Best LED Floor Lamps in 2022

In this era, managing monthly expenses has turned out challenging. But, thanks to the invention of some best LED floor lamps, you can save a significant percentage of monthly electricity bills.

Multiple advantages of LED floor lamps are there, but how do you find the ideal candidate for reading, enhancing your ambiance, or lighting a dark corner? That’s where our list below will come in handy.

Below are the elegant LED lamps that are safer and last longer than ever. So, let’s review the lamps and get you one of a kind for your needs.

Daylight24 402071-15 – Best LED Floor Lamps

Finding a floor lamp in which style meets functionality was a dream before, but now you can fulfill your wish with Daylight24 402071-15. It is a beautiful lamp with a slim and sleek body and exceptional finishes of steel on the base and pole.

Reading, crafting, and needlework are some of the jobs it is specially created for. It has an aluminum shade in which sits an LED bulb while the shade is adjustable. It goes from 3 inches to 33 inches to give you the amount of light you want.

Believe us; this spotlight is a real plus if you read late at night and don’t want to disturb your partner. Not only can you customize the beam of the lamp, but the neck, which offers 15.5 inches of adjustment, resembles an “L” or “U” shape.

It puts out glare-free white light that is easy on the eyes. On the contrary, the height of 52 inches makes it a decent candidate for standing next to the sofa where you read or bedside.

It has a weight of 8.97 pounds and keeps it from budging. So, if you have your kids or grandkids, let them be around. Well, if you don’t know, this lamp comes with a 3 years warranty. Check out its price now and have a closer look at the lamp.

  • Sleek and modern finishes
  • Stand tall against budges
  • Adjustable beam and neck
  • 3 years warranty
  • Light is not dimmable

“Our Take”

Although the Daylight24 LED lamp is designed to be functional, its contemporary appearance makes it a center of attention. Use it for multiple tasks and enjoy the customization it provides.

Joofo Floor Lamp with LED

One of the best sellers of all time, Joofo floor lamp is all here. Let’s look at the benefits it has to offer you and the versatility it comes with.

First off, the floor lamp comes with remote control. So, you can use it right from the comforts of your bed or while feeding your baby in the nursery. It has an advanced memory function that turns on your lamp on settings you made lately.

Along with stepless brightness adjustment, it gives you the freedom to set the lamp on a light color of your choice. It has three light colors ranging from 3000k to 5000k, which are bright white, natural white, and warm white. So, you can meet the lighting needs of your bedroom or living room.

Face the lamp upward, downward, or parallel to the wall to enlighten the entire room. The lamp allows you to rotate its face up to 350 degrees. While the weight of 9.77 pounds and 69 inches in height is fair enough for rooms with 8 to 10 feet in height.

Promising to live for 100,000 hours, this LED floor lamp is a good investment for the long run. And, do you know what the best part is? It is a budget-friendly pick so that you can have two of them at a price one floor lamp comes.

If black doesn’t match your décor and you want a lamp in silver, white, or gray, there you have it. Press the button below, and check them out along with the price.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Memory function
  • Brightness and color adjustment
  • Sturdy and tall heighted
  • Rotating head
  • The button on the lamp is not intuitive

“Our Take”

Thanks to the responsive remote coming with this floor lamp, changing the brightness and color of light is a breeze when you are in bed. It is easy on the pockets and remembers the settings you make.

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OttLite LED Floor Lamp

You can’t expect a chic profile from the Ottlite LED floor lamp, yet the straightforward build and performance are nothing to be ignored. The black lamp is a great option for both high and low ceilings.

Featured with height adjustment, you can transition the height of this floor lamp from 50 inches to 62 inches. That said, you can put it next to your reading chair in the living room or at the bedside.

Of all the floor lamps here, Ottlite has to provide you with the longest cord. It is 72 inches and permits you to decide the position of your lamp. You can also adjust its neck to a few inches to shower the light where you want, while the base is not sturdy as others.

Putting out white light, it helps you identify the right color and carry out detailing when you knit, craft, tattoo, or needlework. Its bulb promises to be lit for 10,000 hours. Unlike other lamps, you can replace its bulb, which is the biggest reason it is praised for.

Keep a check on its price if you are searching for one of the best down-faced lamps available out there.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Straightforward built
  • Height adjustable
  • Gives off bright white light
  • Long cord
  • Base is not sturdy enough

“Our Take”

Ottlite is the best LED floor lamp since it allows you to change the lamp’s bulb while living for 10,000 hours in a row. It is a decent lamp with height adjustment and a fair choice for tasking.

Adesso Home 7207-15 LED Floor Lamp

To add symmetry to your room or a corner specifically, bet your bucks on Adesso Home 7207-15. It is both a stylish and functional floor lamp with an exclusive appearance and finish of silver that gives dimension to it.

It is a fine-tuned lamp with a walnut body that will blend perfectly with your furniture. While the frosted glass that keeps the two bulbs covered makes sure the light reaching your eyes is soft and flicker-free.

Having a height of 71 inches, it is safe to call it the best floor lamp for high ceilings. Like the Ottlite floor lamp, the LEDs in this floor lamp are replaceable. In fact, it gives you the opportunity to plug-in incandescent bulbs, if that’s your choice. However, none of them are included in the package, so you need to purchase them separately.

It turns on and off with a rotary switch located under the shade. Turning this knob on and off is challenging at first, but you get used to it with time.

One of the best things about this lamp is the smart outlet computability. So, you can ease your lifestyle. Check out this lamp in other finishes and know its price and rating now.

  • Gives off soft light
  • Elegant design
  • Tall and sturdy lamp
  • Smart outlet compatible
  • Doesn’t include bulbs
  • On and off knob is challenging to turn

“Our Take”

It is a perfect lamp for ambient lighting and looks elegant in the dark corners or entryways. What sets it apart is the choice of picking the type of bulb.

Guide to Buy the Best LED Floor Lamps

How do you choose an LED floor lamp? Clueless on the subject?

We knew it. So, below we have mentioned a few factors that will help you pick the right choice for your home and needs.

Best LED Floor Lamps


No matter the type, checking the weight of a floor lamp is crucial. It gives you a fair idea if the lamp stands tall against budges. The weight of a lamp is directly proportional to the design of a floor lamp so keep that in mind.


Mostly, LED floor lamps are found in two types. That is upward and downward facing. Upward-faced lamps are helpful to enlighten the dark rooms and are usually a conversation piece. They are mostly manufactured in the name of floor lamps for the living room.

Buying a downward-faced lamp is for the sake of tasking. These type of lamps allows you to read, craft, and knit without fatiguing your eye. Built of these lamps is straightforward. However, a few exclusive lamps in the category might cost you a few bucks more for the exceptional features they come with.


A tall lamp looks cumbersome in a low ceiling room. It is better to pick a lamp that best settles under the height of your ceiling. One of the wise options here is to choose a height-adjustable lamp like an Ottlite floor lamp but know that they are rare.

Light Color and Brightness Adjustment

It is imperative to check the color of light a floor lamp has to offer. Warm white lights are a good choice for reading or setting the mood. Cool white, on the contrary, gives you a better illumination of the colors and details.

Besides colors, a lamp with brightness adjustability is always a go-to option. With them, you can set the amount of brightness for your workstation or room.

Lifespan of LED

When you buy an LED floor lamp, you should take a look at the lifespan of the LED bulb installed. Some lamps offer you 10,000 hours of lifespan, while you’ll find others having a span of 100,000 hours. Depending on the lifespan, the price of a floor lamp may vary.

Replaceable or Non-Replaceable Bulb

LED floor lamps come in two types, i.e., with replaceable or non-replaceable bulbs. Finding a bulb with a replaceable floor lamp might be challenging, yet a non-replaceable floor lamp frees you from the hassle of buying an LED bulb every few months.


These were the best LED floor lamps. You should deem down the weight, purpose of buying, height, color, and brightness adjustment when picking one. Besides that, check out the lifespan of LEDs and if the LED bulbs are replaceable or not.

If asked us, Daylight24 floor lamp is the perfect candidate – be it for crafting, reading, or needlework. It allows you to adjust its neck along with the shade size to get the amount of light you want.

It has to offer 3 years warranty as well. So, make sure you check out its price once.


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