About US

Welcome to Homelitup.com

This is Ushna, founder of Homelitup.com

A dreamy home that we all want to have is my foremost desire. I play with the colors and textures of numerous home décor & improvement items.

What I noticed in the time being is that a lamp makes or breaks a room’s persona.

Like everyone in life, I came across some damaged lamps while a few did not fit my home’s silhouette. That was the time I wished someone would have walked me through the buying guides and suggested the perfect lamp.

A thought right after that popped inside my head. Décor enthusiasts like me also suffer picking the lamps and décor well suited. Can I help them?

The answer was YES, and that’s when Homelitup.com took birth.

From 2021 and on, I’ve been researching thousands of floor lamps, task lamps, and decorative lamps globally. Digging deep is my motive, so every review here is unbiased and honest.

I understand the pain of misspending on products you can’t use.

To make things even easier, I make an infographic to support my content. So, you can easily digest the concept, and buying process stays convenient.

Not only this, I answer the Teeny Tiny home décor and lamps queries. If you like my content, share it with your home décor enthusiast friends.