Best Floor Lamps for Carpet Flooring

With exclusive comfort and style, carpeted floors make your home look luxurious.

But what about further layering and décor you plan to put on this carpet? Like a floor lamp.

You’d certainly have heard that floor lamp tip over the carpet, and we’d agree.

Not every floor lamp stands tall on the carpet, and that’s why today we are here with the best floor lamps for carpet.

We also have an ultimate guide to help you buy carpet floor lamps.

Keep going and pick a floor lamp that sits perfectly in your shoe.

Decor Therapy PL4379 Floor Lamp – Best Floor Lamps for Carpet

‎Décor Therapy PL4379 floor Lamp needs to be your first choice if you are looking for a gorgeous rustic floor lamp to compliment your décor. It has a fine paint job on the base and is made out of resin wood which ties the appearance of the lamp.

There is a white drum shade for topping. The lamp measures 61.25 inches from the bottom of the base to the top of the shade, which is a good height for a tall and low ceiling home without multiple other light sources.

Buy the light bulb separately as one doesn’t come along. However, make sure to have one of less than 150 watts. Thanks to the 3 ways switch, you get the freedom to change the brightness level and use the light for reading as well as entertainment.

At 16.61 pounds and a square base with 16 inches in length and 16 inches in width, the floor lamp stands tall on the carpet. So, you don’t have to worry about tipping over if you have a team of naughty little munchkins in the home.

One of its drawbacks is the assembly. While it’s not that complicated, you need to pay attention when screwing one piece into another. It has a clear cord coming from the base, and the reasonable price is what compelled us to go for it.

More colors for this floor lamp are also offered. So, check out its price, other colors, and availability now.

  • Eye-catching design
  • Wide base and heavy design
  • Stand budges
  • Easy assembly
  • 3-way switch
  • Fitting the sections together is a challenge

Our Take

Décor Therapy’s floor lamp is a sturdy lamp with excellent finishing on the base and pole. It looks eye-catching in the living and bedrooms. Only unpack it when you are up for assembling since it has many tiny pieces to screw together.

Henn&Hart FL0014 Floor Lamp

‎No lamp can get you a nice feel other than the Henn&Hart floor lamp if you prefer clear glass shade. This floor lamp has a metallic body with black accents that blend well in the modern living and bedroom.

We believe a pair of these floor lamps make your bedroom look impeccable. While a single floor lamp is sufficient to draw the attention of visitors to the living room. It weighs 11.9 pounds which is fair enough for its build and makes it stand tall on carpets.

Besides, it has a 1 x 11.75 x 9 inches base giving rise to the cord. Although the cord is 8 feet long and allows you to position the lamp anywhere, it has a foot switch. Ultimately, you’d need to be vigilant when deciding the position of your lamp.

What made us satisfied with this lamp is the seeded glass. It is handmade and beautifully carved in a cylindrical shape. Being the tallest and most stable unit here, it is 67.75 inches from the bottom of the base to the top of the shade.

Apparently, it’s not brighter than the other floor lamps and functions as an ambient or accent light. It is rated for a 100 watts maximum incandescent or 9 watts LED bulb. So, you get a choice to pick a bulb to fit your bill and style.

Cheaper than Décor Therapy but costs more than Globe Electric floor lamp; it is a stealing deal. And the cherry on top is the range of colors it comes in. Check out its other colors, price, and availability now.

  • Weighted base
  • Hand-carved seeded glass
  • Uses multiple types of bulbs
  • Cheaper option
  • Long cord
  • On and off button on the cord
  • Not bright for tasks

Our Take

Henn&Hart has made this floor lamp with a good balance and weight to the base. It is very sturdy on carpets, while the seeded glass adds a twist to its beauty and gives a vintage feel. Pairing it with an Edison bulb is the best thing to make it even more appealing.

Globe Electric 67515 Carpet Floor Lamp

Having a gold accented and brass finish lamp at a cheaper price point is now possible thanks to Globe Electric 67515 floor lamp. The floor lamp is a combination of functionality and beauty.

We call it a functional lamp for the adjustment it has to offer. It comes with two cylindrical and adjustable heads so you can face the lights up and down where you want them the most. Keep in mind that the heads don’t move side by side.

If you want to level up the feel of your living room or task room, you might not find a better and more reasonable option than this.

Pair it with incandescent, halogen, or LED bulbs as it is compatible with all of them. It gives off a good amount of light and is the best unit you can use for cross stitching, crafting, or sewing.

From the bottom to the top, it measures 61 inches, equal to the height of the Décor Therapy floor lamp. This height may appear short with the globes pointing down.

Like the Henn&Hart floor lamp, it has a foot switch. Be careful when positioning the lamp so it stays easier to turn it on and off. However, its 5 feet cord is shorter than what we got with the Henn&Hart floor lamp.

Another similarity with the Henn&Hart lamp is the 11.44 pounds weight and sturdy base. This weight balances the floor lamp and makes it stagnant on the carpeted floor. Check out its price and availability from the button below.

  • Great price
  • Sturdy and easy to assemble
  • Gives off great light
  • Stylish and sturdy
  • Heads don’t move sideways

Our Take

Have the Globe Electric floor lamp for a modern feel with the functionality complimentary. It is a statement piece with and timeless addition to the carpeted rooms. Beating its price point is not that easy.

Adesso 6237-02 Oslo Floor Lamp for Carpeted Floor

Adesso Oslo floor lamp is the best candidate for a modern and stylish look. Unlike the other floor lamps, it comes with a Japanese rice paper shade with beautifully patterned stripes on it.

Worry not like us as the stripes will be visible with the lamp lighted. Its base of 12.5 inches in diameter with a tulip style matte white finish is a unique addition. So, you’d never want to slide it under your sofa or chair since it compliments the build.

At 16 pounds, its weight and sturdiness are the same as that of the Décor Therapy floor lamp. However, it’s smart than other lamps here, allowing you to sync it with the smart home setup.

As a scratch and corrosion-resistant lamp, it is an investment for long years to come. It brings a nice feel to your living space and elevates your décor like never before.

What we believe is necessary to highlight is the on and off rotary switch. This small switch is very close to where the hardback drum shade sits. So, turning the lamp on and off is a little inconvenient.

Coming from under the base, it has a clear cord. It is 60 inches tall from the ground and a fine option in a carpeted bedroom and living room. For more details on its price and availability, press the button below.

  • Smart outlet compatible design
  • Wide and balanced base
  • Statement piece in living spaces
  • Scratch and corrosion resistant
  • Turning the lamp on and off is not easy

Our Take

The white Adesso Oslo floor lamp is a versatile design, allowing you to connect the lamp to the smart outlet in your home. It is a stunning design with details on the shade to lift its beauty. Above all, it is incredibly stable on the carpet.

Guide to Buy the Best Floor Lamps for Carpet

Making floor lamps stand tall on carpets is tricky. Better go for this guide that will tell you how to pick the best floor lamps for carpet. So, you don’t have to apply techniques to keep it from tipping over.


One of the reasons a few floor lamps stand tall on the carpeted flooring is the weight they have. This weight keeps them from budging and the tricks your naughty kids play on the décor items you have in the home.

Compare the weight of one floor lamp to another for better understanding. However, make sure the two are of the same type. Pharmacy floor lamp with another pharmacy floor lamp, for instance.


Along with weight, a tall height or pole brings stability to a floor lamp. All you need to search for is a floor lamp with a good height of more than 55 inches. This height should align with the height of your ceiling and lighting needs, though.

Base Width

Since the weight of the floor lamp goes to the base, its width matters. Check out how wide the base of your floor lamp is, and inspect its shape. This factor also constitutes the stability of a floor lamp.

Lamp Type

There are different types of floor lamps, and a few types are more stable than the others. Tripod, traditional, and pharmacy are the kinds that will stand tall on the carpet mostly.

On the contrary, it’s vigilant to avoid floor lamps with suspending arms like arc floor lamps. In case you prefer an arc floor lamp for your living space, it must have a good weight to the base and a tall height.


While it’s unnecessary, being cautious with the bulb type of a floor lamp is a careful move. Choose a floor lamp with an LED bulb. LED bulbs are low fire hazards, so your room will be safe if your floor lamp tips over accidentally.


These were the best floor lamps for carpet. If you want to buy one, check out the weight and height of your floor lamp, lamp type, base width, and floor lamp height. All these factors contribute to making a floor lamp stable on the carpet.

In our opinion, the Decor Therapy PL4379 floor lamp is the most reliable option here. It comes at a reasonable price, is stable on the carpet with tall height and good weight to the base, and has a decent appearance.

Check out the range of colors it comes in, the price, and its availability now.



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