How to Use Table Lamp for Study?

how to use table lamp for study

A peaceful room and a nice ambiance invite sleep. What about the nights before exams when you need to pack your head with the syllabus complete, though? See, a table lamp can be helpful so today we’ll answer how to use a table lamp for study. Focused lighting like the one coming from your table … Read more

Why Won’t My Ceiling Fan Light Turn On?

Why Won't My Ceiling Fan Light Turn On?

Are you ready with your ladder and toolbox in hand? As you are finding an answer to “why won’t my ceiling fan light turn on?” you’d need them. In this roundup, we have stated the explanations and possibilities of why the ceiling fan light doesn’t work. Along with that, solutions to those malfunctions are stated … Read more

How to Pack Floor Lamps for Moving?

How to pack floor lamps for moving?

Hurdles are many to shift from your old to your new home. The biggest you can say is packing – especially the fragile items. That’s where your head inquires about how to pack floor lamps for moving? Three times shifting from one place to another has made me an expert in packing. So, today, I’ll … Read more

Why is My Salt Lamp Leaking Water?

why is my salt lamp leaking

Congratulation, as your salt lamp is leaking. Thinking have I gone mad or what? No, this is a piece of good news since the leaking salt lamp is absolutely normal, and you have got the genuine piece. Why is my salt lamp leaking water? Along with this, today, we are here to let you know … Read more

Do Lamp Shades Need to Match In a Room?

Do Lamp Shades Need to Match In a Room

Sorry, we are out of stock. You come across this phrase several times when the thought is to buy a similar-to-old lampshade on the last day of sale. That’s where a common question pops inside your head, do lamp shades need to match in a room? Today, we’ll answer the lamp shades mix and match … Read more

How to Position Desk Lamp to Avoid Glares?

Headaches, eye strains, migraines are normal with the incorrect positioning of desk lamp. Knowing how to position desk lamp is that’s why quite necessary. In this article, we’ll highlight the correct position of a desk lamp. Stay with us till the end to know where your desk lamp should go while reading, skimming papers, and … Read more