Do Lamp Shades Need to Match In a Room?

Sorry, we are out of stock. You come across this phrase several times when the thought is to buy a similar-to-old lampshade on the last day of sale. That’s where a common question pops inside your head, do lamp shades need to match in a room?

Today, we’ll answer the lamp shades mix and match query with a factual explanation. Stick around until the end because this round-up will navigate you o do justice to your space.

Do Lamp Shades Need to Match In a Room?

Placing matched or unmatched lamp shades is a matter of taste. Some folks prefer having symmetry in their room while others go opposite. They believe in adding a twist to their room’s silhouette. That’s what makes them buy different lamp shades.

Two conditions apply where different types of lamp shades don’t blend well.

Formal Places

Formal places like offices have an equilibrium. Subtle décor with decent color and matching lamps pull its look together. Important there is to have the lamps with the same lamp shades.

It ties the looks and holds the interest of the onlookers. Taste reflects through the uniform look while the influence is powerful. Still, there’s no prerequisite that you should have two lamp shades of the same size, color, and pattern in there.

Below we have described the pointers that can prove helpful in tweaking the lamp shades.

When Two Lamps are Near

Mostly, table lamps are placed on the console or entryway table. The overall width of these tables is between 36 to 48 inches. Books, vases, and lamps are all atop this table, so the lamps are close enough.

Do Lamp Shades Need to Match In a Room

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Alone one lamp has an average base of 12 inches in width. That’s the reason the two lamps are close to each other. In that case, if you’ll play around with the lamp shade using two different, this can fire back. Their looks might get sacrificed, leaving the silhouette mess.

If two lamp shades are neighbors, it is better to get them working together. However, if you are still considering having different lamp shades, read the section below to maintain the ambiance.

What to Consider to Pair a Mismatched Lamp Shade?

do lamp shades need to match in a room

Theme of Your Room

The theme is the first thing to ponder over. What color your wall paint is to what art pieces you have set helps you decide better on the lamp shade. Stick with your theme and plan on getting the two lamp shades blending well in.

Square lamp shades go well with traditional settings, for instance. Profile of modern and contemporary themes attains shape with cylindrical lampshades. When it comes to art deco décor, drum shade is the way to go.

Two Well-Blending Lampshade Colors

Work according to the color rule book. Your lampshades should resemble in some way, even when they appear different. Keeping in view the theme of your décor, contrast the color of your two lamp shades.

Don’t force two different lamp shades to blend. Otherwise, both will struggle to catch the attention.

Height of two Adjacent Lamps

The height of the lamp is counted along with the lamp shades. It is measured from the base to the top of the lampshade. One thing you need to consider here is that one lamp’s height shouldn’t cross the other – especially if they are next to each other.

Do Lamp Shades Need to Match In a Room?

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Varying with an inch or two is fair enough. However, a huge difference in height may conflict with the room’s profile. Know what size is one lamp and affirm the measurement for the room’s clean and sleek appearance.

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Material of Your Shade

Okay, so you are keeping the same size, type, and color of the lampshade. What changes are you thinking of making to the material? You want to place a silk lamp shade next to a linen lamp shade.

Doing so is perfectly fine. Rest assured, silk shades are the best fit for formal looks, while linen creates a casual ambiance. Consider the details before picking a different lamp shade for the other lamp.

Two Different Patterned lamps

Neither do you have a problem with the color of your lampshade, nor does its shape make you worried, but you want two lamps with different patterns. Fortunately, it’s possible.

There are rooms where pleated and plain lamp shade exists without compromising on the attire of the room. Make sure the two patterns blend well with each other, though.


Do lamp shades need to match in a room? Well, if you are talking about formal places like offices or if the lamps are very close to each other, the same lamps and shades will better enhance the feel. There is no prerequisite, though.

If you want a new lampshade for one of the two lamps, keep a few pointers in mind. Consider the theme of your room, the height of the two adjacent lamps, the patterns and material of the two lampshades, and the contrasting color of one. So, your room looks well balanced with a nice vibe to it.

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