4 Best Lamp for Cross Stitching Artists

If you are a cross-stitching artist, you’d know the value of perfect lighting. Every cross pattern and thread color need illumination for the exclusive outcome. And it’s only the best lamp for cross stitching here through which you can accomplish it.

Today, we have 4 lamps on board for cross-stitching. Let’s get ahead and know their unique features. And, if you are running short on time, you can check out our Daylight Company LLC UN1530 straight. Numerous cross-stitching artists find it worth it for its bright white light, adjustability, sturdiness, and budget-friendly price.

5 Best Lamp for Cross Stitching

Daylight Company LLC UN1530

Daylight Company LLC UN1530 is the best floor lamp for cross stitch. It helps you get the stitching job done through its bright light and dual heads. Both of these heads can be divided or united to give sufficient light to allow you to make a unique pattern.

Consisting of a weight of 7.8 pounds with a sturdy base, the lamp rest stable on the ground even when you adjust the arms. It provides you with a 6,000k temperature light which is recommended light color for detailed work like cross-stitching.

The 2,090 lux light coming from 56 LED lights gets the credit of bright light. However, you can adjust the brightness of this light. That said, you can turn it on full brightness in dark or night to bring the cross stitching supplies in visibility.

At the tip of the head of light is located a touch switch. Although it’s responsive, an accidental touch changes its settings. Keep in mind that the lamp is 52 inches tall, so its light would be focused.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Two adjustable heads
  • Touch switch for brightness adjustment
  • Long cord
  • Reasonable price
  • Position of on and off switch

“Our Take”

Other than cross-stitching, the lamp is a great option for sketching, stitching, the water paint job on the draft table. Its light is very bright, while the adjustability adds versatility. At a reasonable budget, it’s a nice unit to have for detailing work.

Daylight24 402039-05

Are you searching for the best magnifying light for cross stitch? Well, congratulations as your search end right here. The daylight floor lamp is best for bringing every cross-stitch supply into visibility – especially the colors of threads.

Equipped with 12 LED beads, it has a magnifier in the middle. The viewing area of this magnifier is 8 x 10 inches which is sufficient enough to see through the pattern your needle is on. You get 3 times magnification of your cross stitch work through it.

On the head of the lamp is a toggle switch. With a simple click, it turns on and off easily. As an adjustable design with a gooseneck that adjusts in 17 inches, it provides you with the light exactly where you want.

Attention to detail is what makes it outstanding. It has a handle on the head which is used for adjusting the neck of the lamp. So, you can hold it directly through the handle to avoid scratches on the magnifier.

The weight of 11.28 pounds with a height of 57 inches is perfect to have it beside the sofa when your cross-stitch. Other than silver, it’s also available in black and gold to align with your setting. Check out the other two colors from the yellow button.

  • Available in other colors
  • Handle on the head
  • Simple operations
  • Bright light with magnifier
  • Adjustable neck
  • Irreplaceable LEDs

“Our Take”

If you have weak eyesight or are aging day by day, this magnifying floor lamp is best to have by your side. It makes a difference for a cross-stitch artist and provides a good amount of light along with enlarging patterns.

Daylight24 402071-15

Along with functional, if you are searching for a stylish and modern floor lamp for cross-stitching, consider this lamp. Not only is it the best daylight lamp for sewing but cross-stitching and needlework.

Housed in a beautiful silver aluminum shade, its light is adjustable. Its beam goes from 3 inches to 33 inches with the gentle shade pull. So, if you work late at night or have eye surgeries, this focused light is the biggest relief to have.

You can adjust the neck of the lamp to 15.5 inches. This way, even if the lamp is far apart, you can make it shower light on the patterns you are working on. It casts white light with the help of which identifying the colors of threads stay easy.

Using this lamp, you can observe a good drop in the monthly electricity bills. It is integrated with an LED bulb. However, it’s irreplaceable. The 5 watts LED bulb is brighter and gives off glare-free light, which is easy on the eyes.

Having a steel pole and base, the 65-inch tall lamp is stable even when adjusted. Above all is its impressive 3 years warranty. To have more details on price and warranty, press the yellow button.

  • Adjustable neck
  • Sturdy base with tall height
  • On/off switch is on the pole
  • Focused light
  • Stylish and fit for living rooms
  • Non-dimmable

“Our Take”

As this floor lamp gives a bright white light, it is good for reading along with detailing work. It provides ultimate adjustability and keeps you from disturbing your partner when working at night.

Globe Electric 52027 Swing-Arm Lamp

When you have a cross-stitch embroidery table, a desk lamp is the better answer to your search for the best light for crafting. Especially when it comes to the Globe Electric swing arm lamp, you can’t go wrong.

It’s equally stylish as functional. The matte mint accents with fine finishes make the lamp look extraordinary fabulous. Not only can you adjust its height but the angle to shower light exactly where you want.

When fully extended, it measures 28 inches from the ground. Keep in view that the lower arm of the lamp doesn’t adjust. While it’s best to have it on a crowded desk since its base is just 6.8 inches wide.

About the on and off switch, it’s on the head of the lamp. With an extension of the arm, you can manage to turn it off and on. The lamp radiates bright light for cross stitching and needlework. However, it doesn’t come with a bulb.

What’s more, it also comes in black, white, and pink colors. So, you can blend the settings and your table’s silhouette with the lamp. It’s a cost-effective option, so you might not need to balance monthly expenses a lot for buying it. Check out details on price and rating from the yellow button.

  • Sleek design
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Adjustable neck
  • Small footprint
  • Doesn’t include a bulb
  • Bottom arm doesn’t adjust

“Our Take”

Since the lamp is adjustable, has good extended arms, and has a small footprint, it’s a fair addition to a cross-stitching table. You can adjust its angle for focused light and effortlessly work in the presence of its bright light.

Guide to Buy the Best Lamp for Cross Stitching

If you really want the best lamp for cross stitching, you sure need to peek at this section. Here we have highlighted the pointers that will develop your buying sense so you can avail the best option in the market.

guide to buy the best lamp for cross stitching


Before anything, find out the weight of the lamp. It should be heavy enough depending on the type you are looking for. So, when you adjust or relocate it to the carpet area, the lamp doesn’t tip over.

Type of Lamp

If your goal is to have the best light for close-up work, including cross-stitching, sewing, and needlework, you should be aware of the type of lamp you want. While floor lamps best serve you by showering light overhead, desk lamps are a nice addition if you have space on the embroidery table.


Adjustability is equal to versatility in cross-stitching lamps. They give you the freedom to work at your ease and give your back a little bit of rest. So, make sure the lamp you are buying has to offer gooseneck or adjustability.

Light Color

To identify the color of threads, it’s crucial to have white light. Check out the color of your lamp’s light. On the temperature scale, it should be somewhere 4000k to 6000k since these temperatures provide you with white light.


There are a lot of additional features that make the lamp worth it. Let’s take the cord, for instance. A long cord will always let you choose the working space. Just like that, the adjustable brightness lamp will allow you to read and sew through the same lamp.

You can also check out the type of bulb the lamp comes with. This will help you make an estimation of the bill after the arrival of the lamp. A long-term warranty is always a plus to ease your buying decision.


These were the best lamp for cross-stitching. When you buy one for your workstation, make sure to check the weight, dimension, type of lamp, adjustability, and light color. Other than that, you can also peek for features like brightness adjustment to ease your life.

We vote for the Daylight Company LLC UN1530 floor lamp, keeping cross-stitching work’s demand in view. It has brightness adjustability along with the neck moving for focused lighting. The simple operations and dual head design make it versatile.

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