Best Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote in 2022

If you believe the best ceiling fan with light and remote would cost you high bucks, give your thinking another shot. Below we have ceiling fans that look spectacular in the living spaces, come with a responsive remote, put out sufficient lighting, and are still budget-friendly.

Now you no more have to compromise on the quality of a ceiling fan. It’s as simple as it is. Let’s start this review.

Honeywell Carmel Ceiling Fan – Best Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote

For rooms of medium to large sizes, a 48 inches ceiling fan is ample. And, there’s where the Honeywell ceiling fan comes in handy. It consists of 5 elegant blades with excellent yet different finishes on both sides.

Due to its appealing look, modern and contemporary room best blend it in. Enjoy the cool surroundings in the hot months of the year and warmness in winter. This fan has reversible blades that align with the temperature in your surroundings.

There are 2 bulbs inside the frosted glass. It gives off soft and ambient lighting which doesn’t get into your eyes. However, you’d need an additional light fixture since it’s not meant to work as a primary lighting source.

Adding versatility to it, the ceiling fan has 3 speed settings and allows you to adjust the brightness of the light. All of it can be operated through the remote control it comes with.

If you prefer pin-drop silence while sleeping, nothing could satisfy you more than this ceiling fan. It is quiet and easy to install. Besides, it has a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Absolutely quiet
  • Easy to install
  • Multiple speed settings
  • Brightness adjustable
  • Reversible motor
  • Dim light

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“Our Take”

A Honeywell ceiling fan is the best to have in a medium-sized room. It has a responsive remote that controls all the settings and keeps you from jumping out of bed once you’ve laid down.

Prominence Home 80095-01 Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote

Do you want to spruce up your large rooms with a graceful ceiling fan with lights? Prominence Home 80095-01 ceiling fan is the right candidate to serve you. It has 5 blades and a chrome body that elevates modern settings like never before.

To soften the light beams, the center of the fan has frosted glass. And, the best part is that it already comes with 2 LED bulbs. It puts out 800 lumen and 3000k temperature light, which is the right amount of light to read or set your partner’s mood.

Additionally, the fan comes with remote control. It provides you with the convenience of staying in your bed and changing the brightness and speed of the fan. You also get a downrod of 4 inches in the package to help it mount easily without spending more.

Speaking about the mounting, it allows you to mount 3 ways, including close mount, downrod and angled. Make your home even smarter by pairing with Google Home and Alexa.

Since it has a reversible motor, it’s a long-term investment for round the calendar. Feel the breezy room in the summers, and turn it warm in the winters. Take note; you can also pick the speed of the fan from the 3 speeds.

Want variety in colors and finishes of a ceiling fan? Press the button below.

  • Budget-friendly pick
  • Reversible blades
  • Dual finishes and gorgeous appearance
  • Responsive remote
  • Sufficient lighting
  • Vague instructions

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“Our Take”

Prominence Home ceiling fan looks absolutely gorgeous in the large or master bedrooms. It gives sufficient air and agrees to mount on your ceiling.

Prominence Home 51468-01 Fan with Light and Remote Integrated

Here’s another candidate from Prominence Home, and let us say it’s no less than the other ceiling fans with remotes. It has 4 blades with a 44 inches width suitable for hanging on small to medium-sized rooms ceilings.

Customized for coastal and farmhouse themes, it pours a new vibe into your décor and living space. Its frosted glass in the middle hides the 2 LED bulbs coming along. And, there’s a good drop in your monthly electricity bills, thanks to these LED bulbs.

The light coming from the ceiling fan is soft and glare-free. It gives off 1400 lumens light which is more than the Prominence Home’s 52 inches ceiling fan, and the right intensity for reading and ambient lighting.

To take its versatility to the next level, the fan comes with remote control. It provides you the privilege to make changes in the brightness of the light and pick a speed from the 3 speeds it has to offer.

Make your life easier and smarter than ever with this ceiling fan. It is Google Home and Alexa compatible. However, you need to buy it separately. Use it round the year since it consists of a reversible motor that is prone to give air depending on the temperature outside.

Out of the box, it comes with a 4 inches downrod and a manual. However, installing this ceiling fan is a little tricky. Check out more on its limited lifetime warranty and price through the button below.

  • Google Home and Alexa compatible
  • Comes with a downrod for mounting
  • Clean and sleek appearance
  • LED bulbs installed
  • Tricky to install

“Our Take”

Prominence Home has an exclusive quality ceiling fan with lights. It gives off beautiful accent lighting, has a finished body and makes your room airy in summers and warm in winters.


These were the best ceiling fan with light and remote. When you buy one of them, you need to check the size of the ceiling fan, the intensity of its light, the responsiveness of the remote, and the coverage radius of the remote.

Honeywell Carmel Ceiling Fan is an honorable mention here. This ceiling fan has appealing finishes, sufficient lighting, multiple speed, and a responsive remote. It uplifts the feel of your room and makes it a bold statement.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out your favorite ceiling fan and remote’s price and order now.


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