Best Wet Rated Outdoor Ceiling Fans with Lights

Dripping sweat in the summer when sitting on the patio keeps you from enjoying yourself.

While the lack of light outdoor is a hindrance to cooking or dining when the sun goes down.

Well, now you don’t need to compromise on any of that since we are here with a solution to solve both problems in one shot.

Best wet rated outdoor ceiling fans with lights!

These fans are made to stand the moisture and dirt outside. And, let us say, they look extremely gorgeous when hung over.

Let’s get started reviewing them.

Modern Forms Ceiling Fan – Best Wet Rated Outdoor Ceiling Fans with Lights

Modern Forms ceiling fan stand up to their name, and this ceiling fan is a true example. It has 3 blades rated for dampness, so you can hang it outdoors without fearing losing its finish.

Featured to pair with the smart home devices, including Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung Smart things, it makes the access to your fan convenient.

For added reliability, it comes with a remote through which you can select 1 of the 6 speeds the fan has. And, if you are not into any of these options, the Bluetooth connection of the unit will probably satisfy you.

Moreover, it has advanced settings, including fan grouping, scheduling, and adaptive learning. However, you can only take advantage of them by downloading the Modern Forms app.

The 44 inches ceiling fan is the right fit for small to medium-sized porches and patios. In contrast, the 6-speed allows you to enjoy a breezy atmosphere. Let us mention that it goes from very slow to the tornado status.

It is extremely silent so that you can enjoy dinner or grilling outdoor. While the 3000k light is sufficient to add a new feel and lift the appearance of your ceiling fan when lighted.

Due to its frosted glass cover, which is optional, the light is glare-free. And the most exciting part is that you can replace this LED light, so it’s safe to call it a long-term investment.

Out of the box, it comes with 6 inches downrod and allows you to hang it on a sloped ceiling up to 32 degrees. However, we suggest calling an electrician to install this fan since the process is pretty challenging.

  • Comes with a downrod and remote
  • Smart device compatible
  • Bright and cozy light
  • 6 different speeds
  • Advanced settings with the app
  • Challenging to install

Our Take

Modern Forms ceiling fan adds reliability and convenience outdoors. Its light is soft while the air is breezy. Above all, it fits in all types of decors and compliments your settings.

Emerson Wet Rated Ceiling Fan

Obvious that your porch or patio is uncovered, and the dirt and water should not get to your ceiling fan. That’s where the Emerson ceiling fan comes in handy. This ceiling fan is best to have outdoor to enjoy the weather or dinner on a few days of the week.

It is a 52 inches ceiling fan with 5 blades. Due to this size, it’s a perfect fit for medium to large patios. You just need to install it and enjoy the air it throws. Speaking of the air, it makes the surroundings airy and wicks your sweat.

The installation process of the fan is pretty straightforward, and you’ll need 15 minutes to get the job done. And, if you are not a pro, give your electrician a call. The semi-flush mount fan is low profile having 3.5 inches downrod, which doesn’t take up a large space.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the fan is that it doesn’t come with a light kit. You need to buy it separately. However, once you hang it outside, it transitions the look of the patio.

The white finish fan is simple yet classic addition outdoors. Its pull chain design makes it pretty easy to turn on and off the fan, while the limited lifetime warranty makes it reliable. Check out its price from the button below.

  • Straightforward looks
  • Easy to install
  • Very quiet
  • Moves the air evenly and good flow
  • Low profile design
  • The light kit is sold separately

Our Take

Emerson ceiling fan stands the moisture and debris outdoor. Although it appears simple, its nice looks transition the feel of the porch and patio. Since it doesn’t come with a light kit, buying it separately adds to the cost.

Fanimation Xeno Wet Rated Outdoor Ceiling Fan

For those who prefer having smart home appliances, the Fanimation Xeno ceiling fan is the best outdoor ceiling fan. It is compatible with WIFI and Bluetooth to level up your experience in open spaces.

The black fan has a bronze finish capable enough to grab the attention of your visitors. That said, you’d sure get compliments with it being installed. Do you know it comes in 3 more finishes? Yes, it does.

Let us say the installation is a breeze, yet you might need an electrician for the correct installation. The 56 inches ceiling fan is designed to become a statement piece on your open terrace, porch, or patio.

There are 3 speeds the motor operates on. While the cherry on top is the reversibility. So, you can flip the blade in the winters and enjoy the cozy and warm surroundings.

One of its unique features is the sleep timer. You can schedule your fan to turn off automatically if you forget to do that often when leaving the living space. It also comes with a remote control so that you can access the settings sitting on your chair.

About the LED light, it’s diffused as covered in the frosted glass. That’s how it’s easy on your eyes and glare-free. However, the fan falls on the expensive side, so check out its price now to know if it fits your budget.

  • Smart devices compatible
  • Reversible blades
  • 3 speeds
  • Soft and glare-free light
  • Sleep timer integrated
  • Falls on the expensive side

Our Take

Fanimation ceiling fan has everything to make your time outdoors enjoyable and the surroundings airy. It’s beautiful, quiet, smart device compatible, and easy to install, making it worth buying.


These were the best wet rated ceiling fans with lights. When you buy one, compare the size of your ceiling fan with the space you want to hang it in. It’s imperative to check the light kit brightness if you want a bright light outdoors.

If you ask us, Modern Forms Ceiling Fan is the ideal candidate for hanging outdoor. It looks fascinating, comes with the accessories, and is a smart device compatible, making your life easy and experience worth it.

Check out its price now and get a wet rated ceiling fan to sit outdoor peacefully.



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