and a desk lamp?

  • Intention

The primary difference between a table and a desk lamp is intention. Table lamp is taken into use for enhancing the ambiance. People also depend on it for reading; however, it isn’t specifically made to serve this purpose.

  • Place of Position

On the other hand, a desk lamp is positioned on the study table and is subjected to a particular thing – maybe books or paints – whatever your keep you in there.

  • Built

Both of them also differ in the body. Table lamps are trending lamps, and their construction is beautiful. You won’t see desk lamps as beautiful as table lamps. These lamps are simple and decent and sometimes more on the organized side.


Table lamps prevail in variety in the market. From the rush, we have sorted out the nine best table lamps for you. Even if you are stuck anywhere, there’s a buying guide to help you around.

Excited to hear, what lamp has turned out your best table lamp?

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