7 Best Table Lamps for Dark Rooms of Your Home

Are you looking for the best table lamps for dark rooms in your home? You’ve landed at the right place. Here we have the 7 best bright lamps to illuminate your whole room and are a plus if your apartment is windowless.

Today, you are sure to find the best table lamp. So, stay with us till the end of this review.

Top 5 Best Table Lamps for Dark Rooms of Your Home

Product Name



Single or Pair

Decor Therapy MP1096 Table Lamp

12.03 pounds

12 x 12 x 22.5 inches


JONATHAN Y JYL3005A Table Lamp

‎4.84 pounds

‎13 x 22 x 13 inches


Safavieh Nightstand Table Lamp

19 pounds

26 x 19 x 13 inches


BesLowe Table Lamps

‎6.01 pounds

17.52 x 8.39 x 7.24 inches


Daylight Company LLC UN1520 Table Lamp

1.7 pounds

4.7 x 16.9 x 15.2 inches


1.   Decor Therapy MP1096 Table Lamp – Best Table Lamp for Dark Room Overall

Agreed that your room is dark but if it has nice accents, have a table lamp like this to complement it. Decor Therapy MP1096 lamp is perfect for modern and contemporary rooms with neutral tones.

The steel base of the lamp gives rise to a crackle glass stem that follows the drum shade. Under this linen shade, you can plug in the bulb of a maximum of 100 watts. Keep in mind that the bulb isn’t included in the package.

In total, the lamps cast off 1600 lumens of light. So, when you turn it on through the rotary switch, it lifts your room’s spirit. This set of 2 blends well in the bedroom as they have a height of 22.5 inches which turns out less than most of the headboards.

Thanks to the large 5 feet cord, you need not place the lamp near the outlet. However, the packaging of the lamps is quite a downside as the Styrofoam scatters everywhere when out of the box.

 Decor Therapy MP1096 Table Lamp

  • Sturdy base
  • Comes in three colors
  • Long cord
  • Set of 2
  • Bright enough
  • Poor packaging
  • Bulbs are not included

“Our Take”

For the beauty of the unit, the price is fair enough. Other than the clear gold color, it also comes in extremely gorgeous emeralds. It does brighten up the darkroom and is perfect for setting up the mood or reading at night.

2. JONATHAN Y JYL3005A Table Lamp – Best Ginger Jar Table Lamp for Dark Rooms

Themes like modern, classic, cottage, traditional, and contemporary of a dark room can never have anything better than this Jonathan lamp. It is a ginger jar lamp with absolute finishes and energizing vibes.

The 6-inch wide base is sturdy with fine gold accents. While the blue birds that are hand-printed on the shade in chinoiserie pattern best compliment the white color. It is the best ever addition to your bedroom or dining room.

As it gives 800 lumens, its light is soft. However, if you want your room to illuminate enough, you can buy it in pairs. On the downside is its gray cord, which somehow spoils the lamp’s look until you hide it anyway.

One of the best inclusions is the LED bulb. This LED bulb claims to work for 25,000 hours, which means you can enlighten your room for years in a row. Besides, it is Alexa and Philips Hues friendly, so you can pair it with the smart device and enjoy your freedom.

JONATHAN Y JYL3005A Table Lamp

  • Fine finishes
  • Includes LED bulb
  • Perfect height for tables
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Gray fabric cord

“Our Take”

The ceramic lamp is a conversation piece. It catches the focal point with the symmetry and the appealing hues it is designed with. While it’s soft and not that bright for reading, you can buy two to embrace brightness in your darkroom.

3. Safavieh Nightstand Table Lamp – Best Set of 2 Table Lamps for Dark Room

Get this pair of Safavieh Nightstand Table Lamp if you want to add a style statement to your darkroom. These lamps are heavy enough with 20 pounds weight, making them stable and safe to have around with kids.

About their looks, they come with a crystal base and cotton shade topping the stem. This shade is 12 x 12 inches and gives off diffused light that doesn’t blind you. They blend amazingly well in the modern and contemporary settings of your darkroom.

Keep in mind that the height of these lamps is 28.5 inches. Apparently, the lamp is taller than other table lamps. So, make sure your headboard is high enough if you want to place it on the nightstand.

As the package includes a 100 watts bulb, stay worry-free. You don’t need to find one. Plus, it includes a large 60 inches cord having 2 prongs. Given the beauty, the price of the lamp is quite reasonable, which you can check out through the button below.

Safavieh Nightstand Table Lamp

  • Nice built
  • Sturdy and tall
  • Great size shades
  • Easy to assemble
  • Brightness is non-adjustable

“Our Take”

These lamps are bright enough for reading at night or lighting your dining room. They look equally elegant, both turned off and on. Also, they are versatile enough and amalgam well in the living room, bedroom, or dorm.

4. BesLowe Table Lamps – Best Table Lamp for Dark Room with No Shade

If you are not interested in the shaded lamps for your darkroom, these BesLowe industrial lamps are the perfect fit for you. They come in a pair with the metal base and covers the bulb with the glass shade

The lamps look minimal and consume very little space on the table. So, worry not even if your table stays packed with books, glasses, and jug every night. It has a weight of 6.01 pounds, so they are a bit non-sturdy from others.

Although the lamp is bright enough, you can readjust its brightness. It has 3 dimness settings from bright to low you can access from its base. The touch panel on the base is very responsive, so it’s easy to use even by the kids.

In terms of additional features, it provides you with two USB ports. With these USB ports, you can charge your phone and avoid the clusters of cords on your nightstand. As the package includes LED bulbs, you need not look out for one.

BesLowe Table Lamps

  • Reasonable
  • Bright light
  • Includes the LED bulbs
  • Dimmable
  • Responsive touch panel
  • Non-sturdiness

“Our Take”

Besides being bright enough, the lamp provides you with added features. It is equipped with brightness settings, and most importantly, it’s really easy to use through the touch panel.

5. Daylight Company LLC UN1520 Table Lamp – Best Dual Head Table Lamp for Dark Room

Of all the best lamp for room without light, Daylight Company LLC UN1520 is one of the brightest lamps. It gives off 2,090 lux of light, making it the perfect unit for tasks like crafting, studying, or just reading in a dark room at night.

Thanks to the double head design and 56 LEDs installed, the light covers a wide area. Plus, its arm is movable. That said, you can adjust each arm to radiate light in the direction of your object.

It consists of 4 levels of brightness that are accessible with the touch switch. This switch is quick and responsive. Even after working for long hours, the lamp doesn’t get hot to touch, so your workstation stays cool, and you work comfortably.

The cord of the lamp is long. It is 59.1 inches, which is advantageous if your outlet is not near. One year of warranty and a fair price make it a go-to option. Want to know the price? Check out through the button below.

Daylight Company LLC UN1520 Table Lamp

  • Long cord
  • Very bright
  • 4 brightness settings
  • Dual headed
  • Flexible arms
  • Short height
  • Position of on/off button

“Our Take”

Simple yet, this table lamp is perfect for the dark rooms in your home. It is basically a good option for multiple tasks that need bright light. The brightness adjustment makes it versatile.

6. Elegant Designs LC2000-GRY-2PK – Best Classic Table Lamps for Dark Rooms

No matter what color furniture you have in your darkroom, you can complement it the best with this lamp. The Elegant Designs LC2000-GRY-2PK lamp comes in 16 other colors other than gray.

Unlike the other lamps, this table lamp has a leather-wrapped base in gray. While the shade is rectangular white that soothes the light but that’s still bright to enlighten the whole room.

The lamps are sturdy enough with a combined weight of 7.37 pounds. Due to this weight, budging them is not really easy. Know that it doesn’t include a light bulb, so buying one falls on your part.

Under the lampshade is it’s on/off switch. Getting your hands to this switch is a bit difficult. However, the height of 21 inches of the lamp is good enough for the nightstands and end tables in your living room.

Elegant Designs LC2000-GRY-2PK

  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Stable bases
  • Cheap priced
  • Easy to assemble
  • Difficult reach to on/off button

“Our Take”

The Elegant Design Lamp is classy and adds a dramatic effect to your room. It showers sufficient light to turn your room bright. Other than gray, its eggplant and red color are exquisite.

7.  Creative Co-Op DA7565 Table Lamp – Best Table Lamp for Kid’s Dark Room

In case you are finding a gold-accented table lamp radiating bright light, look no further. This lamp by Creative Co-Op has a bright gold giraffe with excellent detailing. It blends in the bedroom or living room the best.

Out of the box, you need to fix the giraffe head into the frame. However, doing that is a bit tricky. Besides that, the long white coming from the giraffe’s belly cuts off the lamp’s beauty, so make sure you hide it well.

It is a tall 26 inches lamp that looks stunning. While it doesn’t come with the bulb. So, ship along with one of 40 watts max. It does brighten the darkroom, and the gold tones sparkle with the light.

Know that the on/off switch of the lamp is on the cord. That said, you should position it in a way that you can access this button. It’s also one of the best presents you can give your nursery son/daughter to complete the vibe of their safari-themed room.

Creative Co-Op DA7565 Table Lamp

  • Extremely gorgeous
  • Brightens the entire room
  • Simple operation
  • Giftable
  • Fixing head is challenging
  • Cord pops out

“Our Take”

It’s an eye-catching lamp due to the gold and white contrast. Along with the brightness, it tunes the aesthetics of your room. It’s also a good option for gifting to someone close.

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Guide to Buy the Best Table Lamps for Dark Rooms

It’s important that you buy the best table lamp for your darkroom. However, without know-how getting one is next to impossible. So, go through this section where we have addressed the pointers to look for when buying this kind of lamp.

Best Table Lamps for Dark Rooms

Weight / Height

The weight and height of your lamp keep value. The more weighted the base, the more the lamp would be stable.

The rule of thumb says that your table lamp shouldn’t be higher than the headboard of your bed. While the height doesn’t matter a lot when a lamp is being positioned in the dining or living room.

Single or Pair

Keep in mind that a single lamp will give off a small amount of light. However, it’s always better to pick a set of two for a dark room. Align the aesthetic and looks by buying a pair of table lamps, especially for the bedroom.

Buying Intent

One of the important factors when buying the table lamp for the darkroom is your intent. Ask yourself if you want the lamp just to brighten the room? Or, your room has a window, but you want a nice addition for the night to walk to the bathroom?

Type of Bulb

In all the bulbs, try to put your hands on lamps with LED bulbs. These bulbs not only save your electricity bills but are bright enough. Having those means embracing bright light in your room.

Shade or Without Shade

Where there are table lamps with shades, a few also come without shades. Decide if you want a soft light to set the mood in your darkroom or an industrial lamp. Get a shaded lamp for diffused light while a lamp without shade for sharp light.


Warranty allows you to buy a table lamp with peace of mind. Whenever you buy a lamp, make sure you check the warranty. So, you can claim it if there appears to be an issue.


These were the best table lamps for dark rooms in your home. Not only are these lamps bright but beautiful and add the lost spirit to your room. Remember to buy a lamp for a dark room keeping in view the pointers mentioned in the buying guide.

We prefer Decor Therapy MP1096 Table Lamp. This lamp gives off enough brightness and has neutral tones. However, it might not be the best fit for your room due to the room you are about to put in, themes, and additional features. So, you can pick one of your kind.

Let us know through the comment section which one do you find the best table lamp for dark rooms. 

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