Best Floor Lamps for Low Ceilings Room

Considering an 8 feet room as a standard ceiling height is a thing of the past.

Now, it’s usual, and decorating these low-height rooms can appear a whole lot of job.

Layering the lights and finding the décor that doesn’t make the room cramped can be tiring.

No worries, we have dug deep and listed below the best floor lamps for low ceilings.

So, you don’t have to skim through thousands of floor lamps out there.

Excited to bring your low ceiling home a floor lamp? Let’s get ahead and start the review.

Adesso 4238-26 Trinity Arc Floor Lamp – Best Floor Lamps for Low Ceilings

If you have a small ceiling room with no space for pendant lights, the Adesso Trinity floor lamp could be the perfect addition. It is 84 inches tall lamp having three arms that come from the base and suspend in the air, having the lower arm at 60 inches.

The base of the floor lamp is sturdy enough, and you can’t doubt its stability. With the 2 inches thickness and 12.5 inches dimension, it slides under the sectional couches pretty easily, saving you precious space in a small room.

Besides the practicality, the floor lamp is absolutely gorgeous. It has a bronze finish base giving rise to three arms topped with burlap shades that give off diffused lighting and makes your atmosphere calm and cozy.

Where it took us 10 minutes to get the lamp out of the box, assembling was pretty easy, and we got the job done in 20 minutes. Once assembled, the lamp gives nice appeal.

With an arm extension, you can turn on its 4-way rotary switch. And, if you don’t want to lift a finger, connect it to the smart outlet, and ask Alexa to turn it on and off every time you step in and out of the room.

Mind that you cannot control the light sequence. The lamp turns the three bulbs on in an intact pattern that is all on, all off, right only, or left and center only. From incandescent to CFL to LEDs, you can use it with every type of bulb you want.

  • Good weight to the base
  • Slides under sofa
  • Extremely gorgeous
  • Smart outlet compatible
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Light’s sequence of turning on cannot be controlled

Our Take

Adesso Trinity floor lamp has a nice weight to its base and is a functional floor lamp for more than 8 feet ceilings. It has practicality and magnetizes the eyes of the visitors with a lot of compliments as the cherry on top.

Elegant Designs LF2002-RGD Low Floor Lamp

Now, you can manage your monthly bills and buy a floor lamp for low ceilings. There you have an Elegant Design LF2002-RGD floor lamp that gives you the freedom to it since it’s a budget-friendly lamp.

It has rose gold tones with a frosted glass shade sitting on top to soften the light and illuminate a dark room or corner at the same time. With its three lights, a room is beautifully brightened so you can have family time or read on the recliner.

Speaking about the reading, it’s so easy on the eyes and glare-free. It also has adjustable side lights that allow you to have sufficient light where you want it the most. However, the adjustment is limited to up, down, and sideways.

Get your hands on the button under the main light to access the three lights. It controls all three lights and, unlike the Adesso Trinity floor lamp, lets you pick the number of lights to turn on simultaneously.

The torchiere floor lamp has a height of 71 inches, being a nice fit for low ceilings of 7 to 8 feet. At 17 pounds, it has a decent weight to its base with a diameter of 10 inches. Due to all this, it’s safe to have around kids and naughty pets.

Do you know what the best part is? There are multiple colors to choose from. So, check them out through the button below and pick one that matches your décor.

  • Adjustable side lights
  • Gives control of the number of lights
  • Weighted base and sturdy design
  • Easy assembling
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Limited movements of side lights

Our Take

Elegant Design three light floor lamp is best for dark corners where you want to read or in dark rooms with small ceilings. It puts out bright light and looks appealing in the living and bedrooms.

Signature Design by Ashley Candlestick Design Floor Lamp

If you want a timeless floor lamp for your low ceiling, the Signature Design by Ashley lamp can best make up for your desires. Made out of cast resin, the lamp has accents of whitewash.

No matter on or off, the lamp looks jaw-dropping. It has exclusive details of the knob on the post, which ties the appearance of the lamp and ultimately the living and bedroom it is in. It is best for corners or keeping on the side of the sofa.

From the ground to the top of the shade, the lamp measures 61 inches. That said, it is a spectacular addition to a room with 7 to 8 feet low ceilings. And, since it has a small footprint, your room will not even feel cramped or cumbersome.

Thanks to the drum shade, the light coming out is diffused yet bright enough to illuminate your room, having no other light source. The shade is 18 x 18 x 11.5 inches which is comparatively big than what you get with other floor lamps.

At 14 pounds, the lamp is heavy enough and stands tall the budges. So, there’s no chance of its tipping over with an accidental push. However, it’s a little more expensive than others, so make sure to check out the price of the lamp.

  • Timeless design
  • Large lampshade
  • Easy to put together
  • Wide and sturdy base
  • Falls on the expensive side

Our Take

The beauty of Signature Design by Ashley lamp is its post. Its distressed look makes it blends with most of the decors. Since it has a minimal design, the floor lamp is good enough for small rooms with low ceilings.

Catalina 20442-000 Low Floor Lamp

Catalina floor lamp gets the spell-bounding effect in the living and bedroom. It has a nice brushed nickel finish with clear glass that puts out bright light. That said, if you don’t have overhead lighting, adding this to your low-ceiling room is the best bet.

At 68 inches from the base to the top, the lamp has a fair height, fitting perfectly in a room with a 7 to 8 feet high ceiling. It’s also a space-saving design and gets settled in a small corner.

The tree floor lamp has three adjustable shades, each shade 4.5 inches in width and 5 inches in height. Although they move up, down, and sideways, you cannot adjust their angles. So, it’s a good light to enjoy your reading or perform tasks like needlework.

What we admire about this lamp is the allowance to customize the number of light bulbs. Each shade of the lamp is featured with a personal on and off switch, giving you the privilege to pick the amount of light you require.

Coming with a cord of 60 inches, it easily reaches the outlet if you place it far apart. The 9.75 pounds weight and 11 inches wide base give additional stability to the unit, so it’s safe to have with the kids around.

Worth mentioning here is that it doesn’t come with a bulb but is smart outlet compatible. So, you can ask Alexa to turn it on on your behalf. And the best part is that it is more cost-effective than other tree floor lamps out there, so make sure to check out its price.

  • Smart outlet compatible
  • Inexpensive option
  • Looks beautiful
  • Adjustable shades
  • Small footprint
  • Doesn’t include bulbs

Our Take

Catalina floor lamp gives off plenty of light to accomplish multiple tasks and allows you to feature light where you want it the most. It is so simple to assemble and is a budget-friendly option.

Guide to Buy the Best Floor Lamps for Low Ceilings

Low ceilings are tricky to deal with, and finding the best floor lamps for low ceilings can be even more challenging without the know-how. That’s why we have mentioned these pointers that will steer you in the right direction.

Best Floor Lamps for Low Ceilings


Whenever buying a floor lamp, check out its weight. A general rule of thumb is that the more the lamp will be heavier, the less is its chances of budging. However, don’t compare one lamp with another type of lamp since design changes result in weight fluctuation.


The primary thing you need to look for in a low ceiling lamp is the height. A floor lamp under 70 inches is the best fit for 7-foot high ceilings. While taller than this are best for 8 to 9-foot ceilings.


If you have a small room with a low ceiling, your floor lamp should not be cumbersome. These rooms best blend minimal design lamps that allow airflow. Besides, check out the width of the base to assure stability.

Type of Lamp

There are a lot of lamps for low ceilings, including arc floor lamps, tree floor lamps, and torchiere floor lamps. Each lamp has its own functionality and persona. Arc floor lamps are best suitable for large spaces or behind sectional sofas.

Depending on the size, tree floor lamps are used for larger illumination in the room. On the contrary, torchiere floor lamps are recommended by American Interior Designer John McClain for low ceilings, saying: “Add your favorite floor lamps and make sure that the light beam extends upward.”

Bright or Soothing Light

Shade on the floor lamp decide if you’ll get a bright or soothing light from the lamp. So, if you already have a lighting fixture in your low-ceiling room, you can go for a lamp with a shade. While a clear or glass lamp serves the best purpose while tasking.


These were the best floor lamps for low ceilings. We have listed from arc floor lamps to tree floor lamps to give you a range to choose from. When you buy them, make sure to check out the weight, height, width, and type of lamp to best achieve your goal.

If you ask us, the Adesso Trinity floor lamp is the ideal candidate for low ceilings under 8 feet. It has three arms coming from a weighted base and ties the appearance of living rooms like no other floor lamp.

Check out its price and details on the availability now.






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