Best Modern Floor Lamp in 2022

A modern floor lamp spirit up your room like no other lamp. How do you find the best modern floor lamp from the jam-packed market of floor lamps? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

Below we have mentioned the modern floor lamps that go well with mid-century modern themes. So, should we get started?

Adesso 6285-01 Louise – Best Modern Floor Lamp

Is your love for black floor lamps eternal? Adesso 6285-01 Louise floor lamp is what you’ll adore. It is a beautiful lamp having three black-painted legs and a black drum shade that gives off soft light and makes a bold statement.

Each leg of the lamp has rubber tips. These rubber tips provide this lamp a twisted look along with stability. Credit for its stability also goes to the 6 pounds weight. That said, it’s a perfect option to have in a house with children.

To make it flawless, the manufacturer has run its cord through the legs. This black cord is long enough and provides you with the freedom to position your floor lamp anywhere in the living room.

Having a height of 60.25 inches from the tip of the legs to the top of the shade, it is a fair choice for rooms with 8 to 9 feet. Remember that the lamp doesn’t come with a bulb, so it adds up to the cost of your lamp. However, the investment is worth it.

Did we mention that it is smart outlet compatible? Yes, it is so that it can be the best smart bedside lamp for you. Make sure you buy a 3-way rotary bulb to access its 3-way rotary switch.

Have more details on the type of bulb you should order for it and the price by pressing the button below.

  • Sturdy built
  • Fine finishes and gorgeous
  • Rubber legs for stability
  • Cord runs through the legs
  • Smart outlet compatible
  • Doesn’t come with a bulb
  • A bit expensive

“Our Take”

The black floor lamp is chic for a modern themed living room. Its exclusive style and attention to detail make it worth the buy. However, you’d need room to station it since its tripod legs occupy a good amount of space compared to other floor lamps.

Catalina 20442-000 Modern 3 Floor Lamp

For a huge amount of lighting in a dark room, you need a floor lamp with multiple heads. So, there you go with Catalina 20442-000 floor lamp that fills the modern and contemporary settings with its sleek brushed nickel body.

The lamp has three ribbed glass heads that adjust up and down. Due to this, you can point the light anywhere you want – be it on the chair you read or on the sofa in your living room.

With a height of 68 inches, it’s a nice addition to high ceiling homes. It is a sturdy design with 9.75 pounds weight and stands budge. So, if you have naughty babies at home, placing this lamp is a smart option.

Speaking of smartness, let us say it’s a smart home compatible lamp, just like the Adesso tripod floor lamp. The large 60 inches clear cord allows you to decide on the position of this floor lamp in the living or bedroom.

What sets it apart from other tree floor lamps is the on and off feature. Each head of the lamp has its own switch. So you can save your electricity bills by turning on the number of bulbs you need in an instant.

For added convenience, the manufacturer provides you with one year warranty on this floor lamp. Click on the button below to know the price and more about the warranty.

  • Glass shade gives a good amount of light
  • Heavyweight and minimalistic design Adjustable heads
  • Smart outlet compatible
  • Individual on and off switch
  • The switches feel a little cheap

“Our Take”

Besides décor, the Catalina floor lamp is a perfect piece to read under. You can decide the amount of light you want in your room and save your bills with it. It’s definitely worth it.

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Globe Electric 63361 Gatineau Floor Lamp

For buyers running short on pennies, Globe Electric 63361 is an impeccable option available out there. It is easy on the pocket yet looks twice its price, thanks to the dark bronze finishes and seamless glass.

The glass in it is Alabaster, which distributes light evenly to the entire room. It’s safe to call this torchiere lamp the best floor lamp for darkroom.

Just like the appearance, its functionality is complimenting. It takes a 3 way LED bulb of 150 watts maximum so you can have the level of light you desire of. Using a 3-way bulb, you can dim its brightness.

Get it if you have a high ceiling home of 10 feet or more. It is 70 inches in height and looks spectacular under tall ceilings. However, it’s a bit wobbly on the carpet, so make sure you are not buying it to position on a carpet.

To align the looks of this modern floor lamp, a black cord is integrated. This cord is 6 feet long and gives you the freedom to pick a spot in your bedroom or living room to position it.

There are more options for this floor lamp with multiple heads and materials. Press the button below to check them out and have better know-how on the price.

  • Tall and slender body
  • Adjustable light
  • Easy to put together
  • Distribute even light in the room
  • Budget-friendly
  • Wobbles on carpet

“Our Take”

Globe Electric is one of the best floor lamps for dark corners. It illuminates a sufficient amount of light and becomes a statement piece in a room.

Henn&Hart Modern Floor Lamp

To enhance your living space and take its décor to the next level, bet your bucks on the Henn&Hart floor lamp. The antique brass lamp with gold hues elevates the room’s attire and makes it eye-catching.

What’s more, the seeded glass lampshade gives dimension to its overall appearance. It looks fascinating when you station it in your living space, and the bright light coming from its transparent shade helps you read and perform tasks.

Talking about the light, make sure you order a bulb to lit it up. Do you know you can make your room uniform by having the table lamp of this floor lamp’s version? Yes, you can.

It is a stable lamp thanks to its wide base along with a heavyweight of 18.16 pounds. There’s no chance it would budge with the bumps or naughty tricks your little ones play.

As a height-adjustable lamp, it is a great option for both low and high ceiling homes. It is 56 inches initially while extending to 12 inches more. It turns out to be 68 inches in height. It has the same height as the Catalina floor lamp.

Of all the floor lamps here, it has the longest cord of 8 feet. However, dusting off its Styrofoam is a tricky job once you take it out of the box. Check out its price now to know if it fits in your shoe.

  • Exquisite finishes
  • Adjustable height
  • Footswitch for added convenience
  • Open glass shade for bulb exchange
  • Sturdy and heavyweight
  • Styrofoam in the box spreads all over

“Our Take”

Like every other lamp by Henn&Hart, this one is innovative with its adjustable height and stylish appearance. It is best for reading or doing needlework.

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Guide to Buy the Best Modern Floor Lamp

Knowing a few ins and outs before you buy a modern floor lamp will make your buy even worth it. That’s why we have mentioned below pointers that you should keep in mind.


First off, check out the weight of a floor lamp. Its base should have enough weight to stand the budges. This is extremely necessary if you have naughty pets and children in the house.


A tall heightened lamp looks cumbersome in a low ceiling home and vice versa. For a high ceiling room, try to get your hands on a lamp with a height of more than 65 inches. Lamps with less than this height are suitable for low ceiling rooms.


From silver, gold, and black floor lamp, you need to choose the color you want for your living or bedroom? The best would be to pick one that corresponds to your theme and furniture.

Type of Lamp

Multiple types of lamps are there when it comes to modern floor lamps. Some are tripods, others are industrial, while a few are tree floor lamps. Decide where you want to place a floor lamp and pick a type to align your room’s appearance.


One more thing to ponder when buying a modern floor lamp is the purpose. Are you buying a lamp for cross-stitching? Or is it just for the sake of accent lighting? Stay certain of your purpose of buying as it’ll help you pick the right style of a modern floor lamp.

Cord Length

Last but not least is the cord length. It’s always favorable to have a lamp with a long cord. One should be of 6 feet at least so you could have the freedom to choose a position of your choice to station it.


These were the best modern floor lamp. When you plan on buying one, make sure to check out the weight, height, type, and color in view. Besides that, you should also keep the cord length in view to have freedom in deciding one’s spot.

Adesso 6285-01 Louise is a remarkable option if you ask us. It has appealing looks with a black shade and legs topped with rubber for stability. With its light, you can enjoy the new accents in the room and shape its personality.

Check out its price and order now before it gets out of stock.

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