Best Desk Lamp for Video Conferencing

Video calls are a significant part of a professional’s life.

Discussions never seize whether you are a freelancer or have a virtual team.

This trend of video calls has become common thanks to hybrid working in COVID-19.

Do you know that 30% of companies started video calling during this pandemic, and the trend is now continuing?

Having the best desk lamp for video conferencing has turned out necessary.

Be it group or one-to-one video calls; you should always look professional with a clear and attractive appearance on the screen.

But, no matter how appealing you dress up, the right lighting is the key to portraying your nice pursuit.

The best desk lamp for video calls puts the right amount of light on your face, make you look bright and active, and be ready to seal the deal – and that’s what you want.

So, let’s cut the chase and get started with reviewing the desk lamps below.

BenQ eReading Best Desk Lamp for Video Conferencing

If you have a large desk and backdrop to light up while video conferencing, the BenQ desk lamp is what you want. It has a big head expanding 35 inches so that you will look professional with the backdrop well lighted on video calls.

The unit offers so much flexibility, and that’s our favorite part. Its lower arm is 16 inches from the center to the base. The upper arm is 14 inches, while the base is 9 inches wide for stability. All its arms are adjustable to give you light where you want it the most.

Not only does it promises to give you angle adjustment, but you can also enjoy the hue of lighting you want. It is featured with 13 levels of color temperature and 23 brightness levels you can pick from.

Besides video conferencing, you can use it for art and crafts, reading, sewing, and everything in between. It keeps your eyes from glares and strains, so if you have weak eyesight, this lamp will prevent them from further deterioration.

Use the control knob on the head of the lamp to adjust the brightness and light level. It’s sturdy and easy to rotate. However, we have got some complaints about the position of the knob, saying it would be better to have a button on the base.

As a smartly designed unit, it has an auto-dimming mode. Press the metal ring at the back of the knob for 2 seconds to use this feature. And we’d highly recommend turning it on before you start your video calls for balanced lighting throughout the meeting.

Although the BenQ lamp is a little expensive, it is the best desk lamp for webcam. In fact, you can buy its desk clamp or floor stand if you are running short on space or prefer keeping your desk organized.

What’s more, is the long life of the LEDs. It promises to survive 17 years or 50,000 hours. This makes this aluminum lamp a top-notch and long-term investment. Check out the price of this lamp, colors, and availability on this date.

  • Looks attractive, and multiple colors are available
  • Flexible arms
  • Brightness and light color adjustment
  • Auto-dimming feature
  • Easy to operate and assemble
  • Position of the knob

Our Take

BenQ desk lamp is a versatile unit with multiple lighting and brightness options for video conferencing. After video conferencing, you can use it for tasks and reading in your leisure time. It’s quite sturdy and appealing with the built top-notch.

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Elgato Key Light Desk Clamp for Video Conferencing

At a little low cost than the BenQ desk lamp, Elgato Key Light desk lamp will give you every convenience you need for video conferencing. First of all, it is a clamping desk lamp and screws on your table to save some room and keep your desk streamlined.

Its 49 inches steel clamp holds the desk tight and is easy to mount at the back of the monitor screen. Featuring the spotlight on you, it makes your appearance on the screen crisp and professional.

Smarter than the BenQ desk lamp, it has stepless dimming and brightness adjustment. It’s ultra-bright, giving off 2800 lumens light and seamlessly illuminating the whole desk and your silhouette.

Pairing with the stream deck, you can access this lamp at your fingertips. All you need to do is select the color of light you need and the brightness level you want to pair it with, and viola…

However, this time-saving and easy setup makes connecting to Wi-Fi a prerequisite. We believe it should have a backup knob or button on the light to keep it running smoothly in case the Wi-Fi goes down. Practically speaking, you’d always have Wi-Fi when making video calls, so it’s not a deal breaker.

The amount of light it gives is good for its size. Other than meetings with your company officials, you can also record videos for your YouTube channel, live stream, or conduct online tuitions. Goes without saying that it’s a versatile unit.

To make it easy on the eyes and give a diffused light, it has an opal glass. So your eyes don’t tear, and you stay confident and attentive on video calls. Check out the price of this best table lamp for video conferencing and its availability on this date.

  • Stepless dimming
  • Pairs with stream deck
  • Clamping design save space
  • Sturdy clamp and easy to mount
  • Diffused lighting
  • Needs Wi-Fi to be lit

Our Take

Elgato is a versatile lamp, saving space on your desk and making you appear smart, bold, and confident. Its brightness adjustability and different light settings make it usable for multiple purposes.

Reliable UberLight Flex 3100TL for Video Calls

If you are looking for the best LED desk lamp for video conferencing, there you have the Reliable Uberlight Flex desk lamp. This lamp features 24 small LED lights and keeps your monthly electricity bills within your budget.

Not only does it helps you manage the budget, but it promises to live more than the BenQ and Elgato desk lamps. It has a lifetime of 60,000 hours and is a cost-effective design, so it won’t break your bank.

However, the low price keeps you from the versatility the two lamps above provide you with. It has 3 light colors paired with 3 brightness levels, making up 9 light settings. But that’s fair enough for the video calls.

Adjust the brightness and light color through the button on the head of the lamp. Behind this button, you’d find an on and off button. Our little concern with this button is that you have to press it for 3 seconds to turn the lamp off, but it’s not that big deal.

Like the Keylight desk lamp, it has a clamp with 2.12 inches mouth opening. Add in here its rubber pad on the clamp to keep your furniture from any damage. We found it easy to clamp and screw on the tables.

To make you clearly visible and your surroundings well illuminated during the video call, you can also adjust its neck. Its neck is 26.5 inches wide, allowing 270 degrees of rotation to throw light where you want.

It comes with a 72 inches USB cord and adaptor. That means you need not have a power outlet nearby. Check out the price of this lamp and its availability on this date.

  • Nine brightness settings
  • Easy to clamp and wide mouth
  • Flexible gooseneck design
  • Long cord
  • Long life LEDs
  • Cost-effective option
  • Holding the button long to turn off

Our Take

The Reliable Uberlight is a nice video conferencing lamp if you are running short on pennies and want to keep your desk free of clutters. It is perfect for professionals doing video calls besides turntable enthusiasts and audiophiles.

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Guide to Buy the Best Desk Lamp for Video Conferencing

If you want to pick one of the best desk lamp for zoom meetings or video conferencing with your clients, check out this buying guide. Here we have discussed all the pointers to help you get the perfect lamp for your needs and look smart and professional on video calls.

Lamp Type

First of all, decide the type of desk lamp you want. Do you want a clamp style or standing lamp on your desk? A clamp desk lamp helps you stay organized and your desk well attired on the video walls since it frees up space on the desk.

On the contrary, a standing desk lamp with a flexible neck gives you the opportunity to direct light straight on your face. It’s also more adjustable than the clamp-style lamps.

Light Color

The best light for a video call is natural daylight. So, if you are buying a lamp for video calls, make sure to have one in daylight or white color. It perfectly portrays your image and makes you appear professional.

Brightness Adjustment

You need to have a desk lamp with brightness adjustment for video conferencing. An adjustable brightness lamp is great to balance and blend with your overhead lighting and keeps from exaggerated illumination.

Neck Adjustment

The light should be directed straight to your face when video conferencing. And the angle of your face is different in video calls than working on paper and monitors. So, a lamp with a flexible neck will help you achieve multiple tasks.


A desk lamp comes between $50 and $300. Always make a budget to pick a better option. Remember that the premium lamps give you more options and save time connecting to smart devices. While the cheaper ones cut a few features but give decent light and primary features so you can have a smooth and bright video call.


Here we summarize today’s edit on the best desk lamp for video conferencing. If you want to look confident, clear, and professional on your video conferencing, decide the type of desk lamp, and check out the light color, brightness, and neck adjustment it has to offer.

If you ask us, the BenQ desk lamp is the finest option for video calls with your clients and carrying out online tuition. It has 23 brightness and 13 color levels, making it versatile and allowing you to use the lamp for paperwork, reading, and art and crafts. Featured with an adjustable neck, it gives you the freedom to shower the light where you want the most.

Check out its price and availability on this date and order before the appealing ones get out of stock.








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