9 Best Tiffany Lamps You Can’t Resist Yourself from Buying

History has given us a lot, and tiffany lamps are one of them. Being recognized in 1895, these lamps are still in fashion. Antique admirers know their value and keep them in their homes as pride.

The original stained glass lamps are no doubt unapproachable in this era. Cost is the primary hindrance, no surprise. What we can have are the tiffany style lamps that can easily fit our bill.

After a lot of research and inspecting many tiffany lamps, we shortlisted. Nine of the final list lamps are positioned here. Not to mention, they are exceptional, classic, and equally beautiful as original tiffany lamps.

Give them a look and revamp your home, this time in a different way.

Comparing the Best Tiffany Lamps

Product Name



Shade Color


Werfactory Tiffany Lamp 

5.51 pounds

12 x 12 x 18 inches

Sea blue


Tiffany Lamp S14712F03

16.5 pounds

12 x 12 x 64 inches

Sea Blue


Tiffany Style Lamp

16.9 pounds

14 x 14 x 72 inches



Amora Lighting

9.18 pounds

14 x 14 x 31.5 inches



Tiffany Style Stained Glass Lamp

5.51 pounds

12 x 12 x 18 inches

White yellow


Tiffany Floor Lamp

12.1 pounds

16 x 16 x 64 inches

Beige blue


Vintage Tiffany Lamp

5.51 pounds

12 x 12 x 18 inches

Blue purple


Lavish Home Tiffany Style Lamp

6.14 pounds

10.5 x 5 x 12.5 inches

Yellow brown


Tiffany Lamp

3.3 pounds

11 x 8 x20.5 inches

Blue yellow


9 Tiffany Lamps You can’t Take Eyes Off From

1. Werfactory Tiffany Lamp – Best Tiffany lamp Overall

Werfactory creates worth it tiffany lamps. Crafted with hands, each of the pieces of their lampshade glass is delicately placed. The fine lines on the shade make that obvious. Such a beautiful piece will surely become your focal point.

Werfactory Tiffany Lamp

With an 18 inches height and a lampshade with 12 inches diameter, it is satisfying to view. A large 1-meter cord also comes with the package with an on/off switch on it. This feature facilitates quick access yet saves you from getting out of bed late at night.

Although the zinc base of the lamp may not give you a royal feel, it is absolutely stable. It carries the heavy shade very well. So, stop worrying about shade’s fall. Fortunately, it includes a halogen bulb, so you don’t need to wander for one.

  • Beautiful and elegant
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Easy to assemble
  • 90 days refund policy
  • Average looking base

Our Take

When off, the lamp depicts a deep blue/green sea, and with the bulb on, it transforms into muted green/blue. It simply looks very well made yet eye-catching. Living room or bedroom, you can place this anywhere to add spirit to your room.

2. Tiffany Lamp S14712F03 – Best Dragonfly Tiffany lamp

If you are planning for mid-century, traditional, or Boho themes for your room, add this tiffany lamp to the revamping list. It will get your room the exact charm you have imagined of the setting.

Tiffany Lamp S14712F03

Having a height of 64 inches, it’s a type of floor lamp. It is tilt-friendly with a curved head, allowing you to reset the face. As for the base, it is quite heavy and well made with bronze giving a nice feel.

When it comes to assembling, you can set it up within 5 minutes. Patience and proper guideline following would be the key, though. Just like the previous model from Werfactory, it also includes a bulb.

  • Fits the part nicely
  • Footswitch
  • Includes a bulb
  • Stands tall, never tips
  • Shade turns out hot

‘Our Take’

It’s an elegance to have in the home. Any corner where you’ll place it will surely bloom, all thanks to its stained glass shade and a sheer body. Take note; it gets hot with the bulb it comes with. Buying one 60 watt bulb can, however, solve the issue.

3. Tiffany Style Lamp – Best Tiffany Lamp for Living Room

Why settle for the less when peacock style beautiful Tiffany lamp is here. Designed to stand every condition, it goes down the road. Being beautiful, it depicts your taste in interiors.

Tiffany Style Lamp Amora Lighting Tiffany Style Lamp

Made from glass with a 14 inches wide shade, it cast off enough light. Your entire living room can illuminate with it. When measured from the base to the top, it is 74 inches – pretty tall yet pretty amazing.

While the color of the base and stem is dark brown, the shade is milky white. Together, they come up with exceptional beauty you might have never come across. One downfall of the lamp is that the on/off knob is fragile.

  • Enhances the ambiance
  • Stable base and sturdy pole
  • Easy to put together
  • Tall and decent bright
  • Fragile knob

Our Take

The quality of the overall lamp is quite good. The placement of leaded glass makes its edges imperfect, yet it’s perfect for reviving the dull corners. You’ll love the accents it has to offer.

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4. Amora Lighting Tiffany Style Lamp – Best Table Tiffany Lamps

Not really a tiffany, but the tiffany style lamp is perfect to light up your evenings. Made out of resin, it is perfect for your desk. The glass on the shade is top-notch and enriches the feel of a room.

Fortunately, it has two bulb holders with individual pull chains for both. So, you can choose the intensity of light yourself. Know that the bulb doesn’t come along, and the manufacturer suggests incandescent bulbs of 60 watts.

Deigned to stay versatile, the lamp looks great both on and off. Not only this, but the pull chain also brings up an exclusive look to the lamp. Unlike the tiffany lamps from Werfactory, it doesn’t include any warranty.

  • Decent looks
  • Looks gorgeous everywhere
  • Two pull chains
  • Durable
  • Manual lacks proper instructions

‘Our Take’

As a mission-style lamp, it is definitely fit for mission-style furniture. Without giving up on the quality, the manufacturers have produced a lamp you’d love to have. The stained glass lamp functions well so far.

5. Tiffany Style Stained Glass Lamp – Best Stained Glass Lamp

Attention to detail makes this lamp a must-have option. A piece of cloth, for instance. Not only does it come with the bulb, shade, and base but with a cleaning cloth. So, you can wipe the lamp with a cloth that does not harm its show.

Tiffany Floor Lamp

If you are into hummingbirds, this will touch your soul. Stained glass with a humming design on the lamp makes it extraordinarily gorgeous. You can’t doubt its looks, whether on or off.

Placing it in the bedroom can be the best idea. The bronze base matches most of the furniture, while the light coming off from the glass will fill up your room with goodness. It is a simple design lamp with on/off switches on the cord.

  • Fine finishes
  • Stable and durable
  • Includes bulb and cleaning cloth
  • Two years warranty
  • No details on the bulb, in case one fails

Our Take

Starting from the packaging. It comes snug fit in the Styrofoam, making no harm to the lamp. Assembling it is a matter of fewer than 5 minutes. Once done, it looks stunning. Get it if you are a hummingbird admirer.

6. Tiffany Floor Lamp – Best Tiffany Lamp for Bedroom

While this tiffany floor lamp looks great in the living room, it also enhances the beauty of the bedroom to the core. Being colorful, cozy, and attractive, it is the best addition a vintage bedroom can have.

Vintage Tiffany Lamp

Coming with a bulb, the lamp has all that you need it set into motion. It’s a two-bulb lamp, so there will be two bulbs in your package; stay certain. Both of these bulbs are operable, with distinct pull chains hanging perpendicular to the bulb.

Thanks to the sturdy bronze base and a robust pole, it stands tall. You can even position it on the carpet without worrying about its stability.

  • Beautiful and bright
  • Very well made
  • Tall and nice pull chain
  • Warranty and refund policy
  • Not as such

Our Take’

Not others, but this Tiffany lamp is used for reading. Due to the intense lighting and two bulb, this has become possible. It’s a nice and gorgeous lamp with absolute finishes on the shade.

7. Vintage Tiffany Lamp – Most Antique Tiffany Lamp

If blue color is your favorite, this tiffany lamp will also be. It has blue touches on the glass with the pieces handcrafted. With a height of 18 inches, it is perfect as a desk lamp that is equally beautiful as functional.

Vintage Tiffany Lamp

While it comes in straightforward packaging, its assembling is also easy. All you need is to put the harp on the socket and screw the lampshade over it. To switch it on/off, get your hands on the cord. The button is all there.

To make you rest assured of glass quality, the manufacturers include a piece of glass. So, you can check it yourself. Although the lamp includes a bulb, you can also plug it in with LED bulbs. Remember to have one E-26 base with a 2700 Kelvin temperature, though.

  • On/off switch on cord
  • Astonishing beauty
  • Can be used with LED bulbs
  • Easy assembling
  • Not as such

‘Our Take’

The blue shades in the lamp take the profile of your desk to the next level. No doubt, it has careful craftsmanship, and the glass pieces are held very well together. Take note; the lamp needs annual oiling to protect its beauty.

8. Lavish Home Tiffany Style Lamp – Most Valuable Tiffany Lamp

Just as the name of the company, they produce lamps: lavish. Each of this lamp’s stained glass pieces is designed with equal care, with fine furnishing on top. Total 96 of the glass pieces style it as a masterpiece.

Lavish Home Tiffany Style Lamp

Unlike the other tiffany lamps that are kept for beauty, it is multi-purpose. Being totally functional, it allows you to place it on the piano or your office desk to have proper light. One plus is also the movement of shade for tasks.

Integrated with the LED bulb of 40 watts, it keeps you from the stress of the bulb changing periodically. It comes very well packaged, while the process to put it together is quite smooth.

  • Excellent body
  • Convenient on/off
  • Stable when tilted
  • Comes with a long-life LED bulb
  • Not as such

‘Our Take’

Integrated with 96 glass pieces with a butterfly design for detailing, this lamp is awe-inspiring. Not only it remains smooth in the upright position, but the tilted ones. That makes this tiffany style lamp worthy and go-to option.

9. Tiffany Lamp – Best Desk Tiffany Lamp

With a curved yet unique pole to lean on, it is surely the best tiffany lamp. While the base of the lamp is resin, its shade is glass. The dragonfly theme with blue and yellow color adds a touch of creativity in your room that it should have.

Tiffany Lamp

Although the lamp doesn’t come with a bulb, the manufacturer has provided complete guidance on that. According to them, an Edison lamp or E-26 LED lamp will work perfectly fine with this lamp.

You can also use it as a desk lamp as it’s quite bright. Reading is also a fine option. The lamp is corded with an on/off switch on it. That means you need not get out of your bed to plug the lamp off in the nighttime.

  • Unique built
  • Perfectly blended colors
  • Stands the test of time
  • Two years warranty
  • Doesn’t include a bulb

‘Our Take’

It’s a perfect size lamp for end tables. You’d be surprised how beautifully it’s crafted and the way it blends with the backdrops. Durability and functionality are the two focal features of this tiffany lamp.

Guide to Buy the Best Tiffany Lamp

Adding a serene feel and glamor to your room, tiffany lamps upgrade the profile of your room. To have this, however, you need to spectate on the pointers to buying a tiffany style lamp. So, give this section a read.

Material of Base

Material of base of a tiffany lamp separate one from another. While the cheap category would always have a zinc or resin base, the top-notch lamps prevail with a bronze base. That means you need to search for a tiffany lamp with a bronze base.

Lampshade Design

There are differently designed lampshades of a tiffany you’ll come across. Some will be integrated with butterflies, others with hummingbirds, and so on. To enjoy the most out of tiffany lamps, get the project that entertains you the most.


Forget not to keep in view the color of your tiffany lamp. Agreed they look gorgeous in classic settings; color still needs to be chosen wisely. Pick vibrant hues for bright themes and subtle colors for a calmative theme.

Size and Type

Sizes and types are also to be noted in tiffany lamps. Not only do these lamps prevail in table or desk style, but the floor. Stay certain of the style you want and the area of its placement before buying one.


Having an original Tiffany lamp is next to impossible on a minimal budget, and that’s obvious. So, try to have a tiffany lamp from the manufacturer that guarantees the product. This way, you’d be able to claim if the lamp doesn’t match your requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tiffany lamps out of style?

Tiffany-style lamps are not out of style, and they never will be. As they are rare to find and very few people are interested in antiques, you’d see them occasionally. Once positioned, these lamps boost the look of your room.

What are Tiffany lamps made of?

Tiffany lamps are made out of stained glass. All of the pieces of this glass are handcrafted and held together with tin. For the base, a top-notch tiffany will always have bronze.

How to clean tiffany style lamps?

Like the unique built of tiffany lamp is the cleaning method. These lamps demand a periodical cleaning with an oil-based product lacking ammonia with a soft piece of cloth. Ammonia gets the glass of the shade damaged. Regular dust can be simply wiped off from these lamps with a clean cloth.

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