Best Table Lamp for Reading In 2022

Are you looking for the best table lamp for reading? Well, that means you sure care for your eyes. Let us say that you’ve landed in the right place. After considering bookworms’ reading needs and comfort, here we are with the best options.

Let’s not take a minute more and review these lamps. However, make sure you go through the buying guide below to better opt from them.

BenQ eReading Best Table Lamp for Reading

If you have enough budget for a reading lamp, BenQ e-reading desk lamp should top your buying list. This desk lamp is equipped with all the features and modernity you wish to have.

It has 13 light colors ranging from white to warm colors, and 23 brightness settings. Due to this, it is not only helpful in reading but proficient enough to back you when you want to go through paperwork.

To provide you with versatility, it has three flexible arms. Each of these arms moves to a vast angle to give you the right amount of light exactly where you want. You’d be startled to know that it covers 35 inches wide area with its illumination.

Made out of a metal base of 8.7 inches and aluminum arms, it has a balance of sturdiness and is lightweight. So, you can move it from your desk to the bedside for reading at night. Since it is occupied with an LED bulb that promises to last 50,000 hours, preventing your electricity bills from breaking the bank.

When working for 8 hours straight with dedicated focus, the hour of the clock doesn’t get your attention, and so does the light. Keeping the situation in view, the manufacturer has built-in an auto-dimming mode.

The lamp is extremely safe for the eyes, being a glare-free design. And, if you doubt it to have on the nightstand, get the floor stand or desk clamp to make it convenient.

  • Wide light range
  • Adjustable arms
  • Multiple brightness and colors
  • Long-lasting LED and sturdy base
  • Aesthetic looks
  • Expensive

“Our Take”

BenQ reading lamp has everything a reader needs. It is totally adjustable – in terms of brightness, colors, and motion. You can make it sit on your bedside table or desk for detailing work or digesting fat books.

LAMPAT Dimmable LED Table Lamp

For budget readers and those who want a straightforward design, LAMPAT LED table lamp is a nice option. It is equipped with two flexible joints that move to align with your requirements. So, you can adjust the angle, stationing it at the bedside.

Although not as versatile as the BenQ desk lamp, it offers a change of light mode. Four light modes are reading, sleeping, studying, and relaxing, allowing you to pick one to create the ambiance of your desire.

Other than that, it consists of 5 brightness levels that satisfy your sight and help you perform better at different hours of the day. In case you sleep every time reading in the bed, you can set it on a 60 minutes auto shut off timer.

By the way, all these functions are carried out through the touch panel on the pole. For more convenience, it has a USB charging port. So, your phone can juice up, staying within your reach.

The design of the lamp makes sure to keep your eyes from strain. While it’s a 25,000 hours LED lifespan which is another reason why it can’t beat the BenQ reading lamp. However, it’s a tried and tested unit on which you can check details from the button below.

  • Multiple brightness settings
  • Responsive touch panels
  • Glare-free LED light
  • Integrated USB port
  • Flexible arms
  • Glossy finish shows fingerprints and dust

“Our Take”

Lampat desk lamp is a good pick for readers on a budget. It gives you the opportunity to do more than just reading under its light, having four lighting modes and multiple brightness settings.

PureOptics LED Table Lamp

Level up your reading experience with the PureOptics LED table lamp. It is the best reading lamp for bed since it provides you with more than just some amount of light – a fan.

The dual-functioning lamp has a bladeless fan inside. You can access the two-speed levels of these fans. In summers, it is a good lamp to have by your side. However, the fan does make some noise on the highest settings.

Get it if your nightstand or desk stays preoccupied. It is a minimal design that saves you space being just 5 x 7.5 x 15 inches. The glare-free light that it produces keeps your eyes from strain while it lasts up to 25,000 hours, equal to the Lampat reading lamp.

On top of that is the flexible arm which goes all the up and down in 90 degrees motion. So, you can put it on your bedside, adjust the angle and brightness, and enjoy your books. Speaking of brightness, there are 5 levels to which it adjusts for maximum visibility.

All its functions are accessed through the touch panel on the pole. You just need to tap it to fluctuate its settings. After you buy, the manufacturer backs you with a 1-year warranty. Check out what it covers in the warranty through the yellow button.

  • Space-saving design
  • Comes with a bladeless fan
  • Excellent build quality
  • Moving arm and adjustable brightness
  • Glare-free light
  • Fan is loud

“Our Take”

PureOptics table lamp is ideal for bed readers. Its neck is flexible with the light totally adjustable for the amount required for different tasks, including reading. Besides, the fan in it keeps you cool in the hottest degrees.

Lavish Home 72-0893 Lamp for Reading

Like the Lampat reading lamp, the Lavish Home table lamp is a budget-friendly option. However, it lacks more than the lamp lately. It is a gooseneck lamp that adjusts to the shower light exactly where you want.

Due to its neck adjustability, it becomes possible to put it on the bedside for reading, along with just reading on the desk or sofa. It gives off good brightness with a 150-watt bulb and 1300 lumens which is what is required for reading and detailing tasks.

Thanks to the straightforward button below the lamp bulb, the access is convenient. You need not find out the button in the dark or care about the responsiveness of the touch panel.

At 4.55 pounds, it weighs fair enough to maintain stability when adjusted. It is made out of plastic and metal, assuring you of long-term use.

Having multiple colors to choose from it offers you to pick one that depicts your style and blends well with the furniture in your room. Want to check other colors? Press the yellow button below.

  • Budget-friendly option
  • Bright light
  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • Simple on/off button
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Doesn’t illuminate a large area
  • Lacks brightness adjustability

“Our Take”

As a clean and sleek design, the Lavish Home lamp is made to offer you adjustability accompanied by a bright light. Its light is glare-free and protects your eyes from stress and strains. Keep it on the bedside or the desk to delight your reading practice.

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Not to mention, Black+Decker nails when they built appliances. Nothing is different with this Black+Decker table lamp. The lamp is a rechargeable unit that holds the battery for 4 hours to allow you to read in multiple nooks of your home.

Take note that the battery stands for 4 hours on the dimmest setting while 1.5 hours on the brightest. It charges through the USB cord coming along. All you need is a USB wall adaptor or a laptop nearby to get it plugged to.

Like the other reading lamps here, its neck is also adjustable. Add in here the stepless dimming with 3 color temperatures, and it becomes the best table lamp for reading in bed.

At 1.7 pounds, it does contribute to the portability but tips over with the angle adjusted. So, make sure to give it some support before adjusting the angle. The 40 minutes timer is a big sigh for readers that usually sleep reading.

It’s also available in the circle base to diversify your options. Forget not that the lamp consists of 3 years warranty, which none of them here has beaten. Isn’t it interesting? Check out the price and warranty coverage through the yellow button.

  • Thin, minimal design
  • Lightweight and rechargeable
  • Stepless brightness
  • Flexible neck with an easy motion
  • 3 years warranty
  • Tips over when angle adjusted

“Our Take”

Pretty straightforward, but the Black+Decker table lamp has everything a reader needs to prevent eye strain. It gives you brightness adjustability with multiple colors options to do more than just reading like crafting, painting, and knitting.

Guide to Buy the Best Table Lamp for Reading

best table lamp for reading

Ever wonder why every “Best Product” doesn’t resonate with you? That’s because not every product is made to suit your lifestyle and requirements. In that regard, here we have a full-proof buying guide to help you have the best table lamp for reading.


Whenever you step out to pick a table lamp for reading, first check its weight. The weight tells you if the lamp will stand the adjustments the neck of your lamp. Otherwise, it’ll tip repeatedly and disturb your reading mood.

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A lamp demands some room on your table. Most probably, your desk stays jam-packed with a stack of papers, stationery, and so on. The dimensions of a lamp help you determine if you have enough room to give the required space to the lamp.

Neck Adjustability

The best table lamp for reading always has neck adjustability. Notice how many joints a lamp consists of and how many of them offers motion. One with all arms moving gives you versatility.

Light Color

Let us mention that the light color of 2000-4000 Kelvin is ideal for reading. So, if you are buying a reading lamp for your table, make sure you have one falling in the range to keep your eyes from strain.

Number of Brightness

Along with light color, check out the number of brightness a manufacturer has integrated into a lamp. Try to have a lamp with at least 3 brightness levels, while stepless dimming should always top your list.

Bulb Type

Bulb type plays an important role when it comes to reading. Since you read for a long time, an LED bulb helps you maintain the electricity bills while promising to live for multiple years to come.

Switch Style

Lamp exists with a different switch style. You’d find multiple touch panels, simple on/off buttons, and buttons on the cord. Pick up a lamp with a switch that aligns with the area you will read a book – be it desk or bed.

Additional Features

Having additional features in demand is not wrong. You can have them in multiple budget-friendly lamps too. For instance, a timer function is suitable for readers who sleep usually reading.


These were the best table lamp for reading. Make sure you check the weight, size, bulb type, switch style, the color of the light, and brightness settings. Keeping these features in view, you’ll always have a top-notch lamp.

In our opinion, BenQ e-reading table lamp wins the race here. It has 13 light colors and 23 brightness settings, along with all joints adjustable. It features auto-dimming and a sturdy base for stability.

Check out its price now and have one in a color that mimics your style.






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