Floor Lamp Vs. Table Lamp

Is your head debating on floor lamp VS table lamp? Seize it for a few minutes because you’ve reached the right place. In this article, we’ll highlight the difference between these types of lamps and when and why you should buy one.

Excited to know? Stay with us till the end to have the correct type of lamp for your home.

Floor Lamp Vs. Table Lamp

floor lamp vs table lamp


The categorization of floor lamps is vast. They are divided on the basis of shape, size, and style. Themes also come into play with each type. What primary categorization of floor lamps is based on is their shape.

Torchiere, arc, pharmacy, tree, and column floor lamps are the most found floor lamps in the market as well as in the homes. On the contrary, table lamps have sub-categories on the basis of themes.

Since table lamps are made to satisfy the looks of your room, they appear in rustic, farmhouse, and modern fashion. Excellent finish with sleek profile get them ultimate attention.


You can place your floor lamps in living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. To be specific, it stands next to your sofa table or at its back. Against the wall is also a sound position to place it.

Tie the looks of your room and station table lamp on your entryway table. Other than that, you can put them on your nightstands. It will look extremely gorgeous there and complete the silhouette.


Floor lamps are used to achieve all three types of lights, including ambient, accent, and task. Depending on the type of floor lamp you have, it performs the functions. Mostly, it is bought to layer the primary lighting and create a cozy environment.

Adding dramatic effects to your home, table lamps behave as the centerpiece. They are a conversation starter and bring home the vibes that don’t exist there before.


Throwing light to the space nearby, the light of the table lamp has limited reach. It creates a cozy setting with its light. With floor lamps, however, brighter illumination is expected. It enlightens the entire room it is in.


Usually, floor lamps cost you more than table lamps. However, if you are picking an antique table lamp, that will surely top a floor lamp in cost. One

Buy pair of table lamps instead of one. Collective two table lamps will quickly magnetize the eyes and be easy on your pocket.

Why Should You Pick a Floor Lamp?

Floor Lamp Vs. Table Lamp

Illuminate Dark Corner

Every home has a dark corner, and sometimes it’s daunting. Change the vibe of your dark nook and bring a floor lamp for it. The floor lamp will illuminate it and transform its vibe.

Large Rooms

Large rooms demand multiplied number of lighting sources to keep your room bright. Floor lamps are a real need in large rooms to coat lighting in the room and take its look to the next level.


Built for tasks, there are multiple floor lamps that help you read under or perform knitting. It throws a sufficient amount of light your way so you can complete your tasks. Magnifying floor lamp makes it easier for an artist to do their jobs well, for instance.

Lack of Space on Table

If the room on your nightstand is very limited, and you cannot place a table lamp on it, opt for a floor lamp. A floor lamp will do the exact job you expect from a table lamp, that is, to create warm surroundings without overcrowding the room.

Why Should You Pick a Table Lamp?

Floor Lamp Vs. Table Lamp

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Budget Buy

Alternative to a floor lamp is a table lamp. If you are a budget buyer and cannot get your hands on floor lamps, table lamps will do the job for you. Numerous table lamps are available at very little cost.

Elevate Theme

A perfect way to elevate your theme is through lighting. And table lamps are the best way to do it. They make a sensational and bold statement in your living space and fill in the missing element.

Subtle Illumination

When on the nightstand, table lamps make your pace to the bathroom or to the kitchen at night easier. It gives the right amount of light to bring your room into visibility in the dark hours.


This was all about floor lamp vs. table lamp. If you have enough budget, go for a floor lamp since it adds a nice vibe to your living space and performs as an accent, ambient, and task light.

You can buy table lamps to elevate your themes. Table lamp balances the appearance of your rooms, becoming a statement piece.

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