Top 5 Best Floor Lamps for Sewing Rooms

Sewing machine, threads, scissors, you place a lot on the sewing table. And at last, it’s short on space. That’s when you want a floor lamp – specifically the best floor lamps for sewing.

Here, you’ll find the best floor lamps with optimum lighting, adjustable neck, and the exact light required for sewing. Let’s not wait and review these lamps.

5 Best Floor Lamps for Sewing Room

Product Name 




Daylight Company LLC Floor Lamp

9.35 Pounds

2.6 x 12 x 31 inches

2 years

Daylight24 402071-04

‎9 pounds

‎9.5 x 9.5 x 65 inches

‎1 year

OttLite Sewing Floor Lamp

‎10.58 pounds

24 x 7.75 x 62 inches

‎2 years

Globe Electric 67503

‎6 pounds

‎10.24 x 21.5 x 60 inches


Cal Lighting BO-117FL-AB

‎12.65 pounds

‎13 x 5.3 x 25 inches


Daylight Company LLC Floor Lamp – Best Floor Lamp for Sewing Overall

Without any doubt, Daylight floor lamps for sewing are the best. Take this lamp, for instance. It provides you with the bright white light of 1,065 lux that is sufficient for the sewing table.

Not only this, it has 4 brightness settings. So, no matter even if your age is 50 and more, it’ll help you get the job done. There is a touch switch enabled so you can select the brightness you want. Also, this switch works as an on/off button, so you have to go through all brightness to turn off the lamp.

While it is 51 inches high, you can readjust two of its portions. With this angle adjustment, you can shower the light exactly where you want it on your sewing table. The LEDs in the lamp claim to work for 50,000 hours, which means 20 years of daily use.

Even on touch, these lights are in no way hot. The thin base allows you to store the unit in a compact space. So, if you are running short on space, you can slide the base under the table and fold its arms.

Having a weight of 9.35 pounds, this sewing floor lamp is stable. However, you need to watch its angle when standing on the carpet. The cord of 94.5 inches is a real bonus here which means you need not place the lamp next to the outlet.

Daylight Company LLC Floor Lamp

  • 2 years warranty
  • Four brightness level
  • Bright enough
  • Flexible arm
  • Long cord
  • Easy to operate and assemble
  • Only one button for on/off and dimmer
  • Expensive

“Our Take”

If you want a sewing floor lamp for the long run, this lamp is a go-to option. It has a flexible head, shower bright light, and multiple brightness with simple operation and assembly. Free yourself from hassle, check its price, and buy now.

Daylight24 402071-04 – Most Versatile Lamp for Sewing

Try this lamp if you want a light that spread only to your desired space. The Daylight24 floor lamp is the best option for sewing, having an adjustable beam. You can narrow or widen it between 3 to 33 inches to scatter beams on selective parts of your sewing table.

What makes it versatile is its adjustability. The head of the lamp is gooseneck so that you can adjust it within 15.5 inches. This way, you have focused beams when sewing, knitting, or doing embroidery work.

On the pole of the lamp is a toggle switch. It helps you turn on/off while there’s no way you can dim its lighting other than adjusting the beam. The 300-2000 lumens lamp provides you with the right amount of light required for sewing.

As a sleek lamp with brushed nickel, it looks good in the sewing room. So, if you want a little fancy lamp with modest functionality, this is a nice option.

Coming with the LED bulb installed, it saves you from breaking your bank by paying high bills every month. Also, it’s easy on the eyes and gives off flicker-free light, so the aging ones can also pick it.

Daylight24 402071-04

  • Adjustable neck
  • Beam gets adjusted
  • Easy to operate
  • Sleek body
  • 3 years warranty
  • Non-dimmable

“Our Take”

The tall lamp gives the feel of an expensive lamp when it’s not. It provides you with bright light flexibility and backs you with 3 years warranty. Other than sewing, you can use it for reading, crafting, or beading without disturbing your partner beside.

OttLite Sewing Floor Lamp – Best Cheap Floor Lamp for Sewing

Want the best floor lamp for sewing when you are running short on pennies? Have this OttLite Sewing Floor Lamp. The lamp comes at a reasonable price and is backed by 2 years of warranty which you can confirm from the button below.

As a gooseneck design, the neck of the lamp moves very easily. At the least height, it is 50.75 inches, while it has a maximum height of 62 inches. That said, it’s perfect for standing adjacent to your sewing table.

Thanks to the wing shade attached, you decide on the illumination area on your desk. This also keeps the light out of your eyes, so you have no strain even after working for long hours.

About the brightness, it is sufficient for crocheting, quilting, knitting, beading, embroidery, along with sewing. The white light allows you to differentiate the shades of thread colors you want to work with.

Compared to the two sewing floor lamps above, its LEDs have a short lifespan. It is 10,000 hours which means 40,000 hours less. In its advantage column falls the long cord. It has 72 inches cord so you can put it next to your table.

OttLite Sewing Floor Lamp

  • Bright white color light
  • Sturdy and stable base
  • Easy assembling
  • Cheap priced
  • Height adjustable
  • Comes with a shade
  • Short life of LEDs

“Our Take”

The lamp is good for the bucks it comes on. It allows you to perform multiple tasks with it being in your home, including sewing. You can adjust its neck, slide under the table, and enjoy the bright light while working.

Globe Electric 67503 – Best Elegant Floor Lamp for Sewing

Placing an ordinary floor lamp in an accented sewing room is not fair. In that regard, we suggest buying this Globe Electric floor lamp that has black finishes all over. However, you can check and buy the one in gold tones from the button below.

Although the lamp doesn’t adjust to 360 degrees like most others on the list, it provides you the freedom to adjust. The head permits a little bit of motion. So you can tilt it to radiate the light on your sewing table.

The 60 inches tall lamp is great to suspend on the table when you are tasking. It gives off a bright light. Mind that there’s no bulb included in the package. So, forget not to purchase one of 60 watts to get on working right after its arrival.

Added bonus here is the footswitch. With this switch, you can turn it on and off before sitting on your sewing chair. The oval shade protects the light beams from spreading and throws it where you want.

Globe Electric 67503

  • Comes in two colors
  • Reasonable priced
  • Footswitch add convenience
  • Slim and sleek body
  • Adjustable globe
  • Doesn’t come with the bulb
  • Not very stable

“Our Take”

At a reasonable price point, not only does the lamp provides you with bright light but with an adjustable globe. It is also beautiful and elegant, so get it if you have modern or contemporary settings in your sewing room.

Cal Lighting BO-117FL-AB – Best Adjustable Floor Lamp for Sewing

Besides coming in 3 different colors than black, the Cal-Lighting lamp looks stunning. It has the perfect appearance to blend in both modern as well as in traditional settings.

Along with the shade, the height of the lamp is adjustable. It is 42 inches from the ground at the minimum height while 57.5 inches at the maximum height. That said, you can align it with the height of your sewing table.

At 90 degrees, the 8 inches long shade of the lamp allows motion. This movement is horizontal and the light coming out is good enough. However, the bulb isn’t included in the package, and you need to buy one.

Weighing 12.65 pounds with a base of ‎13 x 5.3 inches, the lamp is stable. It doesn’t topple, certifying itself as the sturdy floor lamp. For turning on/of, it has a pull chain to which you can hand on while sitting on the chair.

Attention to detail makes it a great option. The cord of the lamp is of the same color as the lamp, making no harm to its beauty. Count in here the one-year warranty, and it turns out the reliable unit.

Cal Lighting BO-117FL-AB

  • Available in 3 other colors
  • Cord of the same color as lamp
  • Height adjustable
  • Moveable shade
  • Sufficient brightness
  • Pull chain design
  • Base looks a bit cheap

“Our Take”

If you are finding a floor lamp with excellent finishes, it is your go-to option. It is adjustable from height to an angle so you can shower light in your desired area. Each of its colors is amazing.

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Guide to Buy the Best Floor Lamps for Sewing

Getting your hands on the lamp you want is not very difficult. Know-how of it is important, though. That’s why we suggest you go through this section to get the best floor lamps for sewing.

Guide to Buy the Best Floor Lamps for Sewing


Whenever buying a sewing floor lamp, check out the weight. A heavyweight lamp is most probably the stable one out there. And, you’d never want your lamp to fall over your sewing table when the work is on.


It’s very necessary that when you sit on the chair, the height of your lamp accommodate you and your table. So, keep in view always the height a lamp has to offer. Having a height-adjustable lamp is a plus here.

Type of Floor Lamp

Floor lamps are found in bulk in the market. In them, the appropriate options for sewing are the task lamps of the down bridge style. This type of lamp radiate light straight on your sewing table without spreading the beams all over.

Adjustable Neck

A lamp with an adjustable neck gives you the freedom to choose the right angle of light to radiate on your work. It provides you sufficient light where you want despite showering it anywhere. Hands down to the lamp that offer versatile motion.


With multiple brightness, you get to choose the amount of light. It’s also a plus if you are aging day by day and still continuing your sewing job. Know here, aged 50 and more require bright light than a young one. So, aim to have a lamp with adjustable brightness.

Light Color

As for reading, you require warm color light; there’s also a color requirement for sewing. The best light color for a lamp suspended over the sewing table is white, having 5000k to 6000k temperature. Due to this white color, you identify the color shades easily.


Along with the price, you should also take note of the warranty coming with a lamp. It’s the warranty that allows you to claim for your lamp and get it repaired or replaced if there’s a need to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of lighting is best for sewing?

There are many options for sewing tables, from table lamps to floor lamps. Choose table lamps if you have sufficient space available on the table. Otherwise, multiple floor lamps like the above get the job done and provide versatility.

Can you use a sewing lamp for crafting?

Yes, of course. You can use the sewing lamp for crafting, crocheting, quilting, knitting, beading, or embroidery. As all of these works have similar light requirements, you can use your sewing lamp for these purposes.

What color light is good for sewing?

White color light is always the best option for sewing. Specifically speaking, the light temperature should be 5000k to 6000k.


Keep in view the weight, height, type of floor lamp, neck adjustability, brightness, the color of light if you want the best floor lamps for sewing. Just like we did and positioned the best options available in the market in functionality and appearance.

So, buy one now and perform your sewing job without straining your eyes.


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