Best Ceiling Fans with Lights in 2022

With a single mounting bracket for light and ceiling fans, deciding what you should fit in there could be difficult. However, the best ceiling fans with lights have solved this issue. You can buy a ceiling fan cherishing the complimentary light.

Let’s face it, not every ceiling fan with light will prove best for you – in terms of the breeze it gives or the aesthetics it has. The list below is apart from it and has multiple ceiling fans with lights you can choose from.

Check the fans with lights to ease your lifestyle.

Honeywell 50609-01 Xerxes Best Ceiling Fans with LightsHoneywell 50609-01 Xerxes

Are you looking for a ceiling fan that accommodates best in your living room of 340 square feet or equivalent? Honeywell 50609-01 Xerxes ceiling fan is the right pick for you. The fan is 62 inches, throwing air evenly into big spaces.

It is a remote-controlled fan, so you can sit in the comforts of your sofa and alter the speed of your fan. By the way, it has three-speed levels from which you can pick to align with the degrees of the temperature outside.

When it comes to adding nice aesthetics, the fan is no way far behind. The dark elm blades with espresso finish and frosted white glass are potent enough to spellbind your guests and add a twist to your room’s texture.

Made for modern and contemporary rooms, its blades are reversible with a rough pine finish on the other side. So, you can match the décor and feel of your room with either side of the blades.

No matter, it’s summer or winter since the fan is made to please you in every weather. It has a reversible motor that directs airflow clockwise and anticlockwise, distributing warm and cold air with regard to the temperature in your town.

Coming with the LED bulb installed, you don’t have to worry about buying one. The light is bright and feeds the room with a good feel. There are 3 ways from which you can opt for mounting it, including angled, down rod, or flush mount, depending on what’s convenient for you.

Out of the box, the ceiling fan comes with a down rod of 4 inches, saving you from the additional expenditure. Yet you might have to spend some extra bucks to get it installed with a professional since the process is challenging as well as time taking.

Having multiplied the number of blades than others, this fan is fairly quiet. It’s also available in black, white, and brushed nickel to better lift your settings. Check the other tones and finish through the button below.

  • Three options to mount
  • Comes with an LED bulb installed
  • Reversible motor and blades
  • Two-sided finishing
  • Remote controlled
  • Eye-catching built
  • Challenging and time taking installation

“Our Take”

Honeywell ceiling fan is the best ceiling fan with remote. It gives you the freedom to access your fan’s speed and light from where you are. Nice aesthetics and dramatic build are decent reasons to have it in living rooms or master bedrooms.

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Hunter Fan Company 59453 Lighted Ceiling Fan

Hunter Fan Company 59453
Give your thinking another shot if you believe options of ceiling fans with lights are less for your low ceiling home. Hunter ceiling fan breaks the myth as it descends only 10.29 inches from your ceiling and blends in your room seamlessly.

The fan is 44 inches in width, which makes it a nicer unit to have in your kitchen, laundry room, or walk-in closet. Being a 3-blade design, it provides you with a breeze that will keep you cool when you step inside the room.

Controlling the speed of the fan is possible using a remote coming along. Not only can you control speed through this remote but the brightness of the LED light. Every time you’ll press a button to change the settings, the fan will beep. Of course, that’s a good indication, but it can be annoying for some of us.

The LED light inside the white glass cover is not as bright as you might expect. Make sure you are not using this ceiling light as a primary light source. However, this 3000 k light is easy on the eyes since it’s enclosed in the glass.

Mounting it to your ceiling is not as difficult as the Honeywell ceiling fan above. It mounts close to your ceiling and allows you to reverse the blades to give you the type of air you require in the weather.

Oh, well, you can directly plug it into your wall switch. And, there are more options available for its colors and finishes. Check them out through the yellow button below.

  • Great airflow
  • Straightforward and decent design
  • Fairly quiet
  • Easy to install
  • Responsive remote control
  • Loud beeps can be annoying

“Our Take”

Adding a bold statement to your small room, this fan allows you to sit peacefully. It is a perfect option for low ceilings of 8 to 9 feet and those who want a reliable fan with a good amount of light and remote control.

Westinghouse Lighting 7205900 Alta Vista Ceiling Fan with LightWestinghouse Lighting 7205900 Alta Vista

When you have a Westinghouse ceiling fan with light, there’s nothing to worry about the quality. This ceiling fan is 52 inches, so your large rooms like the living room or bedroom between 250 square feet and 400 square feet stay well lighted and cool.

Not only cool, but you can also reverse its blades in the winters and enjoy the warm air it surrounds you with. The 3 blades are plywood, with each measuring 22.83 inches. A great airflow is what the fan promises.

Opal frosted glass in the middle of the fan comes with an LED bulb installed. Due to this glass, the light coming from the fan is diffused and doesn’t get into your eyes. It is 3000 k temperature warm white light.

Between the 4 brightness levels, the fan provides you with; you can set one aligning with your mood. You can also adjust the speed of your fan with the remote control. However, it’s not possible if you plug your fan directly into the wall switch.

Speaking of the remote, it’s imperative to point it to the right spot. While it’s a privilege that you never have to get out of your bed to rule your fan. The matte black finishes of the fan give a persona to your living space. It blends with your décor and becomes a statement piece.

Like the Hunter ceiling fan, it is also a down rod mounting fan and measures 10.83 inches from the canopy to the bottom of the fan. That said, it’s an enticing unit for your rooms.

To make the deal even more reliable, the manufacturer provides you with a lifetime warranty for the motor and two years for all other parts. Get more details on price and warranty through the button below.

  • Budget-friendly option
  • Reversible blades
  • Appealing built
  • Remote operable
  • Excellent finishes
  • Pointing the remote to the right spot is necessary

“Our Take”

With adjustable brightness and a nice vibe to it, the Westinghouse lighting fan is a bang for the bucks. For buyers on a budget, this can be a great deal, yet the variation in colors and finishes gives you a range of options to choose from.


These were the best ceiling fans with lights. When you buy them, make sure to check the size of the fan, mounting type, brightness of the light, and if the light is enclosed or exposed.

We vote for Honeywell 50609-01 Xerxes ceiling fan since it’s bright, comes with a remote and LED bulb, consists of 3 types of mounting style, reversible blades, and has clean and sleek finishes. Check out its price now if you have a master bedroom or looking for a fan for your living room.


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