How to Choose Lamps for Living Room?

Having the perfect lighting in your living room is as easy as a piece of cake.

Knowing how to choose lamps for living room is the key alone.

And, if you have this question, we’ve got your back.

In this post, you’ll get to know the details on choosing a lamp for your exclusively remodeled living room.

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How to Choose Lamps for Living Room?

how to choose lamps for living room


There’s always a cause that emphasizes you to have a lamp in your living room? What is yours? Do you want to layer light in your room, read sitting beside a lamp, or create a more inviting look?

Identify your purpose at first since the process of buying a lamp is directly proportional to its type and other features you’ll look for.

Type of Lamp

Two types of lamps are placed in the living room. One of them is a floor lamp while the other is a table lamp. To have floor lamps, you should have enough space on the floor, while your furniture should allow one to blend in.

Adding a table lamp in the living room requires space on your table. Besides that, people usually buy it to create a cozy atmosphere in the surrounding and uplifts the feel of the room and mood.

Where do you have the spare space for a lamp? Is it on the floor or the table? Pick a lamp that best accommodates the space available to you.

Lamp Size

The profile of your living room should be prolific. And you can achieve that by having the perfect size lamp for your living room. Remember that the table and floor lamps are measured differently, and your room needs the different sizes of each.

For a table lamp, measure from the bottom of your table to the top. The height of your table lamp should be equal or equivalent to your table. A general rule of thumb for a lampshade is that its bottom should be eye-level and prevent the light from getting into your eyes.

If you want to have a floor lamp, keep in view your ceiling height. Buy floor lamps under 60 inches for low ceiling room. While a floor lamp with more than 65 inches is a good fit for high ceilings.


The theme of your lamp keeps the secret of making your living room a bold statement. Whatever type of lamp you buy from floor and table lamps, make sure it goes well with the wall color, furniture, and the overall theme you’ve picked for your living room.

For instance, a crystal floor lamp looks extremely gorgeous in modern settings. While ceramic table lamps are a perfect fit for your traditional rooms. Consider your theme when deciding on your living room’s lamp.

Number of Lamps

Folks are generally puzzled about the number of lamps they should have in the living room. Let us say the number of the lamp is dependent on a couple of factors, including size in your room, position of the lamp, and cost.

The living room is a high-traffic room of your home. You’d never want it to look cumbersome. However, overloading it with lamps will make it one. So, it’s very necessary to consider your room’s size to better decide on the number of lamps.

Another factor here is the position of the lamp. Be it a floor lamp or a table lamp; you need to decide its position. If you are going to place your floor lamp next to the wall art, you’d need just one, but two floor lamps create a nice ambiance in a large living room and radiate even light.

Although living room lamps might not cost you a dime, they cost you a few bucks. You should select the number of lamps that falls within your budget rather than breaking your bank.

Position of Lamp

Apparently, your table lamps will sit on the tables beside your sofa in the living room, but what about the floor lamps? There are multiple positions where you can put your floor lamp in living rooms.

Placing a floor lamp beside and behind the couch is the most common. If you are not interested in it, a floor lamp on a dark corner will also illuminate your room. Next to TV is also a good position to station your floor lamp.

Pro-Tip: You need a specific type of lamp for a particular position. Like arc floor lamps are the right fit for positioning one behind a sectional sofa.


By now, you’d know how to choose floor lamps for living room?

It’s imperative to check a few factors and use your insights along with considering the theme of your living space.

First off, know why you are buying this lamp? Secondly, choose the type of floor lamp and decide your budget. Once you are done with it, decide on the number of lamps and their position.

Remember that a specific type of floor lamp is needed for every nook of the living room. So, buy one now and get your living room spruced up.




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