Best Floor Lamps for High Ceilings Home

The old lamp will not go well in your new high ceiling home. One obvious reason is the height of the ceiling that demands bright light. So, here we have the best floor lamps for high ceilings, so you don’t have to compromise on lighting and décor.

Let’s get on reviewing and plan on brightening the nooks of your high ceiling home.

Top 5 Best Floor Lamps for High Ceilings

Product Name 



Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp

32.6 pounds

45 x 45 x 82 inches

Globe Electric Novogratz x

‎21.8 pounds

‎17.7 x 17.7 x 70.6 inches


‎19.14 pounds

‎15 x 15 x 70 inches

Adesso 4305-22 Trio Floor Lamp

‎14.27 pounds

‎11.7 x 14 x 68 inches


‎19.86 pounds

‎16 x 16 x 60 inches

Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp – Best Floor Lamps for High Ceilings Overall

For having this floor lamp, your room should not only be high but large. Adesso floor lamp has three suspended arcs with barrel-shaped shades hanging on. The top arm of this lamp is 82 inches high, while the lowest is 53 inches from the ground.

Made out of a cement base and having a width of 12.5 inches, the base is sturdy enough. Both these factors indicate that the lamp will not topple over easily. On top of that is the 32.6 pounds that confirm its sturdiness.

Being high, the three branches of the lamp showers great mood lighting all over the room. It looks great behind the sectional couch in the living room, while you can also place it in the entryway.

There is a rotary switch positioned on the pole. With this button, you can turn on/off the lamp. Mind that all three lights will turn on and off together, and you cannot decide which one to lighten when.

Having a cord of 60 inches, it doesn’t restrict your placement area. You can put it anywhere in your home without getting worried about having the outlet nearby. After all, the lamp is fair at a price and is the best tall 3-light floor lamp out there.

Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp

  • Three beautiful arms
  • Simple operations
  • Reasonable price
  • Heavy base and sturdy lamp
  • Long cord
  • Difficult to assemble
  • All three lights turn on and off together

“Our Take”

While the lamps have fine bronze finishes, it radiates soft light from the rice paper shade. It is fair for the price, and the large extended arms give a feel to your room. It restores the beauty of the high ceiling room and ties it together.

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Globe Electric Novogratz x – Best Tall Thin Floor lamp

Globe Electric has the best tall thin floor lamps of all for folks with packed rooms. It is 70.6 inches tall having a slender body with matte black finishes.

The lamp looks absolutely gorgeous in modern and contemporary settings. It gives off bright light spreading all around. Ambient lighting from this lamp takes the décor and art pieces to the next level.

Even though a slim design, it is sturdy enough. The weight of the lamp is 21.8 pounds and is not very easy to budge by your children and naughty pets around. Just like the lamp above, it has a rotary switch for turning it on and off.

As the shade of the lamp sits directly on the bulb, it gets tilted with a little movement around. This is one of its downsides. However, if you are planning to keep it out of the pathway, it will do just fine.

There are other options available to this lamp for different settings, adding accents to your home. So, you can check them through the button below.

Globe Electric Novogratz x

  • Looks gorgeous
  • Sturdy enough with a heavy base
  • Brighten the room
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes well packaged
  • Shade sits directly on the bulb

“Our Take”

The lamp looks stunning in the living room. It adds tones to your home and complements best to the high ceilings. The compact body of the lamp makes it an ideal unit for small spaces and lightens it to the best.

JONATHAN Y JYL8003A – Best Torchiere Floor Lamp for High Ceiling

A high ceiling room demands statement pieces along with light to arrest the visitor’s sight. No surprise, Jonathan Tiffany style lamp keeps the potential to do that. It’s a nice handmade artistic lamp adding dramatic effects to your room.

It is one of the best torchiere floor lamps for high ceilings. Having the face upward, the light it gives off bounces back from the ceiling and is completely diffused. That’s how it’s easy on your eyes and creates a cozy environment.

The bronze base of the lamp adds a punch of beauty and stability to it. 19.14 pounds is the overall weight of the tiffany lamp and makes it stand tall even on the carpets.

One of the biggest pluses with the lamp is the inclusion of an LED bulb. The bulb promises to light for 25,000 hours, meaning daily use for 10 years. Not only this, but it also helps you save bucks from the monthly electricity bills.

Attention to detail also makes it one of the best-Led floor lamps. Its cord comes wrapped in silk, so it does not harm the beauty even if exposed. On this cord is located a footswitch so, if you have a back problem, that’s a big relief.


  • Comes included with an LED bulb
  • Sleek and appealing body
  • Weighted and sturdy
  • Footswitch for convenience
  • Spreads even light
  • Styrofoam of packaging spreads all over out of the box

“Our Take”

The beautiful colors of the lamp draw attention straight to it. They are dark when the lamp is off and subtle when it’s switched on. Place it in the living room, bedroom, or office with a high ceiling to transform the vibe.

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Adesso 4305-22 Trio Floor Lamp –Best Minimalistic Floor Lamp

Are you looking for the best floor lamp for the small high ceiling room? Adesso 4305-22 Trio Floor Lamp has your back. The lamp comes with three poles giving rise to three shades with linen fabric and storage shelves attached along.

Each of the plastic shelves is 10 inches in diameter. This makes it good for small décor pieces, remotes, keys, or your glasses that you forget where you have put them on. It looks appealing between the two sofas and fulfills your light and storage needs.

It propels nice and bright light, which is diffused by the shade. The lamp uses three bulbs of 40 watts maximum. So, make sure to buy them to light the lamp right after its arrival.

Since its ‎14.27 pounds in weight, it’s not the sturdiest lamp here. It’s a bit unstable on the carpet, so you need to make sure of that. The steel finish lamp consists of a clear cord, so the excellent build of the lamp remains unharmed.

High of 68 inches, it’s compatible with 8-9 feet ceiling rooms. It has a small footprint with three pull chains hanging on the cylindrical shades. This way, you have control of the number of lights you want to turn on.

Adesso 4305-22 Trio Floor Lamp

  • Looks elegant
  • Separate on/off pull chain
  • Storage shelves
  • Bright enough
  • Not very sturdy

“Our Take”

Storage + lamp, it’s a complete display package for your living room. It looks graceful and showers bright light that is sufficient enough for reading. In the high ceiling room, it becomes the focal point and a conversation piece.

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JONATHAN Y JYL3055A – Best Floor Lamp with Tray

Look no further if you are finding a gold finish floor lamp for a high ceiling room. Jonathan Y JYL3055A serves the purpose pretty well. It is a lamp with a glass tray from 25.5 inches from the floor, which is the approximate height of a side table.

Unlike the other traditional lamps that are immovable, it does provide you with an adjustment facility. As a swing arm design, the neck of the lamp moves around to meet your needs and help you light exactly where you want the most.

The white linen drum shade of the lamp makes it interesting. Besides, it does come with LED bulbs that promise to survive 25,000 hours. And being LED bulbs, it makes you notice a significant drop in the electricity bills.

Of all the floor lamps for high ceilings, it has the least height. It is 60 inches in total and scatters the light beam all over. The lamp gives off 2700k color temperature, so you can even read sitting beside it along with lighting ambiance.

Where footswitch is a blessing in this lamp, it’s also a curse depending on where you place it. Available in chrome and bronze finishes, you can also pick one from these to blend with your décor. So, check them out from the button below.


  • Swingarm design
  • Available in two other finishes
  • Compelling accents
  • Long cord
  • Comes with a bulb
  • Footswitch is difficult to reach

“Our Take”

The lamp is spellbinding in both traditional and contemporary settings. It provides your high ceiling room with the desired lighting and makes it bright. The center tray pours elegance to the built and helps you put handy things on.

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Henn&Hart Tall Floor Lamp – Best Industrial Floor Lamp for High Ceilings

Compare this lamp to the Pottery Barn floor lamp looking exactly alike, and you’ll find it affordable. The Henn&Hart lamp has clean and decent finishes with a good height of 65 inches.

As an industrial lamp, it has the face downwards and comes with the seeded glass globe. Due to this globe, it provides you with a bright light that reaches every nook of your room. Note that it doesn’t come with the bulb, so buying one falls on your part.

Heavyweight lamps like this with 22.9 pounds are always stable. It stands tall and doesn’t budge with the little movement or children playing around. When lighted, it looks extremely gorgeous and is a perfect candidate for your living room.

The cord of the lamp is long enough. It’s 8 feet, so you get the freedom to place the lamp where you want. On this cord is the footswitch, though. So, you can easily access it through the feet, and there’s no need to bend down.

Henn&Hart Tall Floor Lamp

  • Comes with the seeded glass
  • Illuminate the entire space
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Available in other colors
  • Consumes a fraction of time for assembling

“Our Take”

The picture doesn’t do justice to the beauty of this floor lamp. It does look expensive when it’s not. The lamp has a sleek and slim body that catches attention. You’ll love it in a high ceiling room for its brightness and style.

Decor Therapy PL4379 Floor Lamp – Best Budget-Friendly Floor Lamp

In the traditional and vintage bedroom, Livingroom, or the entryways, this Décor Therapy lamp becomes a style statement. It has a heavy base to give support to the linen shade above.

The weight of the lamp is 16.61 pounds. That makes it one of the sturdy and stable units. However, out of the box, the unit needs attention for assembling. Also, the Styrofoam spreads all over the room.

Thanks to the faux wood finishes, it turns out delicate once assembled. Other than this color, it’s also available in black and white. So, you can never miss out on a worthy piece from complimenting your décor.

Although it requires a bulb of 150 watts, one doesn’t come along. Remember to buy a bulb along if you are making up your mind to buy it. Know here that it has a 3-way switch for turning the lamp on and off.

The tall lamp of 61.25 inches is a great option for rooms with 8 to 9 feet high ceilings. It brings the large room into visibility and transforms its feel. Not only does it come at a fair price, but it provides you with 90 days warranty.

Decor Therapy PL4379 Floor Lamp

  • Stand straight
  • Shower bright light
  • Excellent finishes
  • Available in two other colors
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Tightening the bottom piece is difficult

“Our Take”

Other than screwing pieces together, everything about the lamp is good. It has decent finishes with a thick pole and sturdy base, which helps it stand tall. Also, it enlightens the large spaces and fine-tunes them.

Guide to Buy the Best Floor Lamps for High Ceilings

Floor lamps are all the same, but buying intent changes when your demand is for the best floor lamps for high ceilings. Due to this, the primary pointers are also transformed from ordinary floor lamps. So, here we have lined up them.

Best Floor Lamps for High Ceilings


When the lamp is tall, there’s a higher probability that it’ll topple over. Only the heavyweight can keep this from happening. So, make sure when you buy the tall heightened lamp, there’s a decent weight to its base, and it’s not easy to budge.


The height of your floor lamp is directly proportional to how high your ceiling is? A room with a high ceiling of 9 feet accommodates a lamp of 70 inches or equivalent to the best.

Lamps with 80 inches height look fascinating in the high ceiling room of 10 feet. This allows the lamp to become an appealing piece, scatters the light all over, and brings the art pieces to boldness.

Fabric or Glass Shade

Decide if you want sharp or soothing light in your large, high ceiling room. There are lamps available with shades and others with glass. While the fabric shade diffuses the beams and gives ambient lighting, the glass agrees to transfer bright light.

Light Color

The difference in light’s color can make or break the feel of your room. Keep in mind what are you going to do in that room? For ambient lighting, a lamp offering 4000k to 6000k is good enough, while you’ll need warm white light under 3000k for reading.

Check out the lumens of your lamp. For the bedroom, a lamp with 150 lumens is sufficient, while the living room needs brighter light of 300 lumens. This makes a difference in the overall feel, so keep that in mind.

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Not necessarily you are looking for a torchiere floor lamp for your high ceiling area. It could be more than that. In that regard, you can have a lamp with a shelve or tray. This way, you can save a little space and play two in one-shots.


No new, you’ll check the price of your lamp. But that’s not it. You should keep in view the price of other lamps in the same category and compare them for making an informed decision.

Along with the price, make sure to check the warranty of a lamp. This warranty lets you claim for replacement or maintenances if there’s a need to.


The best floor lamps for high ceilings have heavyweight, have good height, are the perfect match for your décor, and are bright enough. Each of the lamps in our list stands on this criteria.

In all the floor lamps, we found Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp the best lamp for high ceilings. It’s a tall 82 inches lamp with three barrel-shaped branches. It showers smooth light due to the fabric shade and consists of an on/off switch on the pole.

Are you all set to light your high ceiling room? Buy one floor lamp now.



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