How to Decorate an End Table with a Lamp?

Does your end table appear empty after adding a few décor elements?

Wait, have you placed a lamp on it?

See, that was the primary bug your end table wasn’t popping.

But, don’t worry, it will no more look boring.

Today, we are here to tell you how to decorate an end table with a lamp?

The end table’s profile is complete with the presence of a table lamp.

Not only this, they throw light on your book, and that’s how you can read for long hours on the sofa without straining your eyes.

One pro-tip is to use 3 to 5 elements on your end table but make sure a table lamp is included in the list – Laura, a creative American DIYer, also recommends it.

However, the number of elements should be the same on either end table in a room.

Okay, so let’s discuss now how you can decorate your end table with a lamp.

How to Decorate an End Table with a Lamp?

How to Decorate an End Table with a Lamp (

Number of Lamps

Most probably, you have two end tables in your living room.

One on either side of the sofa.

But, in case you only have one end table, don’t clutter it.

What we mean to say is that each end table should have one table lamp.

This is because the surface of your end table is between 16 to 22 inches.

In contrast, the base of a table lamp is approximately 8 to 10 inches.

Now, if your lamp takes this much room on your end table, positioning another lamp can make it cumbersome.

Besides, you’d also want to place an artwork or coasters on the end table, wouldn’t you?

Do justice with everything on your end table by giving sufficient space.

Size of Lamp

The size of your end table lamp is important.

It should be between 58 to 64 inches tall, equal to a floor lamp in your living room.

When sitting on your sofa, the socket of the lamp should not be exposed.

It looks ugly that way, right?

Also, the bottom of the lampshade should be on your eye level, so the light doesn’t get into your eyes.

But what if you have already shipped a small lamp for your large end table?

Place a stack of books under it, simple!

This will balance the size and profile of the end table.

You can also make the most of this tip if your living room has high ceilings.

Always remember tall lamps with candelabra sticks look appealing under tall ceilings.

Shape of Lamp

Keep a good eye on details to get perfection on your end table.

In that regard, take note of the shape of the lamp you are buying.

A square-shaped table lamp has a high appeal on a square end table.

It goes without saying that try to have a round base table lamp for a round end table.

That’s how you tie the looks of the end table and living room.

But what If you want to step off this general rule?

Well, you can!

If you keep other tips in mind while playing around with the shape of the lamp, it will not make a big difference.

One thing more, the legs of your end table should also align with the table lamp’s legs.

End tables with thin legs welcome candlestick or pillar lamps the most.

While a torch-style traditional lamp and a chest-style end table form the best pair.

Color of Lamps

The foremost concern is color when you have two table lamps on two sides of the sofa.

Do lampshades need to match?

Should I go pair of lamps looking exactly alike?

Okay, so let us mention that there’s no hard and fast rule for this.

Until you are balancing the height of the two lamps, having two different colored lamps in a room is going to be okay.

However, make sure both colors correspond well with your living room’s theme.

A vibrant colored lamp won’t go well with pastel colors, and you’d agree.

Looking for a ceramic table lamp? Here are our picks.

Position of Lamp

After you’ve done all the dirty work of choosing an entryway table lamp, here comes the most important part: placement

Where should your end table lamp go on the end table?

Should it be in the middle or the corner?

Keep in mind that entryway table lamps are made to bathe your books with light.

So, their best position is next to you, on the corner of the end table.

It should be at the back with coasters in front.

Adjacent to it, you can place vases and a stack of books, depending on the space available.

That’s how your end table lamp looks complete!


How to decorate an end table with a lamp? You’d surely have the know-how on it now.

It’s so simple. First, make up your mind on how many lamps you want?

Investigate the size of your end table, and then keep an eye on the shape of the lamp you are about to buy.

Afterward, finalize the color, and position it correctly.

Now, grab your end table lamp and décor your home coherently.


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