How to Light a Room with Floor Lamps Effectively?

How to Light a Room with Floor Lamps

Do you think buying a floor lamp and positioning it anywhere in the room will get you your desired lighting? Give your thinking another shot. Because knowing how to light a room with floor lamps actually makes all the difference. Today, in this article, we’ll highlight the pointers you pay no attention to when lighting … Read more

How to Choose the Right Lamp for Your Bedroom?

How to Choose the Right Lamp for Your Bedroom

Bedroom lamps are the best way to set the mood of your partner. It helps you achieve the desired accents and give you a cozy environment to relax in. However, if you haven’t had a bedroom lamp yet, you must have the question, “How to Choose the Right Lamp for Your Bedroom?” Let us say … Read more

How to Paint a Lampshade | Glass, Paper, & Fabric

How to Paint a Lampshade

Suddenly after renovation, you realize that your lamp is not blending well with the new décor. Nor do you have more budget to ship a brand new lamp. Wouldn’t the idea of painting one hit you? But, do you know how to paint a lampshade? That’s exactly what we are here for today. In this … Read more

How to Clean a Lampshade without Damaging It

How to Clean a Lampshade

How to clean a lampshade? Well, this question may bring several things to your mind. So to help you keep your lampshade in good shape and prevent mishaps, let’s tell you the best way to keep it clean! It’s easy to forget to clean your lampshades, but it’s important to keep them dust-free and looking … Read more

9 Pros and 4 Cons of Himalayan Salt Lamp No One Tell You

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Pinkish orange tint lamp, aka Himalayan salt lamp, dates back to the 80s. The salt of this lamp is traded from Khewra, Pakistan. Mined from the Himalayan Mountains, it is called so. In this article, we are about to unfold the pros and cons of a Himalayan salt lamp. The course will be revealed under … Read more

Are Lava Lamps Dangerous? How Long Do They Last?

are lava lamps dangerous?

Soothing and relaxing are the two main reasons you buy lava lamps. The story sounds good until you buy them. But, there’s a lot you should know before and after buying a lava lamp-like: Are lava lamps dangerous? Overwhelming is to know that queries are in a bunch about lava lamps. And, like every popular … Read more