Best Reading Lamp for Elderly in the Town

Your presence here means the search is for the best reading lamp for elderly as your eyes are aging. Must say, you’ve landed in the right place. Here we have positioned the lamps that are no less than a blessing for people with poor eyesight.

Stay with us until the last product to find one for your needs because you’ll definitely find the perfect lamp.

Top 5 Best Reading Lamp for Elderly

Product Name 




BenQ eReading LED Desk Lamp

‎10.4 pounds

‎23.2 x 8.6 x 24.61 inches

‎1 year

Daylight24 402071-15

‎9 pounds

‎9.5 x 9.5 x 65 inches

‎1 year

Daylight Company LLC UN1510

1.1 pounds

2.6 x 18.1 x 11.2 inches

1 year

Artiva USA LED9322F

‎28 pounds

‎24 x 24 x 61 inches

‎180 days

Globe Electric 51345

‎2.75 pounds

‎22.13 x 5 x 6.88 inches

No warranty

BenQ eReading LED Desk Lamp – Best Reading Lamp for Elderly Overall

BenQ reading lamp rightly has the best reading lamp reviews online. It offers versatility to which other lamps are not even near. The lamp comes with 35 inches wide head that spreads light over the entire desk you are reading on.

Having 13 color temperatures from 2700k to 5700k, it allows you to do more than just reading. It has warm color light with which you can read and sew or knit if that’s your hobby. To diversify the lighting feature, it provides you with 23 brightness settings.

There is a knob on the lamp head with which you can adjust the temperature and brightness. And, even if you won’t, it’ll adjust the brightness itself. The lamp comes installed with the auto-dimming feature. So, if you can’t decide the right brightness for yourself, the lamp will.

Not only this, the whole arm of the lamp is moveable. So, you can readjust it anytime you change your sitting area without having a fear of it tipping over. It has a heavy base with approximately 10 inches diameter for stability.

BenQ eReading LED Desk Lamp

  • Broad neck
  • Brightness adjustable
  • Auto-dimmer
  • Heavy and stable
  • Flexible neck
  • Available in 3 more colors
  • Expensive
  • Wide base consume space

“Our Take”

Although expensive, the lamp is worth every buck. Not only do we say that, but numerous buyers agree to it. It has multiple settings and is still easy for the elderly to operate. Also, it’s stable even when you adjust the arms.

Daylight24 402071-15 – Best Adjustable Floor Lamp for Reading

If you are searching for a reading lamp that doesn’t disturb your wife sleeping beside or watching TV, this Daylight24 lamp is for you. It’s a floor lamp with an adjustable beam that widens from 3 inches to 33 inches so you can perform tasks other than reading.

As a gooseneck design, it allows you to adjust the neck up to 15.5 inches. That said, you get the light on the page your eyes are on. With this lamp comes included LED bulb that lasts 50,000 hours or 20 years in a row.

Not only is this lamp innovative in functionality but appearance. It’s made out of nickel, while the shade is aluminum. In the modern and contemporary setting, it is the best addition ever.

It’s a 65 inches tall and 9.5 inches wide lamp. Due to this width, it’s stable on the ground. Three years warranty of the lamp makes it the most reliable unit out there.

Daylight24 402071-15

  • Adjustable shade
  • Wide and stable base
  • Long-life LED
  • Three years warranty
  • The bulb is not replaceable

“Our Take”

Of all the floor lamps available, it has the best reading floor lamp reviews. The lamp is featured with gooseneck, and the adjustability of the beam width makes it versatile. Get it if you don’t want to disturb others in the house while you read.

Daylight Company LLC UN1510 – Best Clamp Reading Lamp for Elderly

Maximum light is the need of the weak elderly eyesight. In that regard, the Daylight Company LLC UN1510 lamp stands stall. It has dual heads through which comes bright light, sufficient for sewing, crafting, drawing, other than reading.

Both the arms of the lamp are adjustable. You can join them together or separate them from illuminating the wide area of a big and fat book. The 56 LEDs that are integrated have a long life and play a major role in saving your electricity bills every month.

It gives you the freedom to pick the best brightness setting. There is four-level brightness in it, so you can make the lamp go easy on your eyes. All the operations are carried out through the touch dimmer on the end of the light bulbs.

On touching, they are never hot, and you can easily change the settings. However, the panel is very responsive, so you need to be careful while moving.

Daylight Company LLC UN1510

  • Reasonable price
  • Four brightness levels
  • Dual heads illuminate more
  • Slim, sleek, and compact
  • Transforms into a clamp design
  • Only one light color
  • Very much responsive panel

“Our Take”

If you are looking forward to having a desk lamp that illuminates more than others, this lamp has your back. It provides enough light for reading and is also available in clamp and floor versions. Affordability is also of its major pluses.

Artiva USA LED9322F – Best Magnifying Floor Lamp for Reading

Poor elderly eyes need enlarged words to read easily, sometimes. In that case, prefer buying this Artiva magnifying floor lamp. It’s a lamp with a magnifier having 7.5 inches viewing area, increasing the size of the words that were difficult to read before.

Unlike others, the lamp has a lens made out of glass. This makes it free of scratches, unlike plastic, and lets it stay available in the long run. It also has a 5X diopter so that you can take it as an advantage for needlework, sewing, or knitting.

With this lamp, you get portability. It has 4 sturdy wheels plugged on the base that is easy to swivel and help you move it here and there. Thanks to this, you can even hide it on weekends when your grandchildren visit you.

There is no brightness setting or color available other than white. It showers bright white light of 6000k, which is suitable for multiple home chores. The tall lamp of 61 inches has adjustable arms to which you can adjust anytime.

Artiva USA LED9322F

  • Swiveling casters
  • Strong white light
  • Heavy weighted base
  • Uses LED bulb for energy saving
  • Flexible arm
  • Expensive
  • Consume space

“Our Take”

For having this lamp, your room should have sufficient space. It has swiveling casters, which take up good space in the room. The lamp magnifies objects multiple times and makes your reading experience stress-free on the eyes.

Globe Electric 51345 – Best Space Saving Reading Lamp for Elderly

Having a table and floor lamp is a threat in a home full of naughty children. And, if you agree to it, give this wall sconce lamp a try. Globe Electric lamp comes ready to plug into the wall. However, it occupies a little time and attention to instructions for assembling.

Use it with or without a cord. It allows you to connect to the hardware to prevent the ugly dangling cord. While you can also use it with a cord which is 5 feet 9 inches. The on/off switch is located on the light.

Available in multiple other designs and colors, the matte black is also an eye-catching piece. It blends in both modern and traditional rooms and becomes a style statement.

Thanks to the adjustable head that moves side by side along with vertical and horizontal, you can set it to radiate light on your book. Know that the bulb isn’t included in the package, and you need to buy one of 60 watts.

Globe Electric 51345

  • Affordable price
  • Available in multiple design and color
  • Bright and adjustable
  • Usable with or without cord
  • Space-saving design
  • Doesn’t include a bulb
  • Not very easy to install

“Our Take”

As a reading lamp, this wall sconce is one of the finest options. It saves your space, protects against accidents that can occur with naughty children around, and provides you with an adjustable arm.

LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp – Best Bedside Reading Lamp for Elderly

In the name of foldable design, Lampat is the best reading lamp. The lamp comes with a flexible arm that adjusts to certain degrees to shower light where you want and ultimately folds after you are done reading.

With it, you get four light temperatures that go from white to yellow. Also, there are five brightness levels, so you can play around with the color and balance it with the absolute brightness you desire to have.

All the settings of the lamp are accessible through touch. This touch panel is on the arm and highly responsive, so it’ll never annoy you. The memory function of the lamp is also a plus here.

Besides that, it has a timer of one hour. You can set it if you usually sleep while reading in the bed. To complement these features, the manufacturers have added a USB charging port, so your mobile phone stays nearby.

LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

  • Multiple brightness levels
  • Four color lights
  • Flexible arm
  • Foldable design
  • Built-in USB charging port
  • Finish shows dust and fingerprint
  • Upper part is not that strong

“Our Take”

At affordable prices, this is a stealing deal. It allows the weak eyes to read easily by providing multiple brightness and colors. There are multiple features to count on it. You can easily store it due to the foldable arm.

Newhouse Lighting LED Clip-on Light – Best Cheap Reading Lamp for Elderly

Having no fixed room and area for reading, you might find it difficult to have a portable lamp. But not anymore since the Newhouse Lighting lamp is all here.

The lamp is lightweight at 1 pound and consists of a clip-on design. Both of these factors make it easily moveable from one place to another. Worry not; it won’t ruin your furniture’s look as the clamp is plugged with suction cups.

Installed with LED, it gives off non-flickering light. This light is 3000k warm white and the right amount required for reading. It doesn’t flicker, and neither does it harm your eyes.

Although it has a  ‎4.75 x 2.75 x 4.75 inches dimension, you can adjust it to multiple angles. Credit goes to the gooseneck that allows you to do it. Know that the lamp’s switch is on the cord, so it gets challenging to find it in the dark, especially for the poor eyes.

Newhouse Lighting LED Clip-on Light

  • Five years warranty
  • Cheap priced
  • Available in three more colors
  • Suction cups on the clamp
  • Easy on the eyes and bright for reading
  • Clamp is hard to open
  • Switch is on the cord

“Our Take”

The lamp marks tick in all the feature columns. It has enough reading light, is portable, and is versatile. So, you can use it for multiple tasks at home. Also, it’s easy to operate and cheap price.

Guide to Buy the Best Reading Lamp for Elderly

Aim to have the best reading lamp for elderly? Forget not to skim through this section and keep the pointers in view while buying a lamp.

Best Reading Lamp for Elderly



The weight of your reading lamp should be good enough. You can only read easily in the long run if the lamp is safe. And, for that, the heavyweight constitutes a lot to let the lamp stand tall.

Your lamp should also have a heavy base. To know about it, check out the reviews online, and you’ll get the right-hand information.


After having a lamp, it might not blend well in the space you think it would. That’s why always check the dimension manufacturer has mentioned. In this way, you’ll be able to fit the lamp in your desired area. Especially if you are running short on space, you should never miss it out.

Type of Reading Lamp

Not one type of lamp is suitable and desired by everyone. Reading lamps come in desk style, clamping, standing, wall hanging, and a few are floor lamps. Decide earlier what type you are looking for.

Wall hanging lamp prevents it from naughty children’s reach. While clamping lamps save space. For having a floor lamp, you should have enough space, though.

Multiple Brightness/Colors

The most preferred light for reading is 3000k to 4000k. This light of this temperature is warm. However, you can read easily in other color lights like 5000k to 6000k. All in all, it’s always better to have a lamp with adjustable color so you can perform tasks with it than just reading.

Along with that, multiple brightness is also good to have. You are not always in the mood to take a bright light that gets into your eyes. After all, more options get you versatility.


Search for a reading lamp with an adjustable head and neck. With this adjustability, you have the option to reset the height, width, and shower light where you want. It gives you the freedom to work in multiple spaces.


At last, also peek for the warranty. As you buy a reading lamp, you’ll be reading every next day. A lamp with long life is all that you want, that means. In that regard, a warranty can be helpful if something goes wrong.

Frequently Asked Question

What wattage bulb does an elderly need for reading?

You should always pick a bulb keeping in view the wattage. Since your eye is not young, you will not read comfortably under 10 watts bulb. You should pick a 75 to 100 watts LED bulb if your age is 50 or more.

Is yellow or white light better for an elderly reading?

Neither the light should be warm nor too white for reading. The warm 3000k to 4000k temperature color is sufficient for this purpose. However, this temperature is not fixed, and you can read in white light.

Which is the best reading lamp for the elderly?

In our opinion, BenQ eReading LED Desk Lamp is the best reading lamp. It has 23 brightness levels and 13 colors you can light it on. The arm of this lamp is suspended over the desk and is totally adjustable for versatile use. To find out more in-depth, read the review above.


If you want the best reading lamp for elderly, make sure it has multiple brightness and colors, adjustable neck, and is heavyweight. Select the type of lamp depending on the space available to you and what you desire.

By the way, which one do you find the best lamp here?

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