Best Floor Lamps for Living Room in 2022

What do you call the heavy traffic room of your home? We call it living room. And, having the best floor lamps for living room is always a good thought. After thorough research, we are revealing the floor lamps that will fit best in your living space.

Skim through all the floor lamps and know what they have to offer. Pro-tip is to consider the buying guide below to ease your buying decision.

Henn&Hart – Best Floor Lamps for Living Room

Nothing can please your living room theme more than this Henn&Hart floor lamp if you have modern settings. The lamp has excellent color contrast of black and gold and white drum shade topping it.

Unlike the majority of the floor lamps, this lampshade is made out of linen. Its drum shape fine-tunes the entire look of the room and softens the brightness of light coming from the bulb.

Speaking of bulbs, it operates through two bulbs and consists of two rotary switches to access both of them separately. So, you can decide the amount of brightness you want in your room along with keeping your electricity bills in check and balanced.

Out of the box, the lamp is pretty easy to assemble. No additional tools are required, and the manual itself will be enough. It is a decent lamp with 61.5 inches in height and a weight of 12.57 pounds to make it stand bumps.

The metal frame of the lamp gives rise to a long cord of 8 feet. Worth having this long cord as it gives you the freedom to decide on where you should place your floor lamp in the living room.

Did we mention that it has matching table lamps available to give dimension to your room? Yes, it does. Check them out through the button below.

  • Two rotary switches for each bulb
  • Nice aesthetics
  • Sturdy and stable base
  • Easy to assemble
  • Long cord
  • Some users complain of dirty shade

“Our Take”

It won’t be wrong to call this lamp a practical design. It glows with two bulbs to enlighten large rooms while operating each switch separately. Modern and contemporary themes are the best to blend in.

Signature Design by Ashley Bernadate Cottage Living Room Lamp

For the living rooms with traditional settings, Signature Design by Ashley Bernadate is the perfect floor lamp to have. It is a candlestick lamp with a heavyweight on its base and a total weight of 18.81 pounds. That’s how it promises you stability.

Not only is the lamp stable and sturdy, but beautiful. It is made out of cast resin with knobby details followed by the lampshade. Although this lampshade appears white in the picture, it is whitewashed, which is why it looks off white in reality.

The lampshade of this lamp is even large than the Henn&Hart. It is 18 x 18 x 11.5 inches so make sure you have enough space to station the lamp in your living room.

Thanks to the 3 way switch the lamps consist of; it is a nice option to put next to your recliner in the living room. So, you can read in the amount of brightness you require.

With this 62 inches tall and slender lamp, the silhouette of your room does get complete. It ties the looks of your room with the nice accents it has and elevates the atmosphere.

Check out its price through the yellow button to know if it falls within your budget.

  • Large lampshade
  • Weighted body for stability
  • Easy assembling
  • 3-way switch
  • Small pieces to get out of the box

“Our Take”

At a reasonable cost, this lamp is designed to provide your living room with dramatic effects. Its slender body magnetizes the eye. While the weight holds it in its position, which makes it a fair option to have in a house with children.

Decor Therapy Laurette Floor lamp

Décor Therapy floor lamp can be a conservation piece in your living room when the guest comes. The lamp has three arms rising from the pole, and each of them descends over your head.

It’s definitely a floor lamp for a high ceiling as its height is 75 inches. That said, make sure you are buying it for a tall ceiling room.

What’s unique about this floor lamp is the built materials. The base and the pole of the lamp are made out of metal. Topping lampshades are of woven jute and gray in color.

When lighted, each of these shades gives a black appearance, yet they appeal to the eyes. One of the downsides to the lamp is that the arms are non-adjustable. For brightness adjustment, the manufacturers provide you with a 4-way rotary switch.

Make sure you buy 3 bulbs of a maximum of 40 watts as they are not included in the package. Each bulb of the lamp lits one by one, but you cannot decide which of the two to turn on together.

To support the three cylindrical shades, its weight of 17.6 pounds is sufficient. It keeps the lamp from moving and is the best floor lamp for sectional sofa.

You also get a 1-year warranty with this floor lamp. So, check out more details on price and warranty through the button below.

  • Cost-effective lamp
  • Tall and sturdy
  • Bright light
  • Unique materials used
  • 1-year warranty
  • Non-adjustable arms

“Our Take”

If you have Boho or industrial theme in your living room, the Décor Therapy floor lamp is what will feed your soul to it. One pro tip is to add Edison bulbs to this lamp as they do wonders and uplift the lamp’s profile.

Maxax Floor Lamp for Living Room

Raise your hand if your living room is short on space and you want a floor lamp with shelves. This Maxax floor lamp is just the right candidate for you.

It consists of two shelves, each with a diameter of 10 x 13.75 inches. So, you can use it as an end table, showcasing antique pieces and taking their beauty to the next level.

The 65 inches tall tripod floor lamp will fit under an average height American bedroom flawlessly. While the 9.9 pounds weight will keep your lamp from budging even when your naughty babies try.

With the black and wood tones, the lamp is sure to elevate your living room’s feel. The sleek appearance gets even more attention due to the oatmeal fabric shade sitting on top.

Due to this shade, the light coming out of it is diffused and easy on your eyes. Thanks to the integrated 3-way switch, you can even decide on its brightness levels between low, medium, and high.

Take note that this 3-way switch works with a 3-way bulb. Do you have back pains? Because no more you will have to suffer through it. The lamp has a footswitch plugged into a 95 inches long cord, making it one of the longest cords.

Want more choices in the tripod floor lamps category? Check out through the button below.

  • Extra-large cord
  • Brightness adjustable
  • Two shelves for handy things
  • Nice and sleek appearance
  • Doesn’t include a bulb

“Our Take”

It’s a clean, sleek, and small footprint lamp. With it being around, you get a cozy atmosphere and a perfect station to put your handy stuff on. You can best use a compact and dull living room corner to place this lamp.

Elegant Designs LF2001-ABS Living Room Lamp

Only torchiere floor lamps can illuminate the dark nooks best. So, here we have an Elegant design torchiere floor lamp which transitions your ambiance into nice and appealing.

Made out of iron, it has a good weight to the base. At 13.37 pounds, it’s probably not the heaviest lamp here, yet the stable one. It holds onto its position, appearing as a good option to have around kids and pets.

On top of this iron pole, a glass shade is placed. This shade is credible for the bright light the lamp gives off. It’s bright enough to lighten dark nooks or rooms and is one of the best floor lamps for dark rooms.

The lamp is attractive besides being practical. It looks fabulous in a living room and pulls the attention of the guest with its clean finish.

Considering it for tall rooms would be smart since it is 71 inhces tall. It turns on through a rotary switch located under the glass shade. However, this switch looks a little cheap compared to the lamp’s profile.

Count on it if you are on a tight budget. It is a bang for the bucks and comes with a 1-year warranty which the manufacturer respects. Know that it’s also available in gold, black, white, and 3 more colors, so pick one that will blend with your theme.

  • Bright light
  • Budget-friendly
  • Tall and sturdy
  • Attractive and fabulous
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Switch appears a little cheap

“Our Take”

Thanks to the variation the Elegant Designs floor lamp has, it eases your buying decision. It adds a twist to your room and a decent charm that you always want to have. And, the best part is that it needs no more than 5 minutes to get assembled.

Guide to Buy the Best Floor Lamps for Living Room

You’d never like it if your tagged best floor lamps for living room turn out faulty or unable to blend with your living room, right? That’s why it’s vigilant to once go through this buying guide to choose the best lamp.

best floor lamps for living room


Besides your floor lamp, you’d have a lot in your living room. To avoid damage to them when your lamp budge, check out the weight of your floor lamp. A weighted base and lamp stand tall against bumps and is safe to have in a heavy traffic room like the living room.


Just as we mentioned above, the living room is packed with a lot of stuff. Fitting a large floor lamp in a small and jam-packed room could get difficult. It’s imperative to check the dimensions of your floor lamp to fit it in the living room seamlessly.


Each style of floor lamp serves a different purpose. Torchiere floor lamps are made to enlighten large rooms, for instance. You’d always appreciate an arched floor lamp for a sectional sofa, just like that. Know the position and intent of placing your floor lamp in the living room before picking one.


Your floor lamp will make or break your living room’s profile. It should blend well with your theme. Take note of the theme your room has before you ship a floor lamp. A candelabra lamp pleases traditional settings, while a decent lamp looks spectacular in modern or contemporary themes.

Switch type

Consider your ease of use with a floor lamp focusing on switch type. There are lamps with multiple switch types, including footswitch and rotary. Go for a lamp with whatever type of switch is convenient to you.

Cord Length

Sometimes, you place your floor lamp in the middle of your living room. On others, you want to position it next to your recliner. To have freedom in positioning your floor lamp, make sure your floor lamp has a long cord – at least more than 60 inches.


These were the best floor lamps for living room. When you buy one, make sure to consider weight, dimension, lamp style, theme, switch type, and cord length. One pro tip would be to set a budget before searching for one.

If asked us, the Henn&Hart floor lamp is perfect to become a bold statement in your living room. It has nice and decent accents, casts soft light through its fabric shade, consists of a long cord, and has a good amount of weight to its base.

Check out its price now to know more about it.


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