Best Low Profile Ceiling Fan with Light

One of the perfect additions to a low-ceiling home is the best low profile ceiling fan with light.

These fans put out plenty of air and still provide you with sufficient light to lift your ambiance.

In fact, ceiling fans with lights are considered to make a bold statement in living spaces on this date.

And the best part is a single installation gets you two amenities, i.e., light and air.

But, how do you find the best of the best from thousands of ceiling fan options in the market?

We have got your back. Below are the top-notch low-profile ceiling fans with light that hang close to the ceiling, have bright light, and are budget-friendly.

Without further ado, let’s get into reviewing.

Hunter Fan Dempsey – Best Low Profile Ceiling Fan with Light

Hunter Fan Dempsey is made to fit small to medium-sized rooms of your home. The fan comes with 4 blades and is 44 inches. As it is low profile, it’s installed near the ceiling and safe enough to hang over.

The manufacturer claims it to be 11.03 inches. However, our discovery is different. From the bottom of the lighting kit to the top, the fan is 12.5 inches. So, while it’s not the best fit for 7 feet ceiling, an 8 to 10 feet height ceiling will best accommodate it.

Air from the fan is breezy and helps you cool down in the summer. But that’s not it; you can fill your room with warm air in the last months of the year thanks to its reversible motor.

For added convenience, the fan has a remote control that is easy to access and allows you to adjust the brightness of the light to go well with your living space. It has multiple brightness and creates a cozy atmosphere.

The light kit consists of an LED bulb inside the frosted glass cage. Due to this cage, the light coming from it is soft and easy on the eyes. On top of that, it’s barely hearable when the ceiling fan runs.

Not only it’s great in performance, but it has an excellent appearance. The fan has reversible blades, so you can choose the side that blends well with your décor. It’s a budget-friendly unit that draws the attention of visitors quickly.

  • Quiet
  • Budget friendly option
  • Creates cozy atmosphere
  • Reversible motor
  • Perfect for lifting ambiance
  • Installation is challenge

Our Take

Dempsey ceiling fan is a nice compliment to modern and contemporary settings. It is made to fit the small to medium-sized rooms with low ceilings. From safety to convenience, it has it all at a price lower than its counterparts in the market.

Hunter Crestfield Low Profile Ceiling Fan

If you want a ceiling fan with light that brings your entire room into illumination, Hunter Crestfield is what you are looking for. This ceiling fan comes with a light kit with three LED bulbs and a clear glass in which the bulb sits.

Its light is bright, and you can adjust the brightness through the pull chain. And the best part is that there are two pull chains. Each of them has a symbol that tells you the right pull chain for the fan and light.

The screws are not labeled in the manual. So, it’s a bit challenging when you install this fan. However, dozens of videos online make it a piece of cake. It has 5 blades layered darker on one side and grayish on the other. So, you can match one with your décor and install it that way.

It’s one of the silent ceiling fans out there. The fan gives off plenty of air and has a reversible motor, thankfully. That said, it provides you with warm air in winter and cool air in the hot months of summer.

There are 3 speeds at which the fan runs. While its 42 inches design is the right fit for small to medium-sized rooms of your home, including bedroom, kid’s room, guest room, or living room – particularly of 10 x 11.

At 15.08 inches from top to the bottom of the lighting kit, it’s a perfect addition to the low ceiling homes. However, it’s a little pricier than the Hunter Dempsey. Check out the price yourself to order it.

  • Bright light
  • Runs on multiple speed
  • Reversible motor
  • Gives off plenty of air
  • Quiet unit
  • Screws are not labeled

Our Take

The darker side of the Crestfield blades is more appealing than the gray. Its lighting kit has more of the touch of modern design, giving off bright light to illuminate the room. Get it for your small bedroom, home office, or guest bedroom.

Hunter Anslee Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan with Light

To add a twist to your boring living or bedroom, Hunter Anslee low profile ceiling fan can come in handy. This ceiling fan has nice accents of brushed nickel with the blades layered with two different colored coatings on either side, allowing you to pick a side that matches your settings.

It has 2 pull chains that look stunning and are eye-catching. So, you’d surely get compliments on this fan just like us. For a medium to large-sized room, including a bedroom and living room, it ties the appearance and makes it bold.

Besides the blade, the motor of the fan is also reversible, giving you a warm surrounding in the winter and a cooling effect in the summers. That said, it’s made to last you multiple seasons in a row.

Coming with two LED bulbs, they are caged inside the frosted glass in the middle. This glass diffuses the light beams, so the lighting is subtle and doesn’t blind. Adjust the brightness of this fan with the simple pull chain.

It is 14.54 inches when measured from the bottom of the lighting kit to the top. Take note that it’s a few inches taller than the Hunter Dempsey; however, a few inches short than the Hunter Crestfield.

Installation is the most time taking part of this fan. You might require more than an hour to put it together. However, hanging it in your low-ceiling room is worth every penny.

Although it circulates tons of air, it’s still one of the quietest fans available out there.

  • Classic and stylish
  • Reversible motor
  • Multiple speed
  • Can be used with other types of bulbs
  • Vague instruction in manual

Our Take

Anslee is one of the best ceiling fans with light for low ceilings. Its motor is quiet yet powerful to throw a lot of air and make you feel cool in the hot months. However, it’s also a great choice to enjoy the warmness in winters.


These were the best low-profile ceiling fan with light. It’s necessary to check the size of the fan and compare it to your ceiling height when you buy it. Other than that, check out its theme and the amount of brightness one puts out to achieve the ambiance you want.

If you ask us, Hunter Dempsey fan is the ideal choice as a low-profile ceiling fan. It has low height compared to others, looks beautiful, and showers a good amount of light to spruce up your small to medium-sized room.

Check out its price and order this budget-friendly unit now.




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