Best Desk Lamps for Eyes Protection in 2022

Real lifesavers are the best desk lamps for eyes when you have long hours of work. Because when you are running your fingers on the keyboard for multiple hours in a row, and your eyes are constantly on the screen, times fly.

This is where our list will come in handy. We have enlisted the best desk lamps for eyes below that will keep your eyes healthy and apart from strains in the long run. Let’s check out which one is the real fit for your needs.

Best Desk Lamps for Eyes

BenQ eReading LED Desk Lamp – Most Lavish Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Unlike the vintage lamps that focus on the light alone and care a little for style, BenQ doesn’t do so. It has a modern yet stylish swing arm with a wide neck. Its curved neck showers light on a large area of the desk.

When compared for height, it is a bit taller than the genie (another lamp from the brand). The lamp promises flicker-free light. So, your eyes get no damage, and you can work for long hours on screen.

Where a majority of swing arm lamps come with a single brightness, it’s versatile. It is adjustable to multiple brightness settings. Put your hands on the knob that’s on the head, and get it done.

If silver is not your color, no worries. It has to offer blue and gold colors lamps you can choose from. From the base to the head, every part of the lamp is adjustable. Swing it up or pivot down, the light can now reach the exact area you want it most on.

  • Auto adjustable brightness
  • Lifelong LED light
  • Available in two more colors
  • One year warranty
  • Expensive

Our Take

Safe to say, it is the best desk lamp for the eyes. Innovative features of the lamp, including auto light adjustment, make it a considerable option. The flexible and the extensive neck are also the reason for its novelty.

Globe Electric 56963 – Best Desk Lamp for Eyes Overall

Being short on space limits your selection sometimes. Understanding the factor and analyzing the functioning, we have got Globe Electric’s lamp here. It is one of the best swing arms lamps with a clamp.

Coming in a compact box, the lamp does seem small, but it’s not. You can assemble it In less than 5 minutes without the need for a manual. Although stated 6 feet long, we didn’t find the cord this long.

The black metal finish lamp has nice touches to its build. In contrast, the flexible neck rotates in 360 degrees to help you have sufficient light for work. It baths a large area of the desk with its light and keeps you from strain.

Just as the entire body of the lamp, the clamp is also sturdy. It attaches to any surface pretty nice, with a width of 2 inches. No doubt, it’s super bright non-dimmable, though. Take note it doesn’t come with a bulb, so buying one falls on your part.

  • Nice and adjustable
  • Very bright
  • Durable clamp
  • Affordable
  • Short cord

Our Take

The glossy black lamp is quite appealing and blends well with the backdrops. It marks ticks in all the essential categories of features. Although cost-effective, you won’t find it less competitive than other expensive lamps.

Light Society Galvan Task Lamp – Best Wood Desk Lamps for Eyes

Getting a stylish yet contemporary lamp is everyone’s desire on this date. So, here’s one going well with the décor: Light Society lamp for eyes. The wooden lamp looks breathtaking when stationed on the table due to its fine finishes and accents.

This lamp addresses everyone’s needs very well. Not only does it gives tough competition to your home’s décor, but the desk. Its placement multiples the beauty. You can buy it f take it for dorm rooms or offices.

Coming with an LED bulb in the package, this lamp helps you keep your monthly bill fair. Its arm is adjustable from top to bottom, so you shower light exactly where you want. Take note, its on and off switch is located on the cord.

  • Nice and delicate
  • Simple to put together
  • Top-notch material
  • Certified and one year’s warranty
  • Cord is visible

Our Take

The light wood, matt white lamp is just easy to assemble. Get the screws on, and the work is done. It is truly an appealing lamp with the flexibility offered through all arms. Being pretty affordable and with sufficient light, this is one of the best desk lamps.

Globe Electric 52027 – Best Swing Arm Lamp for Kids

Paying attention to detail makes this lamp the best desk lamp. While most lamps out there don’t come with a cord of the same color as the lamp, it does. This lamp comes with a similar cord color as the lamp – more or less complimenting.

The decent color of the lamp, including mint and white, makes it usable for every age and gender. From teenage girls to kids, it will fit different rooms of your home. Just as there’s no doubt about its beauty, the same goes for its functionality.

With 18 inches in height, it’s pretty tall. However tricky to adjust. It consumes a bit of your energy and time to move. Even if its arm displaces and stretches, it falls over – especially when adjusted horizontally.

  • Available in more colors
  • Smart and decent
  • Sleek and minimal design
  • Super bright
  • Hard to adjust

Our Take

Although appealing, the lamp is not as adjustable as others. Especially if we consider the bottom part. That doesn’t move and turns out challenging. It’s best to have when you don’t displace lamps much.

Bostitch Office VLF100 – Best Swing Arm Lamp for Home Office

One flicker-free desk lamp is a Bostitch lamp. This lamp showers the right amount of light along with neck adjustability. You can move it to have a clear and visible view of everything on your desk. While it won’t get you eye strain even if used for long hours.

Sturdy and tight, its clamp is so far good. Whether attaching or detaching, the process is pretty easy and quick. All you have to do is to make the right move.

Thanks to its on/off switch that is on the top, it is easily accessible. So, shut it off instantly whenever you feel done for the day. The replaceable bulb means you can anytime change its bulb.

  • Easy access to on/off switch
  • Quality built
  • Includes bulb
  • Reasonable price and flexible
  • Non-durable

Our Take

The metal lamp comes out of the box with shade, cord, plastic mount, and bulb. It’s a fine unit when it comes to functionality. Coming with a decent amount of light, it is the best desk lamp for computer work.

Globe Electric Architect 32″ – Best Long Arm Desk Lamp

For your large desk, it is better to have a long arm desk lamp just like Globe electric. With its 32 inches length, it stretches to the best. That said, light easily reaches even at the end of your working desk.

When it comes to the on/off switch, it has simple settings. There is a button at the bottom of the lamp to make your job handy. It gives fine and bright light; however, it is in no way adjustable.

The clamp of the lamp is 2 inches wide. This indicates that it is ideal for any table or shelf. The best part is that it doesn’t scratch anything where you clamp due to the rubber padding inside. Not to mention, the lamp comes with a flexible neck.

  • Flexible neck
  • Mounts quickly
  • Wide clamp
  • Versatile design
  • Non-dimmable

Our Take

If you are up for buying this lamp, make sure to consider the voltage and type of bulb manufacturers suggest. While it’s easy to mount, it isn’t made to live for years to come. However, at this price point, it is also not a deal-breaker.

TORCHSTAR Metal Swing Arm Desk Lamp – Best Cheap Swing Arm Lamp

Be it a bedroom or dorm room, the Torchstar lamp is designed to serve every area in the best possible way. Available in three colors, including red and white, it brings color choices for you. Not to mention, it transitions a gloomy corner into appealing.

By far, it is the best desk lamp for studying, along with being easy on the pocket. What makes it a smart choice is its long cord of four feet. However, the on/off switch is on the cord, which might trouble you to find one in the dark.

Consider this lamp if you are clueless between a clamp and standing swing arm lamps. It does the job done both ways. The 18 inches wide lamp is adjustable. However, it tips over in the fully leaned position.

Transparent in the manufacturer’s verdict, the lamp requires a maximum of a 40-watt bulb. Keep that in mind, or else purchasing one with more watts may drive hassles your way.

  • Pretty heavy base
  • Long enough cord
  • Two mounting types
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Doesn’t include a bulb

Our Take

No wonder this lamp is excellent when it comes to functionality. Make it stand or clamp with screws on the desk, it will work just fine both ways. Consisting of a heavy base, there’s no way it’ll fall – until and unless you tilt it entirely.

Amazlit Desk Lamp – Best Swing Arm Desk Lamp with Clamp

No matter what your profession is, a businessman or a teacher, this lamp will sit perfectly in your shoe. With multiple brightness levels and different light settings, this lamp is one of the best desk lamps for eyes.

Although a clamp lamp, it features silicone pads. That means you won’t find any scratches wherever you clamp. Timer and memory function, which is generally rare, the lamp has it. Between 10 to 40 minutes, it gets set on any period.

Thanks to its rotatable design, it showers light straight on the subject. It gets you 180-degree rotation from the base to the neck. So, one that moves during work is the lamp and not you.

The innovative lamp features a touch sensor. Pressing the power button for an extended period adjusts the brightness level. At the same time, you can change the color with the second button at the top.

  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Different brightness level
  • Memory function and timer
  • Certified lamp
  • Only two buttons control the entire settings

Our Take

Reading, sewing, or homework, this lamp gives sufficient light for almost every chore. The adjustable light and flexible neck need to be credited for it. If you sleep while working, this is the best choice you can have as it possesses a timer.

Guide to Buy the Best Desk Lamps for Eyes

Are you ready to bet your buck on a new product just after having its reviews? If yes, you might need to give your thinking another shot. Buying a lamp for eyes asks for knowing details and the in-depth ins and outs of the best desk lamps for eyes.

Type of Lamp

The market has a variety of desk lamps. A few have a gooseneck, while others consist of swing arms. Choose before what type of desk lamp you require.

Then there comes another category of clamping and standing lamps. In this case, the best is to check the space on your desk. If one has sufficient area, get a standing lamp. If not, clamping lamps are best to get the job done.

Light Color

If you have noticed, light has different colors. Bedrooms usually demand warm color lamps for creating a cozy environment, while desks with screens or sewing tables require white light to guess the right color of thread.

Check the light color of your desk lamp. It should be somewhere between 4000 and 6000k temperature. These temperatures give off white light.


When searching for a desk lamp for your eyes, look if it’s brightness adjustable. The adjustment with light’s intensity eases your eyes and keeps them from strain. This way, you can set it with regards to your surroundings and need.


While you order a swing arm lamp, stay sure of its flexibility. 360-degree rotating lamps are the best desk lamps for eyes. There’s also no harm if one has 180 degrees, though. Know that the more the lamp will be flexible, the more you’ll have convenience.

Length of Cord

Possibilities are that your lamp might be away from an outlet. That is where a long cord comes in handy. Whenever buying a desk lamp, check the length of the cord. As an estimation, the best desk lamp always prevails with a cord of 6 feet/182 cm.


From $200 to $20, the price of each desk lamp in the market varies. A few extra amenities and brand name is behind the expensiveness, in some cases. So, if you are tight on budget, there’s no harm in getting an affordable lamp.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best desk lamps for eyes on a budget?

Globe Electric 56963 is the best desk lamp for eye. It is featured with 360 degrees of adjustability and decent brightness. So, you can get your work done easily. As a clamping lamp, it saves a lot of space on your desk while getting you flicker-free lighting. Fortunately, all this is attainable with a few bucks.

How do swing arm desk lamps work?

Swingarm desk lamps consist of an adjustable body – specifically speaking, arms. These arms displace in numerous directions. Vertical and horizontal, both types of adjustments are accessible with these types of lamps.

Where can I place desk lamps for eyes?

The best places to station a desk lamp for eyes is your office or home office. These lamps are designed to make your life easier by offering convenience. Made for keeping your eyes safe; they shower light exactly where you want.


Desk lamps for eyes are the true models of style and convenience. Offering a good amount of light, these lamps aid us in different chores, including sewing or reading. Listed above are the best desk lamps for eyes so that you can pick anyone.

Hey, we would love to listen to the type of desk lamps for eyes you prefer and have chosen. So, comment down and let us know.



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