DIY Lampshade – 10 Quick DIYs in 5 Minutes

A renovated room yet the non-renovated lamp. Is that fair with your room? We know you have a limited budget and can’t, hands down to an extraordinary lamp. So, what, DIY lampshade!

In today’s article, we’ll reveal the ten best ideas to makeover your old lampshade. Pick up any and get the work done within 5 minutes.

10 Quick DIY Lampshades in 5 Minutes

1. Tassel Up Your Shade

Remember, the tassel jacket that you wear no more? Just take it out now, and separate the tassels from it. Use glue and stick it around the rims of your lampshade. Well, this one’s located at the bottom alone; you can add a twist and adjust on both top and bottom. While this idea looks creative on linen lampshades, you can also experiment with silk lampshades.

Tassel Up Your Shade

Applying a colorful tassel on a plain lampshade also boosts up the entire look.

2. Old leggings into New Lampshade

Why waste your old leggings? You put bucks on that, so it’s time to recycle it. Look how beautiful it turns out when wrapped around the lampshade. If you have any old leggings or sweaters, just use them in a new way.

Old leggings into New Lampshade

Tear the ripped side apart, and get it to stick on your lampshade. Your legging may not be of the same color. So, blend your light-colored lampshade with soft and gentle themes and vice versa.

If you are confused between two leggings, stick one inside of the shade.

3. Wooden Sticks Coverage

Deep going into the details is all this project demands. To have your lampshade an appearance of wood, buy the wooden sticks. Arrange them in the way you want them to appear and just stick them around the lampshade.

Wooden Sticks Coverage

You’d need a hot glue gun to get this result. Once assembled, you ll see how sleek, unique, and appealing it looks. Chandeliers of these types look more amazing. Know that if the plain color wood shade is not your style, you can paint it.

Make sure you pair the painting color with the wall or contrast it.

4. Using the Spare Net on Lampshade

Using the net is one of the best ways to illuminate your lampshade and strike the dull effects off your room. If any of your skirts have waved goodbye to you, remove its net along with the lace.

Using the Spare Net on Lampshade

Measure the body of your lampshade and cut the net according to it. A bit irregular will also look fine, so don’t worry about the perfect shape. Put this net on the shade and tie it with the lace as a ribbon.

White net always brings the best outputs in this project, despite the shade color.

5. Wonders with the Burlap

No need to cover the entire lampshade to uplift its look. The semi-coverage can also bring you a profile your guest would love. Just like this lampshade. It’s so simple yet acquires a few things to get done.

Wonders with the Burlap

Have a burlap ribbon, a thick ribbon, thin lace, glue sticks, or a glue gun to make your lampshade appear like this project. A pair of scissors is also mandatory to have things in shape. Cut the burlap ribbon wide, paste it in the middle of the shade with a thick colored ribbon and a lace on top.

Have a burlap ribbon with sewed edges, or else it’ll look not pleasant.

6. Newspapering the Lampshade

Having no newspaper at your home is not possible. Everyone’s morning takes its gear from it. So, what do you do with a month of newspapers? Nothing? Cover your lampshade with it.

Newspapering the Lampshade

Newspapers on lampshades are just so easy to cover. All you need is the proper measurement. Shape it with scissors and stick it with glue. This will also remind you of the classical times and give your room a feel of the 90s.

Get a colored newspaper or stick one irregularly to get a more amazing lampshade.

7. Color Splash Your Shade

If colors get your foremost attention, this project is going to inspire you really well. To get started with that, have pom-poms. Select the colors that pair best, and you think they appear great together.

7.	Color Splash Your Shade

Wrap it around the lampshade and see the wonder. This project adds a dramatic touch to your room. Also, it cast everyone’s attention having vibrant hues. One thing to stay certain of is that the shape of the lampshade should be a bell.

You can also stripe the lampshades with two colors.

8. Glossy Beads on Lampshade

Crafting, in other meaning, is time taking. And, one of the most time-consuming DIY lampshades would be this project. Although a bit cheap, it involves the making of a beaded layer.

Glossy Beads on Lampshade

All you have to do in this project is select and buy different types of beads that can tolerate each other well. After that, form layers of each of them. Once the layers are ready, tie them to the lamp frame or stick with the glue gun.

Even a single colored or beachy bead looks fascinating on the shades.

9. Ombre Effects to Shoot Boredom

If you feel to illuminate your room’s corner with soft yet appealing touches, paint your lampshade – not with the traditional color but ombre. Ombre effects live for ages to come and adds a soothing environment to the room.

9.	Ombre Effects to Shoot Boredom

Painting ombre shades is pretty easy. To do this, spray paint is the ultimate need.  Take your shade off, shed the dust, and start painting. The bottom part of your lampshade should be darker, followed by a gradual fade.

Ombre gets you the best results with the family colors of blue. Use it for decency.

10. Expressing Yourself Out on Lampshade

Like the lampshade, you, at some moment of life, always want to radiate your expressions out. This project is somehow based on that concept. You’d only need to have a pencil and a marker with a fine nip of your choice for it.

DIY Lampshade

Just write on the lamps whatever quote, or line is your favorite. You can also jot down your poetry. A lot can be said through this project. So, just get on it. It may not take a fraction of time.

Write with the pencil before the marker to avoid mistakes and furnished results.

Final Thoughts

All these DIY lampshades will create your room’s new silhouette. Some of them bring vibrancy, and the other invite decency. One thing by doing them is for sure: illumination.

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