7 Best Floor Lamps for Dark Room To Go For

Walking to the washroom or marching to the kitchen turns out difficult in the dark rooms at night. That’s why having near the best floor lamps for dark room is always a good choice.

The floor lamps in the list below conform to the requirement of a dark room. Some of them are made to fit in small rooms while others blend so well in large dark rooms. We know that the ceiling height of one house differs from the other. So, we have also mentioned dark room floor lamps for high and low ceilings.

And, we know that you’d most appreciate the multi-tasking like needlework, and reading with the light in the dark room, so most of these floor lamps are multi-functional.

Wondering about the modern accents that a floor lamp brings? Rest assured, they also add nice aesthetics to a dark room.

So, let’s get straight to the lamps we have here.

7 Best Floor Lamps for Dark Room

Product Name



Best Room to Position 

Adesso 4238-26 Trinity Arc Floor Lamp

28.9 pounds

43 x 44 x 81.8 inches

Living room and bedroom

Henn&Hart Traditional Metal Floor Lamp

19.4 pounds

13 x 38 x 70 inches

Living room

Versanora VN-L00013

25.4 pounds

11.81 x 43.3 x 31.5 inches

Living room

Simple Designs Home LF1014-TAN

9.48 pounds

10.2 x 10.2 x 62.75 inches

Living room, bedroom, and nursery


19.14 pounds

15 x 15 x 70 inches

Living room,  bedroom, and nursery

Decor Therapy Chloe Pharmacy Floor Lamp

9.78 pounds

14.57 x 7.8 x 56 inches

Sewing room, and guest room

Daylight Company LLC floor Lamp

9.35 Pounds

2.6 x 12 x 31 inches

Sewing room

Adesso 4238-26 Trinity Arc Floor Lamp

Adesso 4238-26 Trinity Arc Floor Lamp

If your room is 8 to 10 feet high and large, the Adesso Trinity floor lamp is the best floor lamp to have. It is 81.89 inches tall, followed by the lamp’s arc and three shades. Each shade of the lamp is beige and cast off smooth light, which is perfect to set the mood in bedrooms or living rooms.

One of the best things about the three arcs is the adjustability. To get the most light through it, you can move them sideways, which makes it a good option for a sectional couch or reading under the light.

Make sure you buy three bulbs along when shipping this lamp as it isn’t included in the package. It uses an incandescent bulb of 100 watts or 13 watt CFL bulb.

It has a wide base of 12.5 inches with a total weight of 28.9 pounds. Safe to say after this that the lamp is stable enough and a good option to have in homes with kids.

On the pole of the lamp is a button for adjusting the number of bulbs you want to light. The first click, turn on one bulb. The second click makes two bulbs glow, while with the third click, you get all three bulbs lighting. Notice that you cannot pick which bulb to turn on at the moment.

About the cord, it is 48 inches, and the manufacturer claims it to be clear. However, we find it black, and setting it up needs attention. Overall the lamp is fair for the price. You can check it through the button below.

  • Fine accents and elegant
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Large cord
  • Bright enough
  • Doesn’t include bulbs
  • You cannot pick which bulb to turn on

“Our Take”

The lamp is sturdy, stable, and versatile enough, coming at a reliable price.

Best Themes to Compliment it: Rustic, farmhouse

Best Type of Room: Living room and bedroom

Best Place to Position: Behind the sectional couch

Henn&Hart Traditional Metal Floor Lamp

Not necessarily, you want the bright floor lamps for alone dark rooms but for the dark library corners. If that’s your case, the Henn&Hart lamp is surely going to satisfy your needs.

This lamp has an absolutely unique design, consisting of three pulleys. These three pulleys are the support system and allow you to adjust the lamp height. Once assembled, it is 70 inches tall, but you can make adjustments through the screwdriver.

Note here that the lamp is not entirely black and is bronzed black. And, if this one doesn’t go well with your décor, you can pick from the steel and bronze. Having a weight of 19.4 pounds, the unit becomes completely stable.

Made out of metal, the body of the lamp, including the pole, remains the same for long years to come. While the hard plastic pulleys add charm to it. Not only can you use it with incandescent but with the Edison LED bulb to make it a focal point.

As of the same color, the on/off switch on top of the lampshade doesn’t pop up. However, the cord is 8 feet, which allows you to position your lamp wherever you want and not only near the outlet.

  • Comes in three colors
  • Heavy base and unique design
  • Completely adjustable
  • Usable with multiple types of bulb
  • Adjusting pulley requires a screwdriver

“Our Take”

The uniqueness and task lighting of the lamp makes it worthy enough.

Best Themes to Compliment it: Eclectic, industrial, country, farmhouse

Best Type of Room: Living room

Best Place to Position: Reading chair, library corner

Versanora VN-L00013 – Best Floor Lamp for Dark Living Room

Versanora VN-L00013

For Veranora floor lamp, it’s so very clear that you’d need a good space in your room. Plus, make sure your ceiling is high at 7 feet at least. It is 66.9 inches tall with a marble base that keeps the spirits of the lamp.

The base of the lamp gives rise to the bell-shaped shade. It looks more like a pendant light and works best for tasking. For instance, if you want to read a book or just want to tuck buttons in the shirt.

Neither the height of the shade nor the brightness of the lamp is adjustable. However, it’s bright enough that you can carry out your chores easily.

Other than matte black, the lamp also comes in four other colors, including rose gold, gold, and silver. That said, you will not miss out on this option just because the color doesn’t blend with your décor.

With it, you need to buy a 50 watts bulb as one doesn’t come along. This lamp is one of the major pluses if you have back problems. It is integrated with a footswitch, so you don’t have to bend your back to turn it on or off.

  • Tall and versatile
  • Comes in three more colors
  • Easy assembly
  • Heavy base
  • Non-adjustable brightness

“Our Take”

This arc lamp is an absolute choice for large and wide rooms.

Best Themes to Compliment it: Mid-Century, Modern

Best Type of Room: Living room

Best Place to Position: Behind the sectional couch

Simple Designs Home LF1014-TAN Floor Lamp

Simple Designs Home LF1014-TAN

Even though you are searching for the best floor lamp for dark rooms, you might be short on pennies. In that regard, Simple Design Home Lamp could be one of your best choices. It is a cost-effective option with a one-year warranty, which you can confirm through the button below.

Thanks to the three-shelve design, the lamp does save space in your room. Each of its shelves measures 10.2 x 10.2 inches. Turns out, it is the best space to showcase your small décor items including vases, or photo frames.

The lamp is made of wood, and the shade is of fabric. Due to this white fabric shade, the radiated light is soft, creating a warm atmosphere, enlighting everything in the room, and keeping your eyes from fatigue.

No new, these types of lamps are not very stable, and the case is no different for it. So, make sure you place something heavy to prevent it from budging. The height of the lamp is 62.75 inches which makes it a good choice for a small and low ceiling room.

Alone the drawback of the unit is assembling. It’s quite challenging with the double screws coming along. On the contrary, you can count on the number of colorful options you get to match the vibes of your room and furniture with this lamp.

  • Beautiful pull chain
  • Multiple color choice
  • Soft, glare-free light
  • Shelves for display
  • Works with smart bulbs
  • Lightweight
  • Assembly is challenging

“Our Take”

As a lamp and table combo, it’s the best way to save space in your crowded room.

Best Themes to Compliment it: Contemporary

Best Type of Room: Living room, bedroom, nursery

Best Place to Position: Besides the sofa, bed, and TV

JONATHAN Y JYL8003A Floor Lamp for Dark Room


Tiffany lamp will never go out of the trend list. If you think the same and are a die-hard fan of antiques, this Jonathan lamp will surely hit you differently. It is a tiffany-style floor lamp with peach, brown, red, and pink accents.

It is a tall lamp with 70 inches that best fits the high ceiling – probably one of 8 feet and more. Besides, the unit comes with an LED bulb included. A big relief is that you need not rush to make another buy.

Beautiful accents and bright light are what it brings to your room. It’s absolutely bright but non-adjustable. One solution to this is the addition of dimmer and Alexa so even don’t have to get up just to make a few changes in the lighting.

Coming with a solid and sturdy base and a weight of 19.14 pounds, it’s no threat in a house full of children. Let them try their trick because it won’t displace. Remember here that it has a footswitch, so you might need to place it wisely.

To maintain the beauty of this conversation piece, the manufacturer has installed a silk-wrapped cord on it. Even if this cord pops out, there is no harm to the beauty.

  • Extremely gorgeous
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Heavy base
  • Includes LED bulb
  • Footswitch is difficult to access

“Our Take”

This “Made in New York” lamp is best to enlighten the big rooms.

Best Themes to Compliment it: Traditional

Best Type of Room: Living room, nursery, and bedroom

Best Place to Position: Besides the mantle

Decor Therapy Chloe Pharmacy Floor Lamp

Decor Therapy Chloe Pharmacy Floor Lamp

Being short on bucks is really not an issue – especially if you are finding the lamp for a dark room. This lamp by Décor Therapy is the right option for your situation. To know more about price and warranty, check out the price from the button below.

Other than the matte black, it also comes in four colors in which you’ll find more cheap options. However, if black goes well with your decor and furniture, there’s no better choice to opt for.

For this lamp, your room need not have a high ceiling. It is 56 inches with a metal globe shade that is adjustable. All you need is to adjust screws on the neck of the globe, and it’ll move side by side as well as up and down to best suit your situation.

Know that the lamp doesn’t come with a bulb and requires one of 60 watts. Using an LED bulb in it, you can save your monthly bill and light it for long years to come. It consists of an on/off switch where the post and the arm meet.

Worry not if you are not good at assembling. The lamp is easy to assemble and consumes 15 minutes to get the job done. Topping all the features is the warranty of 1 year which makes it a pretty reliable option.

  • Wide and sturdy base
  • Simple operation
  • Pleasing looks
  • Cost-effective
  • Tricky to assemble

“Our Take”

Timeless beauty and fine finishes make it appear like an expensive lamp. However, it’s not.

Best Themes to Compliment it: Vintage, traditional, industrial

Best Type of Room: Sewing rooms, guest room

Best Place to Position: Next to the recliner, or reading chair

Daylight Company LLC Floor Lamp

Of all the floor lamps for dark rooms, the Daylight floor lamp is one of the best for the task and lighting a dark room. Although a bit expensive, it’s worth every buck and provides you with a firm warranty of 2 years that you rarely get. To check out on price and warranty, press the button below.

The overall lamp has a decent appearance and shine that catches the attention. It’s best for sewing and other tasks like playing piano or reading books.

No doubt, the base is wide enough, having good weight to it. So, even if you accidentally push it over, it will stand tall. If you have a low ceiling room, it will please you. The height of the lamp is 31 inches from the ground, with the arm adjustable.

Compared to other lamps, it offers you the ultimate brightness adjustment. It has four brightness levels, with the brightest one of 3,000 lux and the lowest one offering 750 lux. That said, you can manage the amount of light required every hour of the day.

Even after long working hours, the lamp stays cool to the touch. It comes with the LED bulb installed with the diffuser on it. Due to this, it radiates soft light and works glare-free for 50,000 hours which turns out ten years of your daily use.

Of all the lamps, it’s also unbeatable in cord length. Its cord is 94.5 inches, so it does not matter wherever it is placed and if the outlet is near or not.

  • Brightness adjustable
  • Heavy base and stable unit
  • Easy to assemble
  • 2 years warranty
  • Expensive

“Our Take”

Excellent built and bright light with four brightness levels constitutes in making it the best floor lamp for a darkroom.

Best Type of Room: Sewing room

Best Place to Position: Over sewing table, piano, and office desk

Guide to Buy the Best Floor Lamps for Dark Room

The chances of buying the wrong floor lamps are high when you know nothing about the particular type. So, here we are with the primary pointers to look for when buying the best floor lamps for dark room.

Guide to Buy the Best Floor Lamps for Dark Rooms


Before heading to buy the floor lamp for dark room, stay certain of the room your lamp is going to be placed in. Is it your sewing room, living room, bedroom, or just the guest room that has no window?

No surprise sewing room requires a task lamp with the face downward. The lamps to be placed in your living room are sometimes task and modern and trendy on others. So, it totally depends on your buying intent what lamp will suit you.

Type of Lamp

Three types of lamps are most valuable when it comes to floor lamps for darkrooms. That is torchiere, arched or down-faced, and tree floor lamps. Torchiere lamps are the best fit with high ceilings, no matter small or large.

The tree lamps have multiple heads. They cast off sufficient light for tasks, bring things into visibility, and create a soothing atmosphere. On the contrary, the arched lamps are bright enough, but they are space-consuming and fit best into large rooms.


Try to go with the lamps with an LED bulb. Using LED floor lamps, not only do you save your electricity bills, but they will be available for going down the road. So, make sure to keep that in view.


The weight of the lamp decides if you should place it on a carpet or have it in a house with children. Make sure to check the overall weight and especially the base’s width. That tells you whether or not the floor lamp will stand the budges.


Not every floor lamp has the same height. When checking other specifications of your selected lamp, forget not to peek for the height. Tall lamps of more than 70 inches looks stunning under high ceiling, while short lamps are good for low ceilings.


There’s no point in forcefully fixing your lamp with the décor. So, rest assured the floor lamp you’re about to buy fits your room’s décor.


For everyone, the best floor lamps for dark room are different. That’s due to the requirement and lifestyle, including your ceiling height and intent of buying one. So, here we positioned 7-floor lamps with different purposes, looks, types, and functionality so you can easily select one.

Our vote here goes to the Adesso 4238-26 Trinity Arc Floor Lamp. It has three branches that you can adjust slightly. When turned on, they brighten up the large dark rooms. Besides, the lamp has a sturdy base, nice accents, and comes at a fair lenient price.

Go get it now as it soon runs out of stock.

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