Desk Lamp vs. Table Lamp | 9 Major Differences

A large audience believes that the table and desk lamp is the same. If you are one of them, give your thinking another shot. Table lamps and desk lamps differ a lot from one another, so today, we’ll discuss desk lamp vs. table lamp.

Read till the end, so you know what type of lamp you need in your home, and why.

Desk Lamp vs. Table Lamp

desk lamp vs table lamp


Table lamps are made to add a dramatic effect to your living space. They alter the profile of a specific room since their silhouette is outstanding. You’ll find them in multiple colors and sizes, and each is appealing.

The idea of placing a table lamp is to change the overall look of your room. It has a beautiful shade that softens the beams and throws ambient lighting.

The appearance of the desk lamp is pretty straightforward. They have a large base giving rise to a long arm that connects to another arm. These lamps intend to help you carry out tasks. However, you should select the color and design wisely, so one blends on your desk.

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There is wide categorization for table and desk lamps. Table lamps come in different colors and sizes to amalgam in your décor. Wood, ceramic, glass, and porcelain are the materials table lamps are mostly found in.

Besides that, they are tall and wide. The classification of desk lamps is pretty straightforward. There are three primary types of desk lamps. Gooseneck, swing arm, and clamp desk lamps are the three desk lamps.

While gooseneck has their heads titled and come from overhead, swing arms features arms that move for flexibility. Clamp-on desks get clung to the desk to save some space on your desk.


A table lamp is featured with a lampshade. It is given shape with beauty in mind. It fills the lost spirit in your home and adds a twist. Décor of the home becomes a style statement with the right table lamp in the right space.

The base of table lamps is sturdy and accented with the fabric lampshade atop. Due to this shade, the light coming from it is soft and doesn’t get into the eyes. The ambiance of your room turns out powerful enough to arrest the eyes of your guests.

The opposite is what a desk lamp does. It has no shade and direct light where you want it exactly. Task ease is the intention of these lamps. It gives glare-free light and helps you read or go through paperwork.


Hallways, living rooms, and bedrooms are the spaces where a table lamp is placed. To be specific, it is placed on a console table or end table to magnetize the eyes of the onlookers and enhance the beauty of the art pieces around.

The case is different for desk lamps. For placing them, you need to have a workstation. People with a home office are likely to have it on their desks. The study desk of students is also one good space to place it.

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Space Consumption

When you buy a table lamp, the size of the table should be kept in view. Usually, a table lamp consumes a fraction of the space on your table. Be it your entry table lamp or the bedroom table lamp, a comparison of the dimensions is necessary.

Comparison is also required for buying a desk lamp. So, you can at least have enough space on the desk where the lamp can sit. The clip-on design brings advancement in the desk lamps. They attach to the desk, freeing up space and wire clusters.

Number of Lamps

Buying two table lamps is a prerequisite in a few instances. Let’s say you are about to place table lamps in your bedroom. Although a single table lamp will work out, a pair will give a definite shape to your bedroom.

It’s your choice whether you want one or two desk lamps. Mostly, one desk lamp is sufficient for the entire desk since it illuminates a large area to work under.

Flexible Arms

Flexibility doesn’t exist with a table lamp. It stands tall the way it is. You cannot change its angle. Even light comes out of the table lamp as they are supposed to shower ambient lighting.

Since there are two arms of a desk lamp, they are flexible. They provide you with the freedom to update the angle of light and focus it where you want it the most. One of the reasons it’s helpful in working under is its flexibility.

Basically, if you want a lamp for performing tasks, a desk lamp will meet your needs. A table lamp will come in handy to enhance the feel of your room.

Light Intensity

The light coming from the table lamp is subtle and soft. Credits to the lampshade that softens the light and throws on the backdrop around to multiple its beauty. Made for tasking, desk lamps have sharp and pointing light that helps you work strain-free for hours to come.


Crafted with attention to detail, table lamps are more expensive than desk lamps. They cost you high since they are made for home décor and are unique in style, design, and utility. Desk lamps, on the contrary, are a lot cheaper as they have low aesthetics and are straightforward.

If you are about to buy a table lamp, survey the market. Make your budget. One pro tip is to get two table lamps since a pair costs you less than one and ties your room’s look. While for the desk lamp, consider the features and try to handpick one with versatility.


Desk lamp vs. table lamp is a long debate. There are bold differences between both types of lamps. Where desk lamps point light straight on the object and do not focus on aesthetics, table lamps are made for décor and are a nice addition to the theme of your home.

By the way, what type of lamp are you looking for? Comment down and let us know.


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