Can I Add Lights to My Ceiling Fan?

When the room is airy yet lacks light, “can I add lights to my ceiling fan” is a reasonable question to have. And, if you are finding a full proof answer to this question, you’ve reached the right place.

In this roundup, we’ll tell you if your ceiling fan can attach a light kit or not. Plus, you’ll also get to know how it’s done below. So, keep reading till the end and follow every detail to avoid mishaps.

Can I Add Lights to My Ceiling Fan?

“Yes,” you can add lights to your ceiling fan followed by a thorough assessment. Below you’ll know how to investigate your ceiling fan for adding lights.

If Your Fan Has Middle Cover

Carefully look at your ceiling fan. Does it have a middle cover? If you are unable to judge standing on the floor, switch it off, take a ladder, and climb it for close inspection.

Not necessarily; your cover will be exposed. It can be hidden under the décor of the plates. Find if there are any screws on the rims of the cover. Once you’ve found it, follow the procedure below, as you can easily add lights to your ceiling fan.

If Your Fan Don’t Have Middle Cover

If you’ve climbed the ladder and cannot find the middle cover of your ceiling fan, understand that you don’t have the choice to add a lighting kit to it. Better get one of the best ceiling fans with lights or buy floor lamps for your darkroom.

How to Install Light Kit To Existing Ceiling Fan?

Time Required

1/2 hour

Tools Required

  • Screws
  • Light kit
  • Ladder
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Wire stripper

can i add lights to my ceiling fan

Steps # 01

Go to the electrical panel of your home, and switch it off. You might have turned off your ceiling fan, but it’s imperative for your safety.

Step # 02

Put a ladder under your ceiling fan, and climb it. If you are reading this, probably, you’ve found the middle cover of your ceiling fan, so find the screws of the middle cover on your ceiling fan.

Step # 03

Using the screwdriver, get the screws of the middle cover off. Observe if wires are coming out of it. Most probably, you’d need the white (neutral) and black (power) wire as their presence is quite important.

If it has both black and white wires, place your measuring tape on the exposed area under the middle cover. Measure the diameter of the inside of the middle cover from one point to another to have a compatible lighting kit.

Step # 04

Jot down these readings on paper. Mentioning below the company of your ceiling fan, along with the model number and style, will also be beneficial in finding an appropriate lighting kit.

Step # 05

Taking this paper along, step towards the nearest home improvement store. Search for the lighting kit for your ceiling fan’s model. Keep in mind that some companies make universal lighting kits for ceiling fans. So, if you are buying a universal kit, check out its compatibility with your ceiling fan.

Companies like Hunter ceiling fans make customized lighting kits for their ceiling fans. So, if your ceiling fan company is one of a kind, you might not have to step out for it. You will get one by checking online on their stores or retailer sites.

Step # 06

Once you come home with a lighting kit, switch off the main electrical panel again (if turned on).

Step # 07

Position the ladder under your ceiling fan, and climb it up. Unscrew the middle cover using the screwdriver. Usually, there are three screws on a middle cover, so you’d need to take all of them apart.

Step # 08

Make sure to keep these screws and cover safe, as you might not need cover later on but screws. Take your lighting kit in hand, and join its wires with the ones coming from the ceiling fan. Tie same color wires together. Like black should pair with black and white with white.

For doing so, cut the ends of the wires, strip them with a wire stripper, twist, and attach them with capping afterward. Follow the steps for both black and white wires.

Step # 09

To fit the lighting kit to your ceiling fan, ascend it, and put the screws in the pre-built holes. Use your screwdriver to tighten the fixture with a fan.

Step # 10

Now is the time to put your bulbs on. Install the bulbs in your lighting kit, and get it fixed. Once you are done, get down, and turn on the main electrical panel. Turn on your ceiling fan and enjoy the light and cool breeze it has to offer.


By now, you’d have got an answer to “can I add lights to my ceiling fan.” While it’s possible if you have a middle cover on your ceiling fan, you might not be able to install a lighting kit without a middle cover detachable.

When installing light to your ceiling fan, consider your well-being and turn off the main electrical panel for safe operation. Remember that you can find lighting kits in home improvement stores, online through the seller or resellers.

Happy airy and lighted room.

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