7 Best Floor Lamp for Nursery & its Buying Guide

Overhead lighting gets in your little one’s eye, and you don’t want that, right?

Well, we agree with you and so have composed this article on the best floor lamp for nursery.

Nursery floor lamps are the best way to create a relaxing ambiance and keep your baby sleeping for long hours.

In fact, they are versatile and create warmth.

We have selected these floor lamps on the basis of their functionality and appearance.

After all, it’s your baby’s room, and it should have a tidy and appealing silhouette.

Okay, so let’s get started with reviewing these lamps.

Forget not to check the buying guide below to suit your lifestyle and baby’s nursery the best.

Top 5 Best Floor Lamp for Nursery

Product Name 



What Makes it Unique? 

Adesso 4249-21 Bowery Arc Lamp

‎22.4 pounds

‎48 x 11 x 73.5 inches

  • Adjustable arm 

  • Heavy marble base

  • Smart outlet compatible

Maxax Floor Lamp

‎12.36 pounds

‎16 x 16 x 65 inches

  • Minimal design 

  • Two small trays

  • Brightness adjustable 

Henn&Hart FL0159 Simone Floor Lamp

‎12.57 pounds

17 x 17 x 61.5 inches

  • Budget friendly 

  • Beautiful gold accents 

  • French lampshade 

Kenroy Home 32613ORB Birdsong Floor Lamp

‎10.12 pounds

‎13.5 x 21 x 60 inches

  • Adjustable swing arm 

  • Dimmable 

  • Heavy weight


‎11.44 pounds

‎15 x 59.5 x 15 inches

  • Comes with an LED bulb 

  • Smart outlet compatible

  • Footswitch

Adesso 4249-21 Bowery Arc Lamp – Best Floor Lamp for Nursery Overall

Adesso 4249-21 Bowery Arc Lamp

If you are looking forward to having a nursery floor lamp that is heavy, so your baby doesn’t budge it, get Adesso 4249-21 Bowery Arc Lamp. It is a heavyweight lamp of 22 pounds. Half of this weight is directed to the base that holds the suspended arm.

With a height of 73 inches, you can use it as a solo lighting source if your ceiling height is low. Its base is 11 inches in diameter and 2 inches thick, so you can slide it under your furniture piece, making the room baby proof.

It comes with colors that blend easily in the nursery. The base of the lamp is made of marble, which adds stunning textures to the lamp. While the shade is off-white with 13.75 inches in width, which softens the light, so it doesn’t get into your baby’s eye.

Finding the on and off button on the lamp when the baby’s crying in the crib is overwhelming sometimes. That’s why Adesso has designed it with a simple on and off four-way rotary button located on the pole where you can get your hands on it quickly and easily.

In fact, it is a smart outlet-compatible lamp. So, you can just ask Alexa to turn the light on and off on your behalf while you breastfeed your baby. However, it took us 25 minutes to assemble it, and the process was a bit challenging. This nursery lamp came with multiple tiny screws, and we got it together.

What’s more, is the adjustability of the arm. You can adjust it a bit to have the light where you want it the most. One thing to know is that it doesn’t include a bulb, and buying one falls on your part.

Check out its price and availability on this date.

  • Simple operation
  • Heavy marble base
  • Tall and appealing
  • Flexible arms
  • Smart appearance
  • Tricky to assemble

“Our Take”

Everything about this lamp makes it perfect for the nursery. It has lighter tones and comes with a simple on and off button, while the arm is adjustable. Get it if you have a high-ceiling room, and it’s going to be for your little girl.

Maxax Floor Lamp  – Best Tripod Lamp for Nursery

Tripod floor lamps make a bold statement in the nursery, and you’d agree to it. And Maxax Floor Lamp is one of the best floor lamps for nurseries in the tripod floor lamps. It has a slip-free material with black legs and two wooden shelves where you can station your baby’s toys or animals.

The shelf on the top is 10 inches, while the one at the bottom is 13.75 inches. Compared to other tripod lamps, the minimalist design consumes less space in the baby’s room, so there’s good room for a crib, chair, and playmat.

Featured with three brightness, it is the best dimmable floor lamp for nursery. Turn it on the brightest settings when changing your baby’s diaper and dim the light to the lowest setting to make him comfortable for sleeping.

On top of the three-legged unit is an oatmeal fabric shade. It diffuses the light beam coming from the bulb, so the environment in your baby’s room stays warm while the silhouette is beautiful.

Having a height of 65 inches and a weight of 12.36 pounds, it is stable enough. It is a safe unit for the nursery, having the largest cord of 95 inches. So, you can put the floor lamp behind any piece of furniture and apart from your baby’s reach.

Worth mentioning here is that it consists of a foot switch. While the lamp is compatible with a range of bulbs, including CFL, incandescent, and LED so, you can pick one that fits your needs and style.

Check out its price and availability on this date.

  • Stylish yet sturdy
  • Consumes less space
  • Brightness adjustable
  • Extra large cord 
  • Exposed shelves

“Our Take”

Attention to detail makes it a remarkable floor lamp for the nursery. Its cord is extra long while it consumes very little space in the baby’s room where even an inch matters. It goes well with the baby’s room decor and has a clean design.

Henn&Hart FL0159 Simone Floor Lamp – Best Floor Lamp for Nursery with Long Cord

Henn&Hart FL0159 Simone Floor Lamp

Keep your worries about your baby’s safety aside and bring the Henn&Hart floor lamp home. It comes with an extra long 8 feet cord. Thanks to this cord, you can position the lamp far apart from your baby’s reach and still be able to connect it to the outlet.

The base of the lamp is 11 inches wide, while its height is 61.5 inches. It is a good choice for nurseries with standard and low room ceilings. At 12.57 pounds, it has enough weight to its base to make it stand tall against budges.

Made out of metal, it consists of a gold-accented base with a touch of black on the pole. The contrasting colors of the lamp look stunning in the nursery, just like you see nursery floor lamps on Pinterest. However, it also comes in black and silver, so you have colors to choose from.

Coming with a bright white French lampshade, it gives off a soft light that helps your baby to sleep peacefully and create warmth. However, the two bulbs inside the lampshade put out sufficient for changing your baby’s diaper or reading a book sitting next to his crib.

Do you know what the best part about this lamp is? It is budget-friendly but appears more expensive than its counterparts. We got a lot of compliments on this nursery lamp and inquiries about where it is from.

Check out its price and availability on this date. 

  • Long cord
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Bright enough
  • Compatible with multiple types of bulb
  • Doesn’t come with the bulb

“Our Take”

Compatible with multiple bulb types, the lamp allows you to select one of your kind. Besides, it’s fascinating and has exclusive features. The good height and heavyweight make it a safe choice for a baby’s nursery.

Kenroy Home 32613ORB Birdsong Floor Lamp – Most Versatile Floor Lamp for Nursery

Equivalent to the height of the Henn & Hart floor lamp, Kenroy Home Lamp is a good option for nurseries with low ceilings. It is a bronze floor lamp of 60 inches in height and 10.12 pounds in weight, which makes the base sturdy and keeps the lamp from moving when your crawling baby tries to.

It’s a traditional floor lamp with fine leaves having 3 finishes and a bird sitting on top. Due to this build, the lamp gives spirited vibes in the nursery. Babies love having it around, and so do we. Sitting on the socket is a tan shade, which radiates a diffused light.

This floor lamp comes with an adjustable swing arm within 21 inches which allows you to adjust it to a position where you want light the most, be it on changing table or reading chair.

As stated by the manufacturer about gold accents, we did not find it. However, the lamp was easy to put together and exclusive addition to the nursery.

Know that the lamp is dimmable in 3 steps so you can manage the lighting in your baby’s room according to his activities. Besides the top-notch features, the manufacturer has added one year warranty. Check out its price and availability on this date.

  • Tall and sleek design
  • Available in table lamps size to pair
  • Adjustable lighting and arm
  • One year warranty
  • Have no gold accents as stated

“Our Take”

Featured with bronze shades and a bird that reminds nature, the lamp is a perfect addition to nurseries. It has a nice weight to its base while having an adjustable arm and light tones. Overall, it’s easy to operate and good for the price.

JONATHAN Y JYL2028A – Best Crystal Floor Lamp for Nursery


With a baby to take care of, your hands are mostly occupied. In that regard, this Jonathan lamp is the perfect solution to have in your baby’s nursery. It’s Alexa and Philips Hues compatible, so you can just pair it with Alexa, give her voice commands, and turn on and off your lamp easily.

The gorgeous chrome lamp with white drum shade blends seemingly well in the kid’s room. It has nice tones with four crystals on the neck. Turns out it’s an appealing piece for a baby’s nursery.

Tall with a height of 59.5 inches, it is made to fit under both high and low ceilings. While the weight of 11.44 pounds makes it one of the safest units to have around naughty kids and pets. It comes very well packaged inside the foam and is very easy to put together – the easiest one, we would say.

Additionally, it comes with an LED bulb that promises to live for 25,000 hours or 10 years in a row. You’ll also notice a significant drop in electricity bills since LEDs don’t consume a lot of electricity. That said, it’s a good investment for the long term.

There’s a foot switch on the cord so you can handle the baby and switch the lamp on and off all at once. What we love about it the most is the braided cord that catches attention and compliments the decor at the same time.

Check out its price and availability on this date.

  • Fine crystal look
  • Sturdy and tall
  • Puts out soft light
  • Comes with a long-life LED bulb
  • Baby might catch the footswitch

“Our Take”

Where the inclusion of a footswitch is the biggest advantage, it could be a threat to your crawling baby. Other than that, it is a stealing deal and gets your nursery the feel you have imagined and always desired of.

Decor Therapy PL3734 Floor lamp – Best Budget-Friendly Floor Lamp for Nursery

Decor Therapy PL3734 Floor lamp

Décor Therapy lamp not only comes in gray but white and black, so you can pick one that goes with your baby’s room theme.

Of all the floor lamps here, it has the least height. It measures 54 inches from the ground to the top, suitable for rooms with low ceilings. The wood-accented lamp has a white drum shade that radiates soft light, safe for the little eyes in the nursery.

It is pretty easy to assemble, and you can get the job done in 8 to 10 minutes. Out to the box, all you need to do is screw the pole sections together and put the shade on. However, make sure to buy a 3-way bulb of 150 watts maximum as it doesn’t include one.

‎Having a weight of 16.72 pounds, the base is sturdier than you might think. It stands tall in the carpeted nurseries as well. Being easy on the pockets, it allows you to buy a pair at the price one floor lamp comes. Check out its price and availability on this date.

  • Reasonable
  • Sturdy and heavy base
  • Available in two other colors
  • Easy to assemble
  • Tightening the bottom piece requires energy and time

“Our Take”

The traditional lamp by Décor Therapy brings the entire nursery room into illumination. It protects the baby’s eyes by producing flicker-free and soft lighting while reasonably priced.

Simple Designs Home LF1014-GRY – Best Space Saving Floor Lamp for Nursery

Simple Designs Home LF1014-GRY

If you are running short on space in the nursery, buy this white nursery floor lamp by Simple Design Home. It is a combo of floor lamps and shelves and consumes little space in the rooms.

It has three exposed shelves. Each of its shelves is 10 x 10 inches, where you can place small toys or décor items in your baby’s room. The linen shade gets the credit for diffusing the light and keeping your baby’s eye from strains. It is 62.75 inches tall and blends seamlessly well in a corner.

Featured with a beautiful pull chain, it’s easy to turn on and off. While the visible cord that comes from the top is something, we don’t really appreciate. However, you can hide it to tie the lamp’s look.

About the price, it’s the cheapest unit here. However, it’s not the sturdiest lamp being 9.84 pounds. But, you can manage the stability by placing heavy objects on the bottom.

The best part of having this nursery lamp is that there are a lot of colors to choose from. So, you can pick black, pink, navy, or anything in between for your baby boy or girl’s room.

Check out its price and availability on this date. 

  • Available in six more colors
  • Shelves for storage
  • Pull chain design
  • Soft and diffused light
  • Cheap priced
  • Not very sturdy
  • Not so bright

“Our Take”

If you are running low on space and bucks and want a nursery lamp with average brightness, this is your perfect option. It also comes in six more colors that you can choose from.

Guide to Buy the Best Floor Lamp for Nursery

If you really want the best floor lamp for baby nursery, read this section. Here we have the primary pointers that will steer you to buying an outstanding nursery floor lamp.

Guide to Buy the Best Floor Lamp for Nursery


The most important thing to check when buying a nursery floor lamp is the weight. It’s the weight that keeps your floor lamps standing tall. So, your nursery floor lamp should be heavy enough to prevent budging if your little one tries.

Ideally, the floor lamps of 10 pounds and more are stable. However, the figure differs from the difference in type of floor lamp.

Types of Floor Lamp

There are some tripod floor lamps and a few lamps with shelves. So, what you need to be certain of before buying the nursery floor lamp is the type you want. Tripod floor lamps require additional space than others.

Floor lamps with shelves are good for small rooms with low ceilings. An arc floor lamp is also one of the best lamps for the nursery but demands space in the room.


Buy a floor lamp with shade. Lamps without shade, like Torchiere floor lamps, might get into your baby’s eye. One should put out soft and flicker-free light that’s easy on your baby’s eye.


Try to have a lamp that offers adjustability. Have a floor lamp with an adjustable arm or neck as you can move it easily. This adjustment is fruitful when your baby is sleeping or when you are reading beside the crib.


Nurseries are the nests of your baby. It should look decent and give the feel. In that regard, colors play the most important role. Get your hands on the floor lamp that matches your nursery’s color scheme.


It’s imperative that the cord of your floor lamp for nursery is long. With a long cord, you can place the lamp behind the furniture where it‘ll be out of reach of your baby. And the cord will still reach the outlet.

One pro tip is to check the button placement on the nursery floor lamp. The simple on and off button helps you operate the lamp quickly, while the footswitch might not be a good option if you are about to place it behind the furniture.


These were the best floor lamp for nursery. When you buy one, make sure to have one with shade, adjustability, long cord, heavy base, and most importantly, heavyweight.

Our vote here is for Adesso 4249-21 Bowery Arc Lamp for its absolute finishes, simple on and off button, and decent light that creates a warm atmosphere and a long cord. The lamp also looks stunning, with the arm adjustable.

Check out its price and availability on this date.

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  1. I’m in the 32nd week of my pregnancy and modeling my first baby’s nursery. So excited to get a floor lamp for it. However, I was puzzled about the type of floor lamp I should have. My thought was to buy a torchiere floor lamp for the nursery. As you’ve mentioned shipping a lamp with shade to keep baby’s eyes safe from direct lighting (which by the way is rarely mentioned on other blogs), now I am giving a thought to it. So, please tell me if I can buy a torchiere floor lamp? Let me mention, that I will face it upward so it will not get into the baby’s eye. Also, suggest to me a torchiere floor lamp that I can put in the nursery?

    • Besides getting into the baby’s eye, torchiere floor lamps are not given a thought to place in nursery floor lamps as their aesthetics don’t really align with the nursery’s feel. However, if you still wish to have a torchiere floor lamp, we’d suggest going for: https://amzn.to/3NxirIo
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