Best Tripod Floor Lamp in 2022

Why compromise on your home’s fashion when you have a quite good room to station a tripod floor lamp? A tripod floor lamp boosts the energy and makes a statement piece in your living space.

Today, we have the best tripod floor lamps on board. These floor lamps are made to satisfy the looks of your home. Let’s get ahead but make sure you check the buying guide below to blend one in your home perfectly.

Adesso 6285-01 Louise Best Tripod Floor Lamp

To draw the attention of visitors or to make a bold statement piece, the Adesso Louise floor lamp is the best tripod lamp out there. It has nice accents with black metal legs that are followed by rubber tips.

These wood rubber tips keep the lamp stand tall against the bumps. The 6 pounds weight of the lamp is also to be credited for this. With this lamp, you get a black lampshade which, when lit, appears brown and creates a cozy environment.

Make sure to ship a bulb along with the lamp as it doesn’t include one. It requires a 3 way light bulb to work with its 3-way switch on the socket. Otherwise, you’d be able to access the bright lighting alone.

Do you have smart outlets? Because it pairs with them making your life easier than ever. Its cord runs through one of the legs to keep it out of visibility. That said, you can position it in the middle of your room without worrying about its looks.

  • Exclusive finishes
  • Bright enough and works with a 3-way bulb
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Hidden cord
  • Bulb doesn’t come along

“Our Take”

Adesso Louise floor lamp is a clean and sleek lamp with polished surfaces that are built to blend in your living room, bedroom, or entryways. It’s built with practicality and style in mind and is a nice fit for rooms with a ceiling of 8 feet.

Catalina 19973-000 Tripod Floor Lamp

If you are a buyer on budget and still want an appealing floor lamp that speaks for itself, get a Catalina tripod floor lamp. It has a metal body with a drum shade of white color to soothe light and prevent glares.

Being 61.25 inches high, it is a nice addition to the living rooms with average height. While make sure you have enough space to place it as each of its legs is 22 inches apart, consuming a large area yet assuring stability.

Like the Adesso floor lamp, it also demands a 3-way bulb yet doesn’t include one in the package. It requires an incandescent bulb of 150 watts or an equivalent LED bulb.

Coming from the legs, its cord is hidden to maintain the beauty of the lamp. The 60 inches long cord, however, gives you the privilege to decide the position of your floor lamp.

Along with smart outlets compatibility (sold separately), it is Alexa friendly. So, you don’t have to move a finger to turn it on. It is backed by a 1-year warranty, which makes it a reliable lamp. Check out more on warranty and price below.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Top-notch finish
  • Nice accents and sturdy built
  • Smart outlet compatible
  • Easy to budge

“Our Take”

Catalina lamp adds dramatic effects to the nooks of the home. It gives subtle light that takes the room’s profile next level. Hints of modern themes along with sleek built make it a must-have.

Creative Co-Op Best Floor Lamp

Sticking the floor lamp to the floor with naughty or crawling babies in the house becomes essential. Such a prerequisite doesn’t exist with the Creative Co-Op tripod floor lamp. At 16.15 pounds, it is heavy enough to stand tall against budges.

Each leg of the floor lamp is wooden, being at a distance of 19 inches. Along with stability, it frees up a little room in your living space. The drum lampshade on the top is made out of burlap to add a twist to the built and throw soft light.

Granted that it costs you more than other tripod lamps, it provides you with ease of lifestyle and adjustment. It has a 3-way rotary switch that adjusts with the use of a 3-way bulb (sold separately).

Having a height of 62 inches, ceilings with 8 feet is the best to have it under. Not only wooden, but it is also available in black color. Check out both colors through the yellow button to compare and pick better.

  • Available in black color
  • Heavyweight and sturdy enough
  • Easy to assemble
  • Gives diffused light
  • Expensive

“Our Take”

The Creative Co-Op floor lamp is made with practicality in mind. It has nice aesthetics and turns the vibe of living rooms and bedrooms. Besides, it takes less room than other tripod floor lamps.

JONATHAN Y JYL2081A Arliss Tripod Floor Lamp

Do justice with your modern and contemporary décor and bring this Jonathan tripod floor lamp home. It features metal legs with crystal topping to add a dramatic effect and make a bold statement piece.

The drum shade is made to appeal and soften the light beams. Out of the box, it includes a 9 watts LED bulb that promises to live for 25,000 hours, which means you can turn it on for 5 to 6 hours every day.

With a height of 60 inches and a width of 18.5 inches, it is an ideal lamp to place in your living or bedroom. It weighs 20.6 pounds, being the heaviest yet safest lamp to have in the house with children.

Attention to detail makes it a flawless design. It has a long silk-wrapped cord with a footswitch on it. If you are a little lazy to go towards your lamp to turn it off, this is one of the most convenient lamps to have.

  • Comes with the bulb
  • Tall and sturdy against budge
  • Clean and sleek look
  • Silk wrapped cord
  • Footswitch for convenience
  • Falls on the expensive side

“Our Take”

Jonathan’s tripod floor lamp is as efficient and flawless as its other lamps. They have kept the trend of sending LED bulbs alive along with the package. The lamp adds symmetry to the home in the modern and contemporary themes.

Creative Co-Op EC0599 Tripod Lamp

Can’t deny that Creative Co-Op tripod floor lamps are designed to feature your ambiance exclusively. This tripod lamp does the same as the lamp above. It has three wooden legs, each at a distance of 17 inches, consuming little space.

Sitting on the lamp is a white drum shade. It completes the look of the lamp and filters the light to keep it from getting into your eyes.

At the height of 63 inches, it illuminates the dark rooms or nooks in your home. It is one of the tallest floor lamps here, which ties the appearance of large rooms together. The downside is that the cord comes from the center of the three legs.

It has a weight of 6.35 pounds which helps it stand tall and apart from budging. Other than the wood finish, it is available in a dark brown hue. So, you can check and pick one going well with your décor.

  • Polished wood
  • Decent light comes from the shade
  • 3-way rotary bulb
  • Consumes less space than others
  • Cord comes from the center of three legs

“Our Take”

The Creative Co-Op floor lamp is a budget-friendly option with a touch of a rustic theme. It looks absolutely gorgeous in the living rooms, bedrooms, and entryways of the home. It gives off bright light and illuminates the entire room.

Guide to Buy the Best Tripod Floor Lamp

Small details make a tripod floor lamp look gorgeous. So, it’s necessary that you look into the buying guide below to have a top-notch floor lamp.

best tripod floor lamp


A tripod floor lamp is not as sturdy as a traditional floor lamp. Thankfully, the heavyweight keeps it from moving. Make sure you check out the weight of a lamp – especially if you have naughty kids or pets.


Tripod floor lamps consume more room of your space – more than you think. It’s very crucial that you check the distance between each of their legs. Calculate and compare this distance of legs to the room you have available.


The height checking rule applies to every kind of floor lamp. You should always ponder over the height of your tripod floor lamp to know if it will go well under your ceiling or not. A high ceiling home demands tall lamps.


To blend a lamp into your living space, the theme of the lamp and room should align. Like crystal floor lamps look extremely gorgeous in modern and contemporary rooms.


If you have a particular demand for the type of material used in your tripod floor lamp, check it out. Most probably, you’ll find tripod lamps with metal or wooden legs. Know your preference and pick one.


By comparing tripod floor lamps with other types of floor lamps, you’d know they are a little expensive. Stylishness and modernity may be the reason. Make your budget before you head to buy a tripod lamp since they come at different prices.


These were the best tripod floor lamp. When you head to buy one, make sure to consider the weight, height, width, material, and theme of the lamp. The budget should also be set before making a vigilant decision.

In our opinion, Adesso 6285-01 Louise is the best lamp of all. It provides your room with nice aesthetics, has a beautiful lampshade, compatible with smart outlets, and consists of a 3-way socket for adding modernization to your life.


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