Best Smart Bedside Lamp Available Right Now

Are you looking for the best smart bedside lamp that helps you sleep and aligns with your moods on different days of the month? Check out the bedroom lamps mentioned here. Unlike other multiple smart lamps, they are available on this date.

Stay with us until we review and forget not to check the buying guide to have the best smart lamp.

Best Smart Bedside Lamp

Philips Hue Iris Smart Lamp

In the world of smart technology, Philips has made its mark. The company has a series of lamps and bulbs, and Philips Iris smart bedside lamp is one of the exclusive smart lamps available out there.

The lamp is made to perform actions on your instructions when connecting it to Alexa. Google, Apple Home Kit, and Bluetooth connection are also available for quick responses to your commands.

To take it to the Pro level, you’d need Philips Hue Hub. Hub provides you with syncing light with music and movies, controlling multiple lamps when you are far apart from home, and setting a light schedule that you cannot access simply pairing through Bluetooth.

What’s exciting about the lamp is the 16 million color integration. So, you can enjoy the mood lighting in your bedroom and change it to warm light to set the mood of your partner.

Made out of metal, it is sturdy and doesn’t break easily. It is also lightweight at 2.46 pounds, so you can transport it to the living room when your friends come to the party. Check out its price and warranty now to get the best smart lamp for your bucks.

  • Made out of sturdy material
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple brightness settings
  • Connects through Bluetooth, Google, Alexa, and Apple kit
  • Corded design
  • Requires Hub for advanced functions

“Our Take”

Iris is Philip’s stellar lamp with multiple options for convenience. It has numerous colors with brightness adjustability and pairs quickly for taking the atmosphere of your bedroom to the next level.

Eve Flare Smart LED LampEve Flare Smart LED Lamp

If you are finding a smart lamp that works both indoors and outdoors, nothing can beat the versatility of the Eve Flare Smart LED lamp. It comes with a charging base, a globe-style lamp with a metal handle on top.

This metal handle comes in handy when you want to take a walk to the kitchen to grab a water bottle at night. On adventure trips like camping, you can hang the lamp through this handle. Use it for 6 hours straight as its battery is made to last.

You need to make the globe sit on the charging base for juicing it up. While the base gets plugged into the wall. However, the company doesn’t sell the charging base separately, so you might need to have a new lamp if this goes down.

iPhone, iPad, Siri, or Apple Watch are the ones it easily pairs with. It also connects with the HomeKit for added security. So, if your home has smart technology installed, it’s a plus to have.

It showers the light from 32 degrees to 140 degrees, washing your ceiling to the ground with beautiful mood and accent lighting. Water-resistance layer of the lamp keeps it from damage if the water spills on your nightstand accidentally.

Compared to Philips Hue Iris, it is lenient in price. Find out the price yourself through the yellow button and make a better verdict on buying a smart lamp.

  • Reasonable price
  • Pairs with almost every smart option
  • Wireless charging
  • Carry handle for hanging and transportation
  • Charging stations are not sold separately

“Our Take”

The Eve Flare throws bright light pairing with your mood. It’s solid, water-resistant for uninvited accidents, and holds a charge for long hours. Take it on your trip or tighten the security system at your home with it.

Meross Smart WiFi Table LampMeross Smart WiFi Table Lamp

Stepped here for the smart bedside lamp that doesn’t break your bank and help you manage the lighting days and nights? Meross smart nightstand lamp has got you covered.

Along with being a Google smart lamp, it is Apple Homekit, Alexa, Siri, and Apple watch friendly to add more versatility. Voice and manual are the two ways you can harness its functions to your will.

The quick tapping on top helps you fluctuate brightness for reading, nursing, or sleeping. While you can pick the color of your choice from 16 million offered. Take note that you’ll need a Meross app to access the advanced function.

Other than lighting, what adds a twist is the timer. You can preset the sleeping hours in this lamp, and it’ll automatically shut off without you having to lift a finger. You can also bound it to scenic lighting to make the most out of every moment.

Since it’s made out of plastic, it appears a little cheap. There are no aesthetic looks to its building, which is why it costs you less. Check out its price now if you can give up on looks for functions.

  • Responsive touch panel
  • Compact and sturdy
  • Easy to pair and application use
  • Cheap option
  • Connects to Google, Alexa, Siri, and Apple HomeKit
  • Requires separate app for working
  • No aesthetic looks

“Our Take”

Meross is a small lamp that fits on a packed nightstand. It is made to stand the bumps as made sturdy. Costing less, it provides a lot, including timer and scenic automation.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Bedside LampXiaomi Mi Smart Bedside Lamp

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Bedside lamp is made to multiply your movie experience and fun time with your partner in the bedroom. It has millions of colors like other smart table lamps you can choose from.

As a smart lamp with Alexa friendly design, it follows your voice commands when you want to dim the brightness and change color. That way, you don’t have to get out of your bed or lift a finger to make significant light changes in your room’s atmosphere.

Other than Alexa, it also pairs with Siri for iPhone users. It’s an easy-to-use smart device when you connect it to Apple watch or HomeKit for security tightening.

More or less, it appears like Meross’s smart bedside lamp. So, it’s compact, lightweight, and sturdy but lacks aesthetics. However, it costs a little more than the Meross table lamp, which you can compare through the yellow button.

Through the app, the lamp allows you to the preset timer for turning it on and off. It gives you the privilege to have a nice feel when you want to sleep, read, or do some craftwork in the white light.

  • Easy to use app
  • Quickly connects to Google, Alexa, Apple Homekit, watch, and Siri
  • Compact design
  • Adjust brightness
  • Not that bright

“Our Take”

Xiaomi Mi Smart table lamp comes with numerous colors and brightness to choose from. It provides you with multiple connectivity options to allow you to decide what’s better to pair the lamp with.

Guide to Buy the Best Smart Bedside Lamp

The world of the smart lamp is wide, and choosing the best smart bedside lamp can be difficult. To ease your searching, here we have pointed out a few things so you can make an informed decision.

guide to buy the best smart bedside lamp


Since you are buying a bedside lamp, space availability is the first and foremost thing. There should be sufficient area to position a smart table lamp for which you need to compare the dimension of a smart lamp to the area available on your nightstand.


Many pairing ways are there through which you master the color and brightness settings of a smart lamp. Check out if a smart lamp has your preferred smart options. It should have Alexa if you are going to associate it with Alexa, for instance.

Keep in mind plethora of smart lamps are versatile and pair with Alexa, Google, Smart HomeKit, or through their personal app. Bluetooth connection is an added reliability to a smart lamp to change settings if your Wi-Fi is not stable.


Will you use a smart table lamp outside occasionally or just in the bedroom? Think about it before picking a smart lamp. Some smart lamps are cordless and hold a charge for providing you portability, while others work when plugged on.

Color Syncing

Not by the tag, but a smart lamp needs to be smart by performance. Check out if a smart lamp sync with the movie or music you’ll play to enhance the mood. This will multiply the fun and make your experience even more enjoyable.

Price Range

Be certain of your price range for a smart lamp. These lamps come in $30 to $300, but looks, additional features like compatibility, color syncing, and timer options are compromised in a cheap lamp.


Warranty plays an important role whenever you buy a smart device. Try to have an extended warranty while noting that a warranty is rarely offered by an unknown brand or a cheap-priced lamp.


These were the best smart bedside lamp. When you buy them, make sure to check if your nightstand has sufficient space for one. Give a peek at the compatibility, portability, color syncing, and price.

We believe Philips Hue Iris Smart Lamp is the best smart lamp for the bucks. It pairs through multiple ways, consist of 16 million colors you can choose from, and appears stylish addition to your nightstand. Check out its price now before it gets out of stock.

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