9 Pros and 4 Cons of Himalayan Salt Lamp No One Tell You

Pinkish orange tint lamp, aka Himalayan salt lamp, dates back to the 80s. The salt of this lamp is traded from Khewra, Pakistan. Mined from the Himalayan Mountains, it is called so.

In this article, we are about to unfold the pros and cons of a Himalayan salt lamp. The course will be revealed under the facts of light.

Pros and Cons of Himalayan Salt lamp

A Himalayan salt lamp is made with a chunk of Himalayan salt fitting inside a bulb. There’s a long debate on its pros and cons since nothing is proved scientifically. However, a majority of cases report its usefulness.

Pros of Himalayan Lamp

1.   Absolutely Gorgeous

The splendor of the Himalayan salt lamp spellbound the eye. This emphasizes its use in your home décor. People station these lamps into their room to enjoy their amber effects.  Even magazines are there that prefer décor with a Himalayan salt lamp.

2.   Limitless Variation

You don’t have to stick to a dull and boring lamp with a Himalayan salt lamp. Since it’s an eye-catching creation, you’d surely get compliments by infusing it in your home. We have seen it being a ‘Conversation piece’ in high-tea parties.

The primary categories of the Himalayan salt lamp are three:

  • Color: Red, white, pink, grey, and orange; Himalayan salt lamps come in various. Pick anyone to match the vibe of your décor.
  • Shape: Where cat and dog-shaped Himalayan salt lamps are there so your kids allow them, you can buy egg, square, basket, or decent oval-shaped lamp for your room.
  • Size: The smallest Himalayan lamp carries a weight of 1-3 kg. It’s fine as a mini-pack. However, you can get even a 20-30 kg hefty piece for better results.

Best Himalayan Salt Lamp for Every Room

Room Size

Weight of Himalayan Salt Lamp

Small bedroom

2-3 kg

Medium-sized bedroom

3-4 kg

Bathroom or Kitchen

4-6 kg

Small living room

6-8 kg

Medium-sized living room

8-10 kg

Large living room

10+ kg

1.   Peace and Relax

Folks have noticed quite frequently that the Himalayan salt lamp created a sense of peace for them. The pleasing light of the lamp is to be credited for this.

2.   Purifies Air

Assuming, Himalayan salt lamp attracts the water vapors of the air. Pollutants like bacteria also come along during this trap. The pollutants are then locked by the lamp while releasing the water vapors back into the air.

This is how the air through a Himalayan salt lamp is purified. Not only are the contaminants arrested through this lamp, but cigarette smoke. Clean air reaches from your mouth to the lungs this way.

3.   Knock Down Electromagnetic Radiations

No surprise, the gadgets around us are high risks for health. Be it a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, they continuously release Electromagnetic radiation, and hundreds of studies have confirmed it.

Increased stress and weak immunes are prime results of these radiations. In that regard, the Himalayan salt lamp releases negative ions. The potential negative ions cancel the effects of these radiations and prevent major health issues.

4.   Helps in Sleeping

Thinking about pill addition to your practice due to insomnia? Try Himalayan salt lamp beforehand. The negative ions indicate your brain releases the Serotonin hormone.

From increasing focus to encountering sleeping issues, this hormone does wonders all at once. Positive changes are reported in multiple beings’ life, and they are thankful to have one Himalayan salt lamp.

5.   Asthma and Respiratory Disease

Bronchitis, Asthma, and tons of respiratory diseases get solved with this lamp. When it detoxifies the air and locks the pollutants, only the fresh air reaches your lungs. Long-living lungs are the bounty you get from it.

6.   Boost Moods

In the last months of the year, there’s a high probability you go through SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Himalayan salt lamps are the strong defenders against it.

Through the calming light it radiates and ionization cancellation property, it feeds positive energy into your soul. The moods of a person are also boosted with a Himalayan salt lamp being around.

7.   Anti-Stress and Anxiety

One powerful effect of this lamp is a reduction in stress and anxiety. The lamp has negative ions, which keep the ability to neutralize the positive ions present in the atmosphere. Besides, it stimulates the brain to release hormones essential to cut down stress and anxiety.

Cons of Himalayan Lamp

1.   Leaking Water

Himalayan salt lamps are prone to leaking water. The process starts from capturing the water vapors. It attracts the water vapors, arrests the pollutants, and releases the pollutant-free vapors back into the air. This appears as the salt lamp is shedding water itself.

One daunting factor with this water release is corrosion. When it’s placed on furniture – especially of metal, it erodes quickly. To prevent this, try not to place this lamp in the high moisture areas of your home, including the bathroom and kitchen.

2.   Tons of Copycats

Of course, there are evils with the fake Himalayan salt lamps in the market. They just want their high profits and have nothing to do with your health and lamp’s effects. In this case, you have to play smart.

Check the originality of your salt lamp by its light coverage area. An original lamp can’t illuminate the entire room it is in. A high price tag and heavyweight will also tell you that one’s an authentic piece.

3.   Extra Bill

Minute details are paid no heed while they are the game-changer. In the case of the Himalayan salt lamp, it’s about the bulb it is integrated with. Himalayan salt lamp emphasizes the use of incandescent bulbs whose bill costs you high bucks.

Compared to the LED bulb with a lifespan of 20,000 to 25,000 hours, an incandescent bulb lives up to 750 hours. Also, there is a difference in the wattage each bulb uses. Let’s say an LED bulb takes 8 watts for a task; an incandescent bulb takes 60 watts.

4.   Bulb Changing/Easy Breakage

Comparatively, incandescent bulbs give up shortly after their placement. The indication here is that you’d need to change the bulb frequently. The process will also involve high efforts as these bulbs are not found easily.

On the contrary, the Himalayan salt lamps are fragile. A little mishandling can tear them apart. With that said, you should handle it with care and avoid displacing it over and over again.


Pros and cons of the Himalayan salt lamp are plenty. Above, we highlighted the major benefits and drawbacks of one no one talks about. Agreed that the cons are not very minute; there are methods to prevent them. So, the pros overweigh the cons.

Buy one Himalayan salt lamp today and enjoy the benefits it provides you with.


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