Best Floor Lamps for Family Room

Have you felt the emptiness in your family room?

Of course, not with the toys and your kid’s book splatter all over the floor, but did you find the informal room of your home dull?

If yes, you need one of the best floor lamps for family room.

An average American family spends 37 minutes together on weekdays.

You would always want these 37 minutes to be the most enjoyable and relaxing, especially after a chaotic day in the office.

Guess what? The floor lamps below help set the right vibe in the family room.

They will keep your little ones active, allow you to knit without straining eyes, and make your family room streamlined and perfect for spending quality time.

So, let’s cut the chase and review these lamps.

Adesso 4238-26 Trinity Best Floor Lamps for Family Room

If you want a floor lamp with adjustable light, Adesso 4238-26 floor lamp is a nice option. It is featured with a rotary switch, turning one, two, or three bulbs for a controlled amount of light and electricity bill. However, you don’t get control over the pair of lights you want to turn on together.

It has a dark metal base with three arms suspended from the pole and beige shades that tie your room’s beauty. The ultimate difference between Adesso Bowery and Trinity floor lamps is the marble base Bowery comes with.

We got many compliments on this floor lamp, and you will too, that’s for sure. It’s 27.1 pound heavy with 12.5 inches wide base to stand against the budges, but you can easily maneuver its box from the front door to the family room.

It came well packaged, and the assembly took almost 20 minutes. Once assembled, it had a jaw-dropping effect and served well under low and high ceilings. What bothered us a little during assembly was the unclear instructions.

Having a 2 inches thick base, it easily slides under the couch to suspend over your sectional. Its topmost arm is 84 inches from the ground, so it won’t brush up your hair while you take the leave.

Although you cannot adjust the three arms of the lamp in height, moving them sideways is quite easy. These three arms give you abundant lighting and make your family room cozy and warm for making memories.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t come with the bulbs included. However, the best part about it is that it is smart outlet compatible. So, you can turn a light bulb on and off without moving while having fun, playing video games, or watching TV.

Thanks to the 2 prong plug, it connects to any outlet nearby. It has a 48 inches long clear cord. Check out the price of the Adesso Trinity floor lamp, variable colors, and availability on this date.

  • Sturdy and heavy base
  • Number of lights adjust
  • Looks attractive hanging over sectionals
  • Easy to assemble
  • Smart outlet compatible
  • You cannot control a specific light
  • Unclear instructions

Our Take

Adesso Trinity arc floor lamp is a perfect design for large family rooms since it takes up a little more space than other floor lamps. It seamlessly blends with the sectionals, looks exquisite once assembled, and makes your room airy.

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JONATHAN Y JYL1089A April Floor Lamp

Like the other floor lamps from Jonathan, JONATHAN Y JYL1089A April Floor Lamp comes with an LED bulb. Its LED bulb survives for 25,000 hours, and the best part is that you don’t have to hustle to find a compatible one.

Speaking of compatibility, it pairs with Alexa and Philips Hue. So, if you already have a smart home setup, connect with it to make your life easy. It puts out 2700k warm accented light, so you dance, enjoy music, watch TV, and do everything in between with your family.

Coming with a gold base and a linen shade sitting on top, it is made to add character to your room. It gives a nice touch of elegance to modern and contemporary settings.

We found a matching table lamp to this Jonathan floor lamp. Both went so well together in the family room. It is 9.68 pounds with a weighted base. However, that’s not what we’d call the sturdiest unit.

There is a cord coming from the bottom of the lamp with a foot switch on. Hiding this cord is a little challenging. So, make sure you keep it out of the area where your children play.

It is 61 inches tall and makes a good height to stand next to your sofa. As a budget-friendly design, it keeps you from breaking the bank. Check out the price of Jonathan’s floor lamp, colors, and availability on this date.

  • Modern finishes
  • Alexa and Philips Hue are compatible
  • Comes with an LED bulb
  • Easy foot switch access
  • Hiding the power cord is tricky

Our Take

Jonathan floor lamp is easy to assemble and a sound option for modern family rooms. It gives off bright and cozy light so your family can enjoy the TV while the kids can play with their toys.

Globe Electric LED Floor Lamp for Family Room

Globe Electric LED floor lamp is one of the most reliable floor lamps you could ever have for a family room. It is backed by a 5 year warranty, making it stand out in the market.

The matte white floor lamp is a simple design with a small footprint. We won’t say it’s stylish, but a decent torchiere floor lamp to make your family room brighter and breezy.

About the brightness, you can adjust it through the touch dimmer on the pole. We find this dimmer quite sensitive and a little tricky to handle. For instance, if you miss a target brightness, you’d have to scroll all the way back to the low brightness level.

Since its light ranges from 30 lumens to 3010 lumens, it puts out sufficient light to align with your moods. So, you can knit, watch TV, talk, and the kids can play with their toys.

One of the features we really appreciate here is the memory function. It wakes up at the same brightness you set it on before turning it off, saving you extra time and effort. And it has a built-in LED bulb that promises to live for 45 years.

Having an adjustable height going from 55 inches to 71 inches, it blends well no matter whether you have a low or a high ceiling. At 12.76 pounds weight, it is a little heavier than the Jonathan floor lamp and slides under the low clearance sofa since the base is just 1 inch thick.

We liked the concept of “no tools required” assembly. The lamp needs less than 5 minutes to get in good shape. All its parts need twisting and sits into one another. Check out the price, colors, and availability on this date.

  • Brightness adjustable
  • Variable heights
  • Straightforward assembly requires no tools
  • Memory function
  • 5 years warranty
  • Touch button is too sensitive

Our Take

The adjustable floor lamp by Globe Electric is a decent choice for one changing home frequently since it has adjustable height. It has matte white tones and bright light that illuminates a room with no window.

Catalina 19973-000 Family Room Floor Lamp

Catalina 19973-000 is the best floor lamp for large family rooms. It is a tripod-style lamp and occupies a fraction of the floor but looks extremely gorgeous when lit up. The lamp has a matte black and white combo, making it a timeless piece.

All legs of the lamp have bronze accents and give rise to a cord. This black cord is 60 inches long so that you can connect it to any outlet nearby. The white drum shades are appealing and soothe the light to keep the atmosphere of your room light.

Of all the family room floor lamps, it is one of the lightest at 5.84 pounds. So, keep it out of children’s and naughty pets’ reach. Out of the box, it took us 10 minutes to get it in one piece, but the effort was worth it.

Although the bulbs are not included with the lamp (which we wished they were), we appreciate the 3-way rotary switch. It allows you to adjust the brightness, so the light is sufficient for the activities you want to enjoy.

Similar to Jonathan’s floor lamp, it is 61.25 inches from the ground. This height makes it a decent option for low-ceiling homes. Since it’s a smart home compatible design, you can command Alexa to turn on and off the lamp.

We’ll be very honest, a similar lamp on other websites was $400, but this is a budget-friendly unit. So, we’d highly recommend giving it a peek and checking out its price and availability on this date.

  • Nice accents
  • 3-way rotary switch
  • Budget-friendly unit
  • Smart outlet compatible
  • Long cord
  • Bulbs are sold separately

Our Take

Catalina floor lamp is a tripod-style lamp, making it the best fit for large midcentury modern family rooms. It spirits your room and allows you to make the most of your family time with the right amount of light.

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Guide to Buy the Best Floor Lamps for Family Room

Picking a floor lamp from the thousand lamps appearing the best floor lamps for family room is quite challenging. That’s why we have made this section to help you make an informed decision. Do give it a peek.


Since you will place a floor lamp in the family room, we recommend having something weighted. The family room is where your kids play often, and there’s quite a chance they bump into your floor lamp, which might cause an accident.

On the contrary, a heavyweight lamp is difficult to budge. Safe to say that it will keep your kiddos from displacing a unit.


The best floor lamps for family rooms are arc, tripod, torchiere, and traditional floor lamps. Most suitable for you will be one fitting well under your ceiling and blending well in the space available in your room.


Although the family room is the most informal room in your home, a floor lamp should go well with the furniture to maintain a nice vibe. So, when you purchase a floor lamp, make sure to check out if it aligns with your theme or not.

Amount of Light

Sometimes you watch TV in the family room. On the other, your kids play games or run here and there. Keep in mind what you do the most in the family room. Pick a lamp giving off a favorable amount of light for the activity you do there the most.


Honestly, similar floor lamps are selling on a huge price difference from those mentioned above. But, we recommend high-quality and budget-friendly lamps here so you can easily access them within your monthly budget. Still, we suggest comparing the price of floor lamps to make an informed decision.


These were the best floor lamps for family room. Make sure the one you buy is weighted, blends well with the theme of your family room, is the type you desire, and gives off the right amount of light you need for the activities your family enjoys.

If you have a large family room and want plenty of light that you can adjust, we suggest picking an Adesso trinity floor lamp. It is an arc floor lamp with three arms suspended, an on and off switch on the pole for easy access, and a beautiful appearance that catches eyeballs.

Check out its price, colors, and availability on this date.





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