Can You Have Two Floor Lamps in One Room?

One thing that you pay no attention to when remodeling the home is the floor lamp.

It’s when you sit to order one; your head asks a question: “can you have two floor lamps in one room?”

Now, the scenario is that your head pops a living room pin from Pinterest with two floor lamps. And the next question is, “will that also fit my room?”

Okay, so we know there are a lot of questions, and you are clueless if you can put 2 floor lamps in one room. But, you don’t have to fret since we are here.

First, let us say you can place two floor lamps in one room. However, there are a few conditions to it.

Read them below and analyze if two floor lamps are the perfect fit in your room.

Can You Have Two Floor Lamps in One Room?

Yes, you can place two floor lamps in one room. They look gorgeous when they appear in pairs. Also, they fulfill your lighting needs and create a perfect ambiance.

However, you should keep a few pointers in mind if you plan to put two floor lamps. Let’s know what they are:


Are you talking about the living room or bedroom?

If the “2 floor lamps plan” is for the living room, you are on the right track.

Floor lamps in a pair are somewhat ideal for living rooms – especially large living rooms.

Living rooms have a good amount of space and require additional lighting to create a cozy and warm atmosphere.

While we’d suggest reconsidering the idea of placing two floor lamps in bedrooms.

Bedrooms look more appealing with table lamps on the bedsides. And in most cases, there’s no additional space to place two floor lamps in there.

Lighting Sources

The next thing you need to look for is the lighting source.

Layering the light is the best justice you can do with your living room.

Before deciding on a number of floor lamps, keep in mind the lighting sources you’ll have in your room.

Two floor lamps can fit right if there are already two lighting sources.

More than that might get your eyes blind and make you uncomfortable to cheer there.

You should also count your table lamps in the lighting sources.

Remember to do lumens calculation for your room before you decide on floor lamps.

Type of lamp

Floor Lamp and its shades don’t need to match, and we agree.

The key to placing two floor lamps in a living room is the type of floor lamp.

Usually, traditional floor lamps are perfect to place on each side of the sofa.

If you think the idea doesn’t align with your theme or that’s not your style, make sure to match the height.

The height of both of your floor lamps should be equal or equivalent, even if they differ in type and shape.

With an equilibrium of height, the two floor lamps wouldn’t compete with one another.

Otherwise, they might not blend well and steals the beauty of the entire living room.


Have you seen two floor lamps adjacent to each other? Probably not.

Because that’s not how the floor lamp settings work.

Floor lamps, when positioned far apart, add a twist.

They draw the attention of your visitors and hook their eyeballs.

Most likely, you’ll get compliments placing them at a good distance.

One of the best places to position two floor lamps in the living room is the end of the sofas.

At each end of the sofa, the floor lamp creates a balancing atmosphere and a breathing space in the room.

Placing them side by side will only make the space overwhelming.


Along with their beauty, floor lamps are regarded for their functionality.

In other words, light one puts out.

So, if you are thinking of placing two floor lamps in one room since the room is dark, it’s a good option.

All you need is a careful check on the brightness.

If one floor lamp gives sufficient lighting for the entire room, you don’t need two floor lamps.

Additional lighting might lessen the warmth in your atmosphere and keep you from relaxing.

How to Coordinate Lamps in a Room?

Coordinating lamps is a simple job. However, you better remember a few things to make the most of your lamps. Below we are taking the living room as an example to give you a precise blueprint on how to layer your lamps.

How to Coordinate Lamps in a Room

Number of Lamps

Opt for the number of lamps your room actually needs. This means you should balance the number of floor lamps and table lamps to get a better outcome and make your living room exclusive and style statement.


While there’s no such decision on the position of table lamps, floor lamps should be placed carefully in a living room. Since there are a half dozen spots where you can place floor lamps, picking the right type for your needs is a wise decision.


Overcrowding the lamps steals the room’s beauty and blocks the breathing space. In our opinion, you shouldn’t place table lamps next to floor lamps or vice versa. This way, neither your floor lamp nor table lamp catches the eyes, and all it appears is a mess.

Size of Room vs. Floor Lamp

A minimal floor lamp looks eye-catching in a small room. While a large lamp like an arc or tree floor lamp will spellbind when positioned in a large room. The point we are struggling to make is your floor lamp’s size should align with your room’s size.

Traffic Area

To prevent unwanted accidents, you should place a floor lamp far apart from the traffic area. Especially if you have kids in the house or naughty pets, this is the most important thing to consider.


By now, you’d have a sound idea: “can you have two floor lamps in one room?”

It’s always a YES. However, they are a few things you should keep in mind to balance the lighting and texture of your room.

First is the type of room. Two floor lamps always look exceptional in a large living room, but that’s not the case with bedrooms. Besides that, you need to stay aware of how many lighting sources you will have.

Distance, type of lamp, and brightness also come into play to make your living room exclusive.

So, if you are decided on the number of floor lamps now, order them now.



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