Are Lava Lamps Dangerous? How Long Do They Last?

Soothing and relaxing are the two main reasons you buy lava lamps. The story sounds good until you buy them. But, there’s a lot you should know before and after buying a lava lamp-like: Are lava lamps dangerous?

Overwhelming is to know that queries are in a bunch about lava lamps. And, like every popular product, it also prevails with multiple myths. So, we decided to knock down myths and answer your questions.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into this. 

When was Lava Lamp Invented? And, Who Invented It?

Lava lamp comes from the 90s – specifically 1948. It was invented by a British accountant with the good name ‘Edward Craven Walker.’ Edward was quite inspired by the egg timer in a pub, and that’s where the idea of the lava lamp took birth.

In the 1970s, the lava lamp lost its identity and no more casted sales. After the release of the movie “Austin Powers” in the 1990s, this lamp got its fame back. A lava lamp is now an important home décor item. Retro and vintage theme features it the most.

Are Lava Lamps Dangerous?

Are lava lamps safe? Flipping, are lava lamps dangerous? These are the most wanted answer about lava lamps. Everyone buying a lava lamp has this concern and asks any of these questions.

See, the rule of thumb for lava lamp is careful usage. If you’ll take use from it just as prescribed, it is in no way dangerous; neither can it catch fire. So, here are those precautionary steps by implementing which you and your home will be safe:


If you are cleaning the neighborhood of your lava lamp, make sure it’s unplugged. The rule also applies while replacing its parts or getting in contact.


Your room temperature must be balanced where the lava lamp is. High temperatures can heat it up and are not advisable.

Bare Hands

Not to touch your lava lamp bare-handed when it is on for long hours. The top and the bottom of the lamp are usually hot after a few hours it is on, and coming in contact can burn your fingers.

Long Hours Usage

8-10 hours are specified as the maximum for using a lava lamp. Experts, as well as the manufacturers, say NO to using this fun décor piece for longer than that.


Before placing your lava lamp, analyze if the place is the perfect fit. One should not be hot nor too cold. Also, the cord should be apart from the fire-threatening elements.

Can Lava Lamps Go Bad? How Will You Know That?

Many instances are there where users ask: do lava lamps go bad? Well, any décor item like a lava lamp can disintegrate with time. To analyze if your lava lamp has gone bad, read out these pointers.

No Bubbles

If it’s been 5-6 hours now and your lava lamp is not blobbing, it might have gone bad. Keep in mind; a lava lamp takes time to form a bubble for the first time. If yours was working well the previous day, then it should be considered as expired.

Cloudy Bubbles

Lava lamps have crystal clear bubbles swimming in the water. Suddenly, if your bubbles have turned out cloudy, it’s an indication your lamp is done now.

Faded Bubbles

Understand that you need a new lamp when the color of your lava lamp bubbles starts fading. Afterward, lava lamps lose their beauty and are not in any way going to please your eyeballs.

Blowing Bulb

Not necessarily the entire lava lamp has knocked you down. It could be a small part. Since bulbs have a certain lifetime, the trouble maker maybe this light source.

Heat Up After a While

The bulb is working well, and fine are the blobs. In that case, if only the lava lamp is taking multiple hours to show you some magic, know that it has undergone disintegration.

Do Lava Lamps Get Hot?

The top and the bottom of the lava lamp are made out of aluminum. No new, aluminum absorbs heat quickly. That’s the reason after a few hours, when you plug in your lava lamp, it turns out hot.

Touching a lava lamp while the lamp is on is quite dangerous. Especially if you are bare-handed, avoid getting in contact with the lava lamp. Otherwise, your finger might burn. Also, keep it apart from your pets and children’s reach.

How Long Do Lava Lamps Last?

Usually, lava lamps have a lifespan of 2000 hours. It disintegrates after competing in this era. One good news with this buy is that you can buy its replacement part from the lamp manufacturer. Using them, you can again enjoy your blobbing lava lamp.

Where Should You Put Your Lava lamp?

When it comes to safety, it is suggested not to place a lava lamp on a hot or very cold surface. A normal room temperature is required for its placement.

You’d get the best results from this lamp at a room temperature between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. People usually like to keep it on their bookshelf or side tables.

What are the Best Lava Lamps?

The market is packed with multiple lava lamps. Each of them states itself as the best lava lamp. Quality is comprised in a few, though. So, here we have placed our researched lava lamps that perform well and are soothing to the pair of eyes.

  1. Lava Lite 2124
  2. Lamp 2700 Lava
  3. Lamp Lava 2131

Each of these lava lamps has beautiful accents and calms you to the utmost level.


About lava lamps are a lot of questions. With these questions comes a lot of queries that we answered above under the light of facts. From are lava lamps dangerous to how long do they lava lamps last? We addressed everything.

Certain that you might have got your answers and found the best lava lamp. But, if still there’s a question in your head, mention it in the comment section.

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