How to Clean a Lampshade without Damaging It

How to clean a lampshade? Each of us has a lamp trying to figure out the answer to this question. And, a few of us go on experimenting with the lampshade. Well, that’s not an issue, but one wrong step can cost you high.

To help you keep your lampshade in good shape and prevent any mishap with it, we are here. Today, we’ll discuss the easiest yet the best methods you can apply to different types of lampshade materials for cleaning.

You’ll also find here the how-to’s regarding the situation of a few lampshades. For that, we need to make a start. So, let’s go and see what we have to make your lampshade cleaning job easier.lampshade

HOW TO’s: According to Materials

How to Clean a Fabric: Silk/Linen/Cotton Lampshade?

There are several methods with which you can make your fabric lampshade look more beautiful than it was. The best are stated below:

Method # 01: Dry Cloth/Vacuum Cleaner

For the lampshade to remain appealing for years to come, you should have practice cleaning them regularly. This way they look ever fresh and elegant. Anyway, if you can’t keep pace with that, go on dusting with a microfiber cloth whenever you decide to clean it.

Applying a vacuum cleaner or hairdryer with cool settings is also a good idea. Remember, the fabric for this should be sturdy, and by that, we mean cotton or linen.

Method # 02: Wet Cloth/Sponge

If you’re not satisfied with the dry cloth and even don’t want to push yourself for water dumping and stuff, a wet cloth will get your job done. Just wipe the lampshade with a wet cloth from inside and outside. You can also apply a paintbrush or makeup brush for areas cloth can’t approach.

Other than cloth, you can also opt for a sponge with a few drops of detergent or soap. After that wiping it with a clean towel or cloth piece.

Method # 03: Lint Roller

Not made specifically for this job, the lint roller does clean lampshades. This method is most appropriate for your pet hairs that are in no way easy to plug off from the lampshade.

To clean with a lint roller, roll it over the lampshade to and fro in one direction. With that, we mean from left to right or top to bottom or vice versa. Remember to proceed gently.

Method # 04: Soap and Detergent

If your lampshade is packed with dust, dirt, grime, handprints, marks, and so on, soap and detergent can cling them out. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Detach the lampshade from the base
  • Get a bathtub/bowl of lukewarm water for usual lamps and cold water for glued lamps
  • Pour some soap/detergent into the bowl
  • Mix it well with the water
  • Immerse your lampshade into the bowl with one hand holding the metal frame
  • Gently rub the lampshade to remove dirt
  • Use a soft brush to clean the stubborn stains
  • Change the water and dip the shade again
  • Wipe off the soap or detergent
  • Hang it anywhere to dry

What Methods to Avoid? And Why?

In fabrics, silk is pretty delicate. It cannot survive harsh handlings and methods. Avoiding vacuum cleaning and lint rollers on it would be the best. Silk is also sensitive to oil drops, so better not to use an oil-based product on it. Otherwise, it will be left with stains that you might not very much admire.

How to Clean Glass Lampshades?

We all know how much careful treatment a glass lampshade needs. So, here are the safest methods to restore the luster of your glass lampshade.

Method # 01: Dry Cloth

A dry cloth is the safest yet easiest method you can go for. In this method, unplug the lamp, and detach the lampshade from the stem. Apply the dry cloth to and fro both inside and outside to have results. Forget not to pay attention to the edges.

Method # 02: Wet Cloth

If you are running out of time and guests are about to knock on the door, this is the best way. There is no hassle in it, and it saves from the spread of dirt and dust.

Simply put on the wet microfiber cloth and wipe the visible dirt and debris off the lampshade. A sponge can also be used in the case with a few drops of detergent in it.

Method # 03: Soap/ Detergent/White Vinegar

A glass lampshade is not very sensitive to cleaning agents. Cleaning it with soap and detergent is easy. All you need to do is add some soap/detergent/white vinegar, whatever you have at the moment, in a bowl full of water.

Mix them well, and wash your lampshade with the mixture. Rinse it afterward and dry it for a couple of hours. Once dried, put it back.

Method # 04: Dishwasher

Alone glass lampshades are the right candidates to apply this method. To get it done, place the shade in the top rack of your dishwasher. Pour vinegar or detergent soap into it for good results.

What Methods to Avoid? And Why?

Not to mention, the lint roller and the vacuum cleaner won’t be effective for glass lampshades. Better not waste your potential on applying so.

How to Clean Paper Lampshades?

Paper lampshades readily tear off. Not every cleaning method can be applied to it. Only a few and very delicate ones get the job done. So, let’s look at them:

Method # 01: Dry Cloth/Vacuum Cleaner

Since paper lampshades are sensitive to water, dry cloth is the best you can put your hands on for cleaning one. For proceeding with this cleaning, remove the lampshade from its base for deep cleaning. A vacuum cleaner on the lowest settings can also be used for is cleaning purposes.

Method # 02: White Breading

Yes, you read it right! It’s white bread. You can also clean your paper lampshade with the white bread rubbing against its body. Once done, you’ll see the white bread has left its whiteness and glow on the lampshade.

What Methods to Avoid? And Why?

Any wet stuff can make the paper lampshade fall apart. Or, it might also disintegrate the color of the shade. Know that wearing gloves while processing with paper lampshade’s cleaning is also beneficial. It will protect the shade from your fingerprints.

HOW TO’s: According to Lampshade’s State

How to Clean Old Yellowed Lampshade?

Lampshades turn pale or yellowish when they are not bathed for a long time or are aged. To clean these types of lampshades, take a bowl or bathtub.

In that bathtub, add some detergent/soap. Dip the entire lampshade into the tub and gently scrub it with a soft brush. After that, rinse it with clean water and wait till it is dry to plug back.

Applicable For

  • Linen lampshade
  • Cotton lampshade
  • Canvas lampshade
  • Glass lampshade
  • Metal lampshade
  • Plastic lampshade

How to Clean a Pleated lampshade?

Safe to say that pleated lampshades bring chic to your room. Cleaning them is that’s why pretty much important. To clean them, you can use a paintbrush, makeup brush, or dry cloth. Move them on the entire shade vertically or horizontally in a gentle way. This will remove the dirt hidden.

A vacuum cleaner can also be a handy option for the chore. Make sure you use it from a safe distance to avoid any damage to the shade. Another option can be a lint roller. You can simply roll it around the lampshade to capture all the dust, dirt, and pet hairs it has.

For deep cleaning of the pleated lampshade, use a bathtub with cold water if your lamp is glued. Otherwise, warm water is the best option. Add some detergent, immerse your shade, rub and scrub it, and finally rinse it. Keep it for 2-3 hours for complete drying.

Applicable For

  • Cotton lampshade
  • Linen lampshade
  • Glass lampshade

How to Clean Water Stained Lampshade?

Watermarks turn out your lamp ugly, and that’s for sure. However, there is no such rule that you can’t make it correct. There are handy methods you can take into use.

To do this, you’ll require a bowl with water and detergent in it. A sponge is also a crucial requirement for this. Now, dip the sponge into the mixture in the bowl so that the sponge can absorb some of it. Afterward, blob this sponge on the area where water is stained. Repeating it for a few minutes will make all the marks fade.

One method is also to saturate the shade into the detergent and warm water. Take note; the entire shade should be dumped into the water. After the lamp is submerged, gently sponge on where it has stains. Rinse it afterward, and you’ll see dirt, dust, and stain-free lampshade.

For such marks on the glass lampshade, you can just wet a microfiber cloth and scrub it. If it’s not getting you the desired result, take some detergent in the cloth. Scrub it then, and wipe the detergent off with a clean cloth. It’ll definitely get you a charming lampshade.

Applicable For

  • Satin lampshade
  • Cotton lampshade
  • Linen lampshade
  • Glass lampshade
  • Plastic lampshade
  • Metal lampshade

How to Clean Lampshades with Vinegar?

There are a few lampshades you can apply vinegar on. Plastic and fiberglass lampshades belong to that category. To restore the look of these lampshades, take them to the sink.

Apply a mixture of soap and water on it and scrub it with a sponge. Add vinegar to this solution to clean your lampshade to the core. Lastly, rinse it off and give it a few hours to dry.

Applicable for

  • Fiberglass lampshade
  • Plastic lampshade

Wrapping Up…

Every type of lampshade is cleaned with different tricks. Once you know them, you are halfway done. So, we put our best to get you the best cleaning techniques for your lampshades.

Do you have any tried and tested methods of lampshade cleaning? Share your technique below and let us know the results.

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