Can a Nightstand Lamp Be Taller Than Headboard?

With so many nightstand lamps out there, take birth in your head so many questions. Not in only our head but also yours, and we know that. Understanding this as a common factor, we are here today.

In this article, we are about to discuss nightstand lamps in depth. We’ll break every myth about these lamps and show you practically what’s correct and how things need to be done.

Stay till the end because you’re about to come across amazing yet hidden aspects of nightstand lamps.

What is a Nightstand Lamp?

Nightstand lamps are synonymous with bedside lamps. Placement on the nightstand has lent it the name of nightstand lamp. Existing in a variety, nightstand lamps give your room an accent and personality it never had.

Folks usually put it on their bedside for several purposes. In those, reading tops the list. One good job these lamps do is to protect you from falling at midnight when you head towards the kitchen for water.

If chosen after certain checkups and keeping in mind the details, a nightstand lamp can change your room’s profile. It defines your taste while becoming the focal point to everyone stepping into your room.

Should Your Nightstand Lamps Match With Room’s Accent?

The addition of a nightstand lamp in your room brings charm. Matching these lamps with your room’s accent or theme depends on your situation or mindset. There’s no pre-requisite to match one.

1. If you are On Limited Budget

Condition one is when you have a limited budget with no serious interest in décor. If that’s so, you can just pick any nightstand lamp that fits your bill and radiates enough light through which you can read easily. At least, don’t go for the cheapest yet nasty lamps.

2. If Décor is Your Foremost Interest

Interiors having your heart demands extra attention. If you are into home décor and grooming your room according to trends gets you peace, you need a subtle checkup. Below it is described.

Different nightstand lamps fit in different themed rooms. For instance:

Country Theme


As country-style themes have a softness and gentleness, pair them with a lamp, adding an eye-catching yet sleek look. Ginger jar lamps can be the best option for this theme. Look yourself how refreshing does it appear.



The eclectic bedrooms are a mixture of patterns, decors and depict different eras. Different types of nightstand lamps can fit well in them. Tall, glass or wooden lamps come into play for this theme.



Having cottage themes means exposed beams, wooden touchups with accessories of soft color. In this setting, candlestick lamps amalgam well. They keep the décor basic yet adding their liveliness into it.



Submerged into the sea and its shores make you adapt coastal themes, and that’s perfectly fine. After all, who doesn’t want to wake up in open airs, pastel shades, and lighter tones? To enhance the build of this theme, nothing can work better than nautical lamps.



The focus of a contemporary bedroom is to keep things simple while the room is vacant. Fortunately, this theme more likely welcomes chrome or glass lamps. Avoiding cumbersomeness, they keep the overall silhouette gentle.



Grey, brown, green with vibrancy are Bohemian themes identification. To sprinkle more spice on it, purple, blue, and orange are used. Simply speaking, this theme always casts itself as VIBGYOR. Turkish, Moroccan, or Tiffany style lamps, that’s why get a fine character in this theme.

What is the Average Height of a Nightstand Lamp?

Every nightstand lamp is crafted with a different height. The shape and build constitute this. No one can provide you with an exact height estimation of these lamps.

Presuming most of the nightstand lamps out there we observed, the height ranges between 28 to 30 inches. Don’t worry if your nightstand lamp isn’t falling in the range. It’s a general ratio, and so it can vary.

If you haven’t opted for a bedside lamp yet, we would suggest not to rush. Below is our section suggesting the criteria to select the best nightstand lamp. Once give that a read and seal your deal afterward.

Can a Nightstand Lamp Be Taller Than Headboard?

Cutting a long story short, no. The height of your nightstand lamp shouldn’t be higher than your headboard. It should be equivalent or 2-3 inches less than the headboard.

Two reasons are there one shouldn’t buy a nightstand lamp taller than the headboard. The beauty of your room gets compromised, first of all. Surely you wouldn’t appreciate that.

Being taller, the light you get from the nightstand lamp is dim. This way, you might not be able to read appropriately. To some people, tall nightstand lamps also appear as a high tower on their heads, making them feel cumbersome.

How can you choose a Nightstand Lamp?

Picking the best nightstand lamp is no hassle. That doesn’t mean, go with the first lamp you think is beautiful. Agreed, beauty keeps value when a nightstand lamp is placed in a bedroom, but that should be a beauty with the brain (amenities we mean, lol).

Let’s get on the pointers listed below to have the best nightstand lamp.


Revamping your room and not changing your lamp would be unfair. With the new theme, the old lamp won’t give your room the feel it is supposed to have. Only take a step on buying a nightstand lamp if you are done with selecting a theme.

Every theme demands a different lamp. Like the contemporary bedrooms craves for chrome or glassy lamps. The same way the Bohemian setup welcomes Turkish, tiffany, and Moroccan lamps.

For country settings, ginger jar lamps get the job done pretty well. Sailboat lamps are more than perfect for coastal bedrooms. Just like that, the list goes on. With that said, never overlook your bedroom’s theme for selecting a lamp, as it can make or break the appearance.


The size of a nightstand lamp is a broad topic. It asks for in-depth concentration to understand how thing’s need to be done. Two things are considered in this regard: width and height.

1. Width

To have a sound idea of the wideness of your lamp, step one should be correct. By step one, we mean the nightstand. Measure the mattress of your bed. Take one-third of the reading. This size nightstand would be the best to place a lamp on.

After being done with step one, measure the wideness of your nightstand. Apply the same one-third formula as above.

Simply speaking, one-third of your lamp would be the final width of your lamp. Typically, it’ll be the broadness of your lampshade from the bottom.


Let’s take an example to understand the theory better. A queen mattress consists of 60 inches. Its one-third would be 20 inches. Consider buying a nightstand of 20 inches.

The next step is to take one-third from this 20 inches, which is ultimately 6.6 inches. Now, this should be the wideness of your lampshade. Look how simple that was.

2. Height

No detailed calculation is required to know the height of your nightstand lamp. You just need to measure the height of your nightstand for this, and that’s all. The height of your lamp should be equivalent to this height or a tall with 2-3 inches.

For Example

If your nightstand has a total height of 25 inches, having a 27-28 inches lamp is no problem. Bigger than that, however, may devastate the healthy atmosphere of your room.

Conclusion for Lamp’s Size

The above explanation is a total bunch of information you’d need to decide on nightstand lamps. In the practical above, it is transparent to have the lamp 6.6 inches in width and 27 inches tall. Remember, lamps taller than headboard spoil the looks.

Number of Lamps

The market has a variety of lamps, and sellers have both one and pair lamps. They know there exist single beings. Well, the point is if you are alone to use the room, better buy one nightstand lamp.

You’d be alone reading in the room and the only one to take a walk to the bathroom at night. Flip the situation if you have a master bedroom. In that case, a pair of lamps would look classy and functional as the room will demand more light.

Double your number, double the lamp. That means, with a partner sharing room, there’s no way you can adjust with one lamp. You’d ultimately need two lamps to facilitate yourselves better.


Bedrooms are a model of romanticism. There you spend the coziest moments with your partner. So, the lighting in there should be pleasing and soft. Particularly speaking, it should be warm or milky white.

These lights recharge and set the mood of your partner. Not only this, a soft light helps you enjoy the peaceful atmosphere your room has. For having all this, look for a bedroom lamp that is either warm or consists of three colored lights.


You may have a preference in colors when it comes to a nightstand lamp. Never mind that, but you should know colors are the game-changers. Just as they light up the corner, they can send a vibrant nook to dormancy.

Always pick up a lamp with colors that your corner happily welcomes. Somehow, the theme also comes into play with this. So, keep in view your theme and pick the most appropriate color for your lamp.

Placement of Button

Attention to detail makes your buy worthy and your life harmonious. Before buying a nightstand lamp, always check the placement of the on/off button. As an estimation, the on/off button should be at a distance of 21-28 inches from you.

While going to sleep, you surely wouldn’t want to jump out of bed to make a click on the button. Having a button on the cord is quite practical in nightstand lamps.

What are the Best Nightstand Lamps?

Out there, many lamps are boasted as the best nightstand lamps. Not everyone in them is, however, the best. So, to ease your handpicking process, we have placed some of the practical, beautiful, yet cost-effective options.

Go through them, and grab one if you find your ideal match.

  1. Bostitch Office VLED1821WHITE-BOS – Best nightstand lamp with a USB charging port
  2. JONATHAN Y JYL2048A-SET2– Best modern nightstand lamp

  3. Stone & Beam lamp – Best appealing nightstand lamp

3 Amazing Tips for Nightstand Lamps

Playing around with the interiors gives you a subtle idea of what looks better where. However, knowing a few tips can change your perspective and gets the job done easier and faster.

So, we decided to present before you three tips on nightstand lamps that do wonders if taken into consideration. Go through them, and transform your bedroom heavenly.

  1. It’s your room and not a school where everyone needs to wear a uniform. With that said, you can surely pick two different colored or styled lamps for both nightstands.

Common Myth: It would look Ugly

Rest assured, different lamps make no harm to interiors. Instead, it sets a new trend of not following a pattern and be unique. Just look at this one, isn’t the room accepting them?


home sofa


2. Of course, you’d like a nightstand giving a feeling of goodness. And, you’d add some fresh florals or frames for the sake. In all those stuff, prioritize placing the lamp on the table at the front.

Common Myth: It would occupy the lion’s share then.

Nightstand lamps never occupy a lot of space. Keeping them beforehand and at the front boosts the look of the specific stand it is on.




3. Either floor lamp or a nightstand lamp, place anyone adjacent to your bed and nightstand. Making both stands aligned would appear abhorrent.

Common Myth: One source of light may be insufficient

Appearing with several facilities, nightstand lamps also exist with three light settings and brightness. You can have them. If you still feel that’s low, look ahead to pendant fixtures. That will surely get the job done.


Nightstand lamps are a vast topic to deal with. We still tried to answer the major questions that arise in every next head. Above, we have showcased to you practically what type of lamp can suit your room’s silhouette the best.

Considering all the ins and outs, if you still have questions, do reach out.

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