Can I Replace Ceiling Light with Fan?

Can I replace a ceiling light with fan? When you see a fancy ceiling fan with light, this is a common question to have. In this article, we’ll answer this question in-depth so stick around because when it comes to wires, every single detail is important.

Can I Replace Ceiling Light with Fan?

There are no solid reasons you cannot replace your ceiling light with a fan. However, a few conditions do apply that you need to consider. Read them below.


  • You should know a little bit about wiring. The process of replacing a ceiling light with a fan requires wire handling. If you don’t know how to do it primarily, it’s better to call an electrician rather than take a big risk.
  • Let us mention that the ceiling fan bracket is not made to hold heavyweights. While a ceiling light weighs a pound or two, your fan will be a unit of more than 50 pounds. Check the support bracket first to know if it can hold your fan. Otherwise, replace it with a ceiling fan-approved bracket.

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How to Replace Ceiling Light with Fan?

Replacing the ceiling light with a fan is a pretty easy yet tricky job. It demands a good amount of time, along with some tools. Make sure you have all tools and a fraction of the time to get this job done.

Time Required

1 – 1.5 hours

Tools Required

  • Ceiling fan
  • Circuit tester
  • Wire strippers
  • Plier set
  • Screwdriver

Can i replace ceiling light with fan

Step # 01

Reach out to your home’s main electrical panel. Turn it off. It’s crucial to prevent any electrical hazard since you might not be an expert.

Step # 02

Using the circuit tester, check out if the current is still flowing. Wait for a few minutes before you start unplugging the ceiling light and installing a fan. Position the ladder till your light is getting cool.

Step # 03

Climb the ladder and take a quarter turn to remove the glass cover on your ceiling light. After it’s released, take the bulbs apart by twisting them.

Step # 04

Use your screwdriver to loosen the nut that holds your ceiling light fixture to the ceiling. Once they are loose enough, twist the fixture and get the ceiling light down. Entirely removing the screws is also an option.

Pro-Tip: Cover your bed sheet with a blanket, or the debris from the ceiling will spread all over it.

Step # 05

Remove the wires that connect the fixture to the ceiling. Take off caps from each, untwist them, and disconnect the fixture wires.

Step # 05

To hang your fan, you’ll need to replace the supporting bracket. To do so, remove the nuts which hold the bracket on the ceiling. Take your ‘Ceiling Fan Approved Junction Box’ out of the box and mount it to the ceiling through the pre-drilled screw holes.

Step # 06

Grab the motor of your ceiling fan. Take the wiring off this motor through unscrewing, and pass it through the hollow rubber pipe. Twist the rubber pipe to fix it with the motor. Put the screw again that you have removed before to feed wires and tighten it with the pliers.

Step # 07

Slide the circular cover over this setup on the motor. This will be a little loose at first but don’t worry, and mount it to the ceiling.

Step # 08

Slip the rubber pipe end into the newly installed bracket. Connect the wires. Pair the green wires coming from the motor to the copper ground wires of the bracket. You need to cut, strip, twist, attach, and cap them.

Next comes the black and white wires. These wires will couple with the black wire coming from the bracket attached to your ceiling. Repeat the process of cutting, stripping, twisting clockwise, attaching, and capping for steady connections.

Step # 09

Bring all these wires together and seal them into the ceiling. Hide the cords and the bracket with the help of a circular cover. Push it against the ceiling, screw it up using the screwdriver and tighten it.

Step # 10

Now is the time to attach the fan blades. Bring your fan blades, hardware, screws, and grommets to start the procedure. Insert the grommets into the screw holes of the blade and screw the hardware on it. Repeat the cycle with all the fan blades.

Step # 11

Remove the plastic covers where you attach fan blades. Install the fan blades one by one inside the pre-drilled holes. Remove the rubber band from the wires and screw two holes to attach the cover. Insert the screws, and tighten them using a screwdriver.

Step # 12

If you have a lighting setup along with your ceiling fan, connect it to the lights by screwing two screw holes and tightening it. Put the light bulbs and the glass cover on and tadaaaa…

Wait, wait, turn on the main electrical panel to enjoy the light and cool breeze from your fan.

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We hope by now you have the answer to ‘Can I replace ceiling light with fan?’ It’s definitely an easy job, but you must have primary knowledge of the wires. Keep in view if your bracket is made to hold heavyweight or not.

Along with that, we have described how to replace ceiling lights with a fan in detail. All you need to have is an hour to finish this job and the right tools to keep running the process smoothly.











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