9 Floor Lamps with Table and an Appealing Look

Floor lamps with table attached? That’s not my style. You might have come up with these words earlier, but things have transformed now. After decades, these lamps have reincarnated with a new built and a look that will certainly entertain your eye.

Quite difficult to believe, but these lamps do exist on this date yet with the new intent. We have picked the best floor lamps with tables attached and lined them here. Just after going through them, you’ll know the innovation these beauties have.

Let’s see what we have lined today.

10 Best Floor Lamps with Table

Product Name



Material of base

Type of Bulb

Bertie Traditional Style Lamp

7.48 pounds

6 x 6 x 28 inches


LED, CFL, incandescent, halogen


14.7 pounds

11 x 11 x 27.2 inches

Crystal glass

LED bulb

Regency Hill Loreno Lamp

6.6 pounds

8 x 8 x 24 inches


LED bulb

Modern Contemporary Tall Buffet Table Lamp

4 pounds

12 x 12 x 32 inches


LED bulb

Safavieh Lighting Collection Jenna

11.5 pounds

14 x 14 x 31 inches


CFL bulb

Lynn Modern Buffet Table Lamps

8.14 pounds

11x 11 x 26 inches


LED bulb

Bentley Traditional French Country Lamp

3.28 pounds

10 x 10 x 31.5 inches


LED bulb

1. Brightech Madison Lamp – Best Floor Lamp with Table and USB Port

Brightech Madison Lamp
Books, charger, and lamp, aren’t these your essentials at bedtime? If yes, play two in one shot and get Brightech Madison lamp. Made out of wood, the lamp has three shades it appears in. So, you can select one matching your room’s theme.

Two USB ports and an outlet for charging, it offers much for your convenience. Also, it gets easily assembled. The two-shelf lamp is quite spacious and allows you to position from laptop to books with an arm distant at night.

Piece of furniture, or lamp, you name it, it’s fair for the price it comes. You can also pass on command to this lamp from the bed for turning on/off. It is Alexa-friendly. However, the system doesn’t come along, and that’s a separate buy.

  • Three choices for lampshade color
  • Extremely durable
  • Stylish and roomy table
  • Charges phones, laptops
  • Absences of three-prong outlet

‘Our Take’

Made of durable material, this lamp stands the test of time. The lamp plus table is great in looks while spacious and convenient for placing things at your bedside. Also, there are three shades choices from brown, black, and white.

2. 360 Lighting Lamp – Best Contemporary Floor Lamp with Table

360 Lighting Lamp
Are you looking forward to a table lamp with a tray? 360’s floor lamp has got you covered. This lamp has a base and comes with a tray of glass in the center and a lamp on top. Outstanding finishes and sleek body gets it high attention.

Take note; the lampshade is of satin and drum in shape. That means you’d get sufficient light from all over its body. However, the bulb is not included in the package. Buying one is all your part.

On the tray of the lamp are two USB ports. So, your charging phone can be placed near you. While it takes 120 volts to work, it has a pull chain design for turning on/off. Even the pull chain makes no harm to the body of the lamp being spectacular.

  • Excellent built
  • Modern and sleek
  • Perfect for tight spaces
  • Long cord
  • Not as such

‘Our Take’

Call this lamp a living room luxury as one’s truly that. It has two USB prongs that charge pretty well, and the best part is that it stands right next to your sofa. Contemporary and modern are the perfect themes it goes well with.

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3. LEPOWER Floor Lamp – Best Wooden Floor Lamp with Table

LEPOWER Floor Lamp
While the Lepower lamp may not be spacious like others, its stylishness can in no way be doubted. It has three rubber feet with wood stems, making it a tripod style. More than the bedroom, it looks fascinating in the living room.

The shade on the top of the lamp is linen with 17.71 inches in diameter. That makes it a bit wider than other lampshades on the list. However, it’s no doubt a splendor.

With a footswitch attached, it offers convenience to you. Whenever you get up from your sofa, you need not tilt your back. Know that you need to screw down each lamp’s legs and shade out of the box. Unfortunately, that’s time taking yet difficult.

  • Bright and alluring
  • Unique shape with one shelf
  • Stable
  • Footswitch
  • Lacks bulb

‘Our Take’

With a traditional or mid-century theme, this blends in really well. It not only catches attention but holds a few planters, books, or whatsoever you wish to position on. Keep in mind; it demands an E-26 bulb to brighten your room.

4. SUNMORY Floor Lamp – Best Floor lamp with Magazine rack

SUNMORY Floor Lamp
Your mood is different on different days, and a light to compliment is what you look forward to. That’s why we have listed Sunmory’s floor lamp here. Warm, natural, and white, it radiates three shades of light.

Its three shelves with a drawer at the top make it stand out. This drawer is just perfect for stashing the keys you peek for every morning. Planters and showpieces are also the finest way to multiply this lamp’s beauty and, ultimately, your room’s ambiance.

There are two USB ports, two power outlets with a stand for the phone. So, your phone rests safe and sound. The lamp has a pull chain design along with 4 feet long cord and two prongs.

  • Includes a bulb
  • Good enough brightness
  • Drawer for storage
  • Clean touches and modern
  • Not as such

‘Our Take’

From the assembling to the craftsmanship, this lamp is one of the best floor lamps with a table attached. As a multi-functional design, it frees up your precious space in whatever room it’s placed. One pro-tip is to position the heavier item on the bottom if you fear its stability.

5. Hykolity Floor Lamp – Best Floor Lamp with Table for Living Room

Hykolity Floor Lamp
Finding a floor lamp that suits best between two sofas was challenging before. Things are different now, all thanks to this Hykolity floor lamp. Composed of metal, the two-shelved table lamp is best for keeping your piles of magazines.

The linen shade at the top diffuses and provides you with good enough light. So, your eyes remain unaffected by any piercing beam. Unlike others, the lamp head is movable. That means you can adjust the light’s angle with your preference.

For turning on/off, the lamp has a knob. It also has a charging outlet, convenient for nights when you don’t want to jump out of bed for plugging the charger off.

  • Spacious shelf
  • Nice and decent
  • Rotatable lamp head
  • Two-year warranty
  • Not very sturdy

‘Our Take’

Considering this lamp for a guest room can be a good option. It has a bright light to cast off and a shelf where one can position books. Also, the laptop and other gadgets are chargeable with its port. The durability of the lamp is, however, a doubt.

6. Franklin Iron Works Lamp – Best Vintage End Table with Lamp Attached

Franklin Iron Works Lamp
Rest assured, the Franklin Iron lamp isn’t going to tip over. It has got 17.8 pounds weight that helps it stand tall. Not only is it stable but decent and beautiful to entertain the on-looker’s eye.

It has a walnut finish rustic base, giving birth to a pole, and is topped with a lampshade. In the center of the lamp is a tray with 5 inches diameter. The space is good enough to hold a lot like a coffee mug when you are on the sofa beside it.

Compatible with all kinds of bulbs, the lamp doesn’t come with one. Buy one A-21 of your preference. Know that the lamp is not that bright.

  • Decent and attractive
  • Stable on hardwood flooring
  • Nice and big lampshade
  • Easy to put together
  • Not so bright

‘Our Take’

This lamp has an attractive design with sleek touches multiplying the beauty of any room. It’s a blend of modern and traditional presentations. You can’t go wrong with it placed by the sofa.

7. CO-Z Floor Lamp – Best Black Floor Lamp with Table

CO-Z Floor Lamp
Co-Z lamp is best at saving spaces. It has three built-in shelves that are perfect for storing books and showcasing vases and planters. Take note that it’s black. So, if you prefer adding black touches to your interior, there you go.

Barely 15 minutes the lamp takes to get assembled. Also, the instruction is quite obvious to make the next move. To turn it off/on, there is a pull chain. Along with enhancing the appearance, it proposes convenience.

The lamp is good to have at this price point. More than what it promises, it delivers. Know that the lamp has no USB charging. However, one’s compatible with all sorts of the bulb. One should have an E-26 base.

  • Simple yet elegant
  • Easy to assemble
  • Useful and affordable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Chemical smell

‘Our Take’

Other than the carpet, this lamp is quite stable and stands tall. Best place to position it is hard flooring. The slender design is quite practical, adding a nice touch of décor with its simplicity.

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8. Vogue Modern Floor Lamp – Best Floor Lamp with Glass Table

Vogue Modern Floor Lamp
If you are into fancy and glassy floor lamps, make sure to peek at this one. This floor lamp has a glass tray in the middle. It’s perfect enough to light up your modern bed or living room and upgrade its silhouette.

In terms of on/of, it has a simple switch located on the tray. You can flip it with ease. Adjacent to it is two USB ports. So, you can place your phone on charging right in front of you.

To make it extraordinarily attractive, the manufacturers have added two shades to the bulb. The inner one is linen and drum, while the outer is of organza. With this difference yet uniqueness, your guests are surely going to compliment your taste.

  • Stylish and modern
  • Simple on/off
  • Heavy and sturdy
  • Unique two shades
  • Not as such

‘Our Take’

Appealing is what it deserves to be called. It is really fascinating with fine touches and weight that perfectly holds it straight.

9. ELYONA Modern Floor Lamp – Best Bedside Floor lamp with Table

ELYONA Modern Floor Lamp
Never mind if you have a preference for handpainted lamps. Get this lamp and satisfy your desire. Its surface is all handpainted with classic finishes as a promise. Adding up a soft yet glamorous look to your room, it essence the corners.

As a floor lamp with a table attached, it holds a lot of stuff you might be looking to place on. Magazine, coffee mugs, and so on can be one of them. The tall lamp of 65 inches has a footswitch which is best if you have backaches.

Just as the linen shade is pretty, is it functional. You can rotate it to have the best angle of light and read stress-free. Not only that, the body of the lamp is anti-scratch. So, while you clean, there pops up no nasty marks.

  • Elegant and stylish
  • Light up dull corners
  • Footswitch for turning on/off
  • Space-saving design
  • Very long cord

‘Our Take’

The walnut table marks its definite identity with the linen shade on top. It features a new image of your room, especially the one with mid-century themes. With a child to carry, its footswitch is quite convenient, indicating itself best for parents.

Guide to Buy the Best Floor Lamps with Table

Looks say it all, agreed. What they don’t speak of is the functionality and one product’s suitability to you. With the floor lamps with table, the story is no different. There are a few pointers these types of lamps ask to be peeked before buying.

So, let’s get started with the guide.


Never overlook the height and width of your floor lamp with a table. Because all you buy this combo is for saving space. If one’s consuming equal or more space, it might not be the best to go for.

In floor lamps with tables, not only should you look for the height and breadth of the lamp but the trays or tables. These trays hold your stuff and so they should be spacious enough.

Colors and Design

Floor lamps with tables look more appealing when blended with the appropriate theme and interiors. A glass table lamp, for instance, multiplies the beauty of modern settings. While the wood lamps best satisfy traditional themes.

Charging Ports

If your purpose of buying a floor table lamp is charging ports, keep an eye on USB ports. Check if they are compatible with your phone. Also, stay certain of their number. Two ports should be at least offered by a particular lamp.

Brightness of Light

Bedrooms mostly demand cozy lighting while living rooms are bright. Whenever you buy a floor table lamp, make sure to put your hands on one with the perfect type of light. Going wrong with the lighting affects the settings utmost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I Position my floor lamps with the table?

Position your floor lamp with a table between the chairs, besides your sofa, or at the bedside. It looks fascinating in each of these places. Not only does it brightens the area, but it takes the room’s beauty to the next level by uplifting the tone.

What can I place on shelves of floor table lamps?

You can place anything on the shelves of floor lamps with a table, according to your preference. Generally, people fill it up with books, glasses, decor items when placed in bedrooms. Others prefer keeping it simple with just a single showpiece.

Do floor lamps with tables look stylish?

There’s no doubt about the appearance of floor lamps with tables. They are equally elegant as they are functional. Reentering the trend, people are once more navigated towards it.


Floor lamps with the table are reinvented and so back in the fashion. Appearing in glass and wood with more touchups, they uplift a corner’s feel that it never had. To aid you in getting the best floor lamp with a table, we reviewed the best options.

Do you find them interesting? If that’s a yes, do let us know in the comment section below.

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