How to Choose the Right Lamp for Your Bedroom?

Bedroom lamps are the best way to set the mood of your partner.

It helps you achieve the desired accents and give you a cozy environment to relax in.

However, if you haven’t had a bedroom lamp yet, you must have the question, “How to Choose the Right Lamp for Your Bedroom?”

Let us say it’s no big deal since we have got your back.

Below we have a detailed guide that will help you pick a bedroom lamp that will go well in your bedroom.

Ready to know what makes one the best bedside lamp? Let’s go.

How to Choose the Right Lamp for Your Bedroom?

How to Choose the Right Lamp for Your Bedroom

Type of Lamp

Like every other room of your home, you should choose the type of lamp to place in your bedroom. Either you can use a floor lamp or a table lamp. There are a few instances where folks prefer both of these lamps to balance the lighting, but we don’t suggest overdoing it. However, let us tell you the ideal type for specific needs.

  • Floor Lamps

Remember, if you are buying a floor lamp and want to position it next to the nightstand, you won’t need a table lamp. Having both types of lamps side by side will clutter your space and result in an exaggerating atmosphere.

Like table lamps, you can also read under floor lamps. However, they should be task floor lamps and totally adjustable to meet your needs.

Floor lamps look eye-catching in large or master bedrooms.
  • Table Lamps

Flipping the situation and if your bedroom is small enough. In this case, you should use station table lamps on your nightstand. Place the best bedside lamps on the nightstand while positioning the floor lamp against the opposite wall where your bed is.

Number of Lamps

Here also comes the number of lamps into play. Some people use to have one table or floor lamp while others go for a multiplied quantity.

  • One Lamp

Two factors are important to consider when choosing the number of lamps: the type of lamp and your status 😎(yes, we are serious)

You just need one lamp if the type is a floor lamp. However, it’s always good to have a table lamp in pairs to refine the symmetry of your room. One table lamp is sufficient if you are single, as you are alone to read in the room.

  • Two Lamps

Two lamps are a good option for large or master bedrooms since they need additional lighting. Besides, if you have a partner who reads at night, you can go for two lamps, and the cherry on top will be the dimension it adds to your room.

The idea here is to tie the room’s silhouette. So, make sure you pick a table or floor lamp to complete your room’s profile.

Appropriate Size

The size of your lamp means a lot to keep your eyes from strain when you read in bed at night. Be it floor or table lamp; you must keep two factors in view to blend it well in your room that is height and width.

How to choose the right bedside lamp

  • Height

Usually, floor lamps having a height between 58 to 64 are ideal. However, this should be combined with the height of the nightstand and table lamp in the bedroom.

One thing more you can do is measure the height of your nightstand to have a table lamp of a similar height. A table lamp a few inches tall and short is also a good choice to have for the bedroom.

Note: You’d always need a tall floor lamp for high ceiling room.

  • Width

The width of your bedside lamp should be one-third of your nightstand. This width is regarded for the bottom of your lampshade.

For instance, if your nightstand is 25 inches in height, you need to have a table lamp of the same height. Otherwise, 27-28 inches in height is good enough.


While you may overlook the role of the lampshade, it decides the appearance of your lamp. Consider its color and size to have a feel in your bedroom.

  • Lampshade Color

Go with a colored lampshade if you want to create accent lighting in your bedroom. Colored lampshades like black block the light rays from moving out and looks gorgeous. Light from the colored shades passes from its upside and downside.

On the contrary, gray or white lampshades are best to pull over attention and have light in abundance. They help you read without straining your eyes when you read.

  • Lampshade Size

If you are buying a lamp body alone and buying the lampshade is still left, check out its size. The size of your lampshade portrays how well it will look on the lamp body. One simple rule of thumb is to have a lampshade double the height of the base. While it should be two-third from top to bottom.

Overlooking the lampshade can result in bulb exposure. Besides looking ugly, it will also get in your eyes.

The Theme of Your Room

Some couples appreciate modern rooms, while others want to stick with traditional themes. A few desire coastal or farmhouse settings to enjoy lighter tones. Your table or floor lamp for the bedroom should match the rest of the theme and colors.

  • Modern and Contemporary

modern bedside lamp

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Modern and contemporary lamps are the first choice of young beings. Since they want to keep up with the trends, their first priority is modern themes. Pick glass or chrome lamps if you belong to this category.

  • Nautical Theme

Perhaps beach enthusiasts are more into nautical themes. People having this theme should have table lamps set depicting the coast. Rope, nets, and boats are the common props these lamps come with.

  • Country

Country themes have wood furniture and a rustic appearance. Ginger jar lamps are the finest picks to add spirit to this theme.

Lighting Colors

The bedroom is the most romantic space in your home. And you might not have realized it, but it’s the perfect lighting that lets you enjoy the coziness. It also elevates your reading experience.

  • Light Color

For bedrooms, you should have a warm or milky white color light lamp. It ranges from 2700 kelvin to 3000 kelvin. The bulb of these colors helps you set the right mood for your partner. Not only this, but it also helps you please when you are tired enough and right light for reading.

  • Bulb Type

There are multiple types of bulbs: Fluorescent, incandescent, and LED. Compact fluorescent bulbs top the incandescent bulbs for being bright. However, LEDs will be easy on your pockets, so you should also consider the bills when selecting the bulb for your bedroom lamp.

Who are you buying it for?

Not necessarily; you are buying a bedroom lamp for yourself. It might be for your old-aged mother or children having their room next to you. Lamps are also a fine choice for a gift, so you might think of presenting them to your friend or colleague. Have a person in mind always when you are buying a bedroom lamp.

  • For Older Ones

For the old aged, the lamps with lighter tones, and dimmer, are always the best. It gives them a choice to adjust the brightness and align it with the mood.

  • For Kids

If one’s for your children, you can buy a lamp with multiple organizers attached to it. Your kid will not have to rush to find his pen every morning this way. Colors should also be given importance, so your kids love having them in their room.

Placement of Button

On/off buttons on the lamp are sometimes very annoying. Imagine yourself in the bedroom when you just want to sleep after reading, and the lamp insists on getting out of bed to turn it off – especially on a cold night. Will you be happy doing that?

  • Type of Button

Before buying a lamp for your bedroom, you should never miss checking the button’s placement. In floor lamps, sometimes, these buttons are on the cord. While, you’ll find a variety of buttons, including knob, button, or even the touch panel, in the table lamps. Pick a lamp with a button type that you feel is the most convenient.

  • Button Distance

As an estimation, your lamp’s button should be 21-28 inches apart from you. This way, you just have to extend your hand to switch the lamp off. And, let us say, this is the best feature to have on cold nights.

Additional Features

It’s always good to bet more bucks and get a nailing deal. There are also a few additional features you can pay to have in bedroom lamps.

How to Choose the Right Lamp for Your Bedroom

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  • USB Charging Ports

USB charging ports are the best inclusions in the bedside lamps. They free your nightstand from clusters of wire and let your phone stay nearby. Plug your phone on charging, and you never have to rush when it rings.

  • Bluetooth Speakers

One of the best additions to the nightstand is the Bluetooth speakers. Having a lamp with Bluetooth speakers, you can have a beautiful salsa dance with your partner on a romantic night. Okay, the single community can enjoy pop music.

  • Smart Outlet Compatability

Look for an Alexa-friendly lamp if you want to ease your lifestyle. This type of lamp will keep you from the hassles and help you relax on your comfy bed. Ask Alexa to turn on and off the lamp, and it’ll handle the rest.


How to choose the right lamp for your bedroom? We answered today this question in detail. If you are up for buying it, make sure to check a few pointers.

Make your mind on the type of lamp you desire of. Then, you can pick one with the right size and theme to go well with your bedroom. Decide your budget and know if your room needs one or a pair of lamps.

Keep in mind the person you are buying a bedroom lamp for. It will better help you pick the right type and color of a lamp. While the right button type will get you the ease and freedom, you always wanted.

Still here? Go get your bedside lamp now.







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