Best Bedroom Ceiling Fan with Light in 2022

Are you peeking around for the best bedroom ceiling fan with light? No need to look further since you’ve landed in the right place. Below, we’ve listed multiple fans with lights that blend well in bedrooms – be it design or size.

So, why should we wait here? Let’s get started with the reviewing.

Honeywell Carmel Ceiling Fan – Best Bedroom Ceiling Fan with Light

The Honeywell Carmel ceiling fan is a nice addition for a small to medium bedroom. It has five blades which make 48 inches in width to fit on the ceiling seamlessly.

The best thing about these blades is their reversibility. Turn their face up and down to have warm airflow in winters and coolness in the summers. That said, this fan has your back covered for round the calendar.

What makes it worth having in your bedroom is its sleek design. Its bronze blades with a bowl-shaped glass case in the center make an epic combination. As stated by the manufacturer, the fan is very easy to install and quiet enough.

The inclusion of three 40 watts bulbs with the remote falls on the plus side. It allows you to master the settings of the fan from the comforts of your bed. However, you might need to have a table lamp for reading (if you are a bookworm) since it’s not bright enough.

There are three settings on which it works on. Operate it on the highest airflow or enjoy the slow breeze on a cool day. All this is done via a single press of the button. Did you know the remote also comes with a battery?

You can’t thank the manufacturer enough for this innovative built and limited lifetime warranty. Check its price and what it covers in the warranty from the button below.

  • Reversible motor
  • Absolutely chic look
  • Three-speed settings
  • Comes with a remote and its battery
  • Soft and glare-free light
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Not bright enough

“Our Take”

This ceiling fan is best to surround yourself with a cozy feeling in a small to a medium-sized bedroom. With its soft and minimal lighting, it creates a warm atmosphere.

Hunter Fan Key Biscayne Ceiling Fan with Light

Rustic bedrooms look uniform when you pair the Hunter Key Biscayne ceiling fan. It has a zinc finish with a black built and white glass in the center to house the four adjustable LED bulbs coming along.

To access the fan, the pull chain is integrated. Turn on the fan or change with speed just with a single pull. Out of the box, it also comes with two down rods of 2 and 3 inches so your hand can reach the pull chain easily. However, if you have a high ceiling home, you’d need a 12 inches long rod probably.

The five blades and 54 inches wide fan are made to fit in the large or master bedrooms. Since it’s an indoor and outdoor fan, you can hang it inside your porch or patio if you remodel your bedroom in the near future.

Spare an hour or two to assemble it if you are buying it. It takes a little more time to get it in one piece – especially if you are not a pro in this job.

Like the Hunter ceiling fan above, its blades are also reversible. So, you can have a warm ambiance and subtle airflow in every season of the year. Check out its onyx Bengal finish and price from the button below.

  • Includes 4 LED bulbs
  • Includes two types of down rod
  • Multiple speed settings and reversible blades
  • Quiet and sleek finishes
  • Tricky to assemble

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“Our Take”

This hunter ceiling fan gives a great touch to the rustic interior. A master bedroom of 225 to 400 square feet is perfect to have in since it has large blades and good airflow.

Hunter Sentinel Lighted Ceiling Fan for Bedroom

Are you still looking for a bedroom ceiling fan with light? Try the Hunter Sentinel ceiling fan to elevate the settings and have decent airflow in your room. The two sides of the blades have different hues, so you can decide which side to face down.

Not only are the blades reversible, but the motor is also reversible. That said, you can use the ceiling fan every month of the year and avoid air conditioners in the summers.

The 52 inches ceiling fan has a brushed nickel finish with a glass coating in the middle. Inside this casing, LED bulbs are integrated to give your dull and boring room a feel and become an inspiration.

You also get a remote control with this ceiling fan. Access the three speeds or dim its light using this remote. No need to get out of your bed to turn off the light once you are all set to sleep.

To top it off, the motor of the fan is easy to install and quiet. So, you can sleep well all night. To know more about its other promising colors and finishes and check their price, press the button below.

  • Quiet motor
  • Responsive remote
  • Reversible motor and blades
  • Gorgeous finishes on both sides of blades
  • Comes with an LED bulb
  • Light flickers sometimes

“Our Take”

Along with the responsive remote, the three-blade fan is praised for its chic look and clean finishes. It gives good airflow and is best for large or master bedrooms.


These were the best bedroom ceiling fan with light. When you buy it, make sure to keep in view your room’s size. A small bedroom under 144 square feet easily fits a ceiling fan under 48 inches, while a fan wider than this is made for master bedrooms.

If you ask us, Honeywell Carmel Ceiling Fan is a must-buy. This 48 inches ceiling fan has white glass housing in the center for three LED bulbs coming along and a nickel finish. To ease its operation, it comes with a remote so you can change the setting while lying on your bed.

Check out its price now, as it’s easy on the pockets.


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