Are Lava Lamps Dangerous? How Long Do They Last?

are lava lamps dangerous?

Soothing and relaxing are the two main reasons you buy lava lamps. The story sounds good until you buy them. But, there’s a lot you should know before and after buying a lava lamp-like: Are lava lamps dangerous? Overwhelming is to know that queries are in a bunch about lava lamps. And, like every popular … Read more

Can a Nightstand Lamp Be Taller Than Headboard?

Modern nightstand lamps

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DIY Lampshade – 10 Quick DIYs in 5 Minutes

DIY Lampshade

A renovated room yet the non-renovated lamp. Is that fair with your room? We know you have a limited budget and can’t, hands down to an extraordinary lamp. So, what, DIY lampshade! In today’s article, we’ll reveal the ten best ideas to makeover your old lampshade. Pick up any and get the work done within … Read more

What Size Lampshade Is Perfect For Your Lamp?

What Size Lampshade

Many of us, when get into the maze of what size lampshade I want, never come out. Do you know why? Because we are unaware of the perfect way to measure a lampshade. If that’s ever happened to you, forget about it. Look ahead to what the future hold for you that means us. Today … Read more

Types of Lampshades You Should Know Before Buying One

Types of Lampshades

Are you among those who love to handle their decor on their own? Missing teeny tiny details in the interiors knock the spirit out of your piece. Just like passing over the types of lampshades. In all these years, there has been vast diversification in categories on the basis of the material, shape, and style … Read more